Character: Ahriman

Which Event:

Responsiveness: Instant. No down time at all, and adjusted to our actions when needed!

Balance: Rough sometimes truthfully! The massive aoe spam made it rather impossible to actually survive, but when that wasn't happening the fights were completely fine. It felt like we swapped between impossible to possible.... I hate time aoe, I hate trees grr.

Storytelling: Amazing. Your narrations were very engaging and enjoyable to read. The transitions between locations went smoothly. Extremely descriptive with what we were dealing with.

Fairness: Other than the on and off change of possible to impossible in battles, everything was fair. Our actions led to different outcomes. The rewards handed out I personally really liked and could see the effort you put into them.

Overall: I really enjoyed the event. The battles could definitely be improved (please no more aoe spam with acceleration), but they weren't the worst. The story-telling was exceptional and made the event extremely fun. I do apologize for not responding to a lot of the things you wrote, I was very tired ; (
Character: Passion
Which Event: Nox Progenitrix [Coven Expedition]

Responsiveness (Were their narrations posted within a reasonable time-frame and were they quick to respond?): Rob was extremely responsive. No delays in narrations, every action taken by the attendees was considered and reacted to. It wasn't perfect in terms of character action and reaction, but it was a large event, so that is entirely forgiven and understandable. 10/10

Balance (How entertaining were the battles, and any obstacles/traps?): Unfortunately, I have to take some points away here. The ECs were very unforgiving, and difficult. Not in the good way. I am happy to talk to you (Rob) about this and detail what exactly I mean here. 4/10

Storytelling (Did it feel like an adventure, did the content of the narrations meet your expectations?): Rob's ability to write a story is at the very top. I always enjoy the level of detail he provides in every narration. This is by far the highlight of Rob's ability as a DM. 10/10

Fairness (Were the punishments justified and earned, was the risk to reward ratio good?): The rewards provided were all quite lore intensive, and I enjoyed reading their descriptions as much as I enjoyed interacting with them. 8/10

Overall: 8 / 10
Character: 3-A-0C

Which Event: Drilling into the Core

Responsiveness: Despite the length of the event, everything was consistently fast even going on the 7th hour.

Balance: Time Jammer and Chrono Stasis is an evil combination on an EC, evil I say! Everything else was pretty fun and not soul-crushing, that encounter really felt like an optional one, after all. Damn you Acantho.

Storytelling: Very interesting characters within the event with quite a bit of neat lore spread throughout, really enjoyed what we learned down there. The scenes were all written clearly with lots of nice details in the environment, quite fun.

Fairness: We were mostly a bunch of lucky buggers the whole time, avoiding the worst of what could've hit us, but I feel like if it wasn't for that, we'd be walking away with much worse injuries than we did. With the risk as it was, I think the rewards we got out of it were really well-written and interesting to read, very happy with that.

Overall: An excellent first impression on real marathon events.
Character: Claude Dryden
Which Event: Drilling into the Core
Responsiveness: Quick. Almost instantaneous. No downtime and adjusted to our actions when needed!  10/10.
Balance: I don't have much to say. It was a fun experience. It was funny to see Didos approach me privately to try to convince me to turn one of the materials we had gotten into a grenade. 10/10.
Storytelling: Incredible. Their narrations were engaging and very enjoyable to read. By far the best part of the event. The final scene that Acantho had with the Creator was pretty emotional. A very memorable moment that I will treasure. And honestly, I'm glad I was able to participate. 10/10.
Fairness: We were very lucky; I think I only saw one person roll a 1. I loved the rewards. Like, I really enjoyed them. And I think I speak for the others as well, as we could all see the effort you put into them.
Overall: 10/10.
Character: K1ndn3ss
Which Event: Drilling into the Core
Responsiveness: Lightning. Very Fast. We rp'ed and the man had an answer.
Balance: 11/20, Armed life is pain. Minefield is terrible. I hate everything. My life was pain and suffering. In general, it was fun and balanced but armed never have a great time Q_Q
Storytelling: Everything was nice, from the beginning to the very end. The Twist with Redcantho and the Emotional scene near the end was neat. 11/10
Fairness: One word. Armed. 11/10
Overall: 11/10.

CoD stands for Chance of Depression.
[Image: unknown.png]
Character: Acantho
Event: Drilling into the Core
Responsiveness: Fast, as expected from a Robevent, in addition to providing a lot of content and taking into account the participants' RP - providing beautiful and funny interactions.
Balance: Well balanced, difficult fights - but not impossible! As it was expected from the risk of this event.

The only impossible ones, were those which we were not supposed to have - I still want to turn that automaton into scraps.
Storytelling: What I expected was a 'digging adventure', delving into the depths... Murder some elementals, maybe some dragon. But what I received was the opposite, since it had lots of lore and much more that added a special flavor, making this experience pretty good for Acantho.
Lovely stuff.

Fairness: Difficult fights, injuries and great rewards. Yes, it was fair.
Overall: As always Rob is a great DM and provided a amazing event! He gave us danger, lore and a lovely, funny moment with Redcantho. Loved this event.
[Image: 75kxji.png] 
[Image: Hina_and_Nidaz_eternally.png?width=480&height=640]
Character: Jokul Folhammar.
Which Event: Drilling into the Core
Responsiveness: There was many times where the ding from a narrate came far faster than I was expecting, even after we made choices that went off-script.
Balance: One incredibly hard match but it was an optional battle to begin with and even then we won round 2, with round 3 being possible to win. The choice of magics was fun and even when difficult skills were chosen, Rob accounted for that in balance, going as far as to nerf minefield to make it an obstacle rather than an instant-win button.
Storytelling: The twist at the end was lovely and the lore incorporated in the event made it that much more exciting. It felt like a part of the main story and that can be rare on events. I also enjoyed the crew Didos assembled, lots of inter-event interactions.
Fairness: We lucked out and the rewards were more than fair considering such. There was the possibility of worse as well but we made some good IC decisions along with great rolls.
Overall: An enjoyable event. Rob also communicated very well, letting us know if there were any problems but honestly, I hardly noticed any wait.

CHARACTER: Tethys Guldskratt

RESPONSIVENESS: Good responsiveness, long passages took as long as expected with good payoff!

BALANCE: N/A (No combat!)

STORYTELLING: Amazing storytelling, I was spooked out of my damn shoes and it was tense the whole time. The caverns an the description of the aftermath of the previous group's adventure was telling, and it was overall a fantastic experience.


OVERALL: Super sick, maybe I'll have Rob as a DM someday and if I do, looking forwards to the writing. Didn't get to experience the minefield shenanigans, I have escaped them this time.
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