Char name: Kyoga Nemus
Event: Keep of Lost Souls

Responsiveness: Great narrate with adaptation from the players action. Very good.

Balance: It was balanced. The DM increased the difficulty after each battle.

Storytelling: 10/10 The event was short due the lack of time to prepare it even so it was a great event. I really liked it.
Character: Kamilla J. Lyndon
Which Event: Memento Mori

Responsiveness: Narrates were always very timely and considerate of our emotes. Never felt ignored, never felt like I was waiting around forever for a narrate.
Balance: It seemed like he got thrown off by having to contend with white squall and two true counter users at first and we chewed through the first two ECs, but the third came back with vengeance; very much on my toes, but in a good and counter-able way. Very great.
Storytelling: Very good. There was a lot for me to bounce off of here and to create a little bit of internal tension / minor conflict amongst the party members, though more importantly that's something I think has the potential to extend beyond the event itself. This'll probably be an event I reference back to, which is the best kind of event.

Overall: Glad this was my first event for Meranthe, it was a treat. The +70 pow +50 phys sword I got could probably use a nerf, though.
Character: Acantho
Which Event: Memento Mori

Responsiveness: The narrates came quickly, containing a lot of descriptions of what was needed and highlighting what was done by the characters - the build up of the story created was extremely good.
Balance: Perhaps the first two were a little weak, yet they had their thematic which I liked! But at least, the last one rewarded us with pain and suffering. Nothing to complain about.
Storytelling: The theme of a small town in the desert, having to do what was necessary to develop and to strive was adequate, containing a type of technology that is quite iconic and flashy - which I loved.
Overall: It was fun and great event, loved the thematics and the rewards given, as well injuries - the conflicts IC lead for a better experience and overall, it was nice.

[Image: unknown.png?width=305&height=473]
lex luthor moment
[Image: Hina_and_Nidaz_eternally.png?width=480&height=640]
Character: Yep
Which Event: Memento Mori

Responsiveness: The pacing was on point, I don't feel like we were ever made to wait for a prolonged period of time; To add to this, it felt like each of our respective posts were addressed in response and in detail, which is a rarity in events. I appreciated this, it was naturally important with each of the NPC's in the event feeling like their own fleshed out character.
Balance: I think there was a good and gradual slope of difficulty towards the end, with a trap included at the start. It was quite well done, I do think the last boss might've been a touch over the top, but that might've simply been our party composition.. I have no complaints overall.
Storytelling: Circling back to responsiveness, it was refreshing to have an NPC with a level of depth that felt akin to an actual character. The story was what we'd hoped for and then some, it was very well done.

Overall: It was a great bit of story writing, the balance felt apt for the rewards and I think it was well tuned to the parties interests.

Character: Tzitzeril Lure-Maw
Which Event: Cache of Plundered Booty (mini event)

Responsiveness: The narrates were small (understandably, it was only a "small" scene to unlock a box), yet they were filled with content. 
Balance: The puzzle was to, well... open the box. There were no battles and there was only miniscule risk of injury, but despite that, the whole ordeal was VERY entertaining.
Storytelling: This is where the fun begins. So - weird chest, twelve segments, hole at the bottom that may seem to unlock it. Simple, right? HAH, NOPE! The box was full of surprises without even opening it - suddenly being out at sea, with our words somehow manifesting various different things from Sirenian mythology. It was a chaotic rollercoaster of different things, and honestly? FUCK, it's one of the best event-like things I got involved with.
Fairness: i got injured because someone thought it was a good idea to explode my arm to remove a kraken tat that appeared on my body. next thing i know, stede almost goes to fucking shoot that tattoo right off and only missed because the ship fucking lurched (he rolled a 2)

Either way, tiny event thing for a small item that could lead to an event hook for a certain Sirenian friend I would be happy to swim along with. The only thing I could feasibly complain about was the whole arm explosion thing, but honestly? I don't even mind.
Hell - in the end, I (non-consensually) got a sick tat out of the whole ordeal. That's a plus.

Overall: you put so much rp into a single item that i just gotta say wow. you are a treasure, rob - 10/10. would love mini-event items again.

Other comments: sasuga inki-sama

[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: eternia_amber.png?width=30&height=30]
Amber count: 458
Character: Hayden
Which Event: New Beginnings 

Responsiveness: Small narrates, filled with content and awe.
Balance: Juggernaught armor on ecs not built to be tanks is madness and gave me my perm, but it was good after.
Storytelling: The story was captivating.

Either way i was satisfied with everything and hope that rob gets the sleep and rest he needs with his covid. thank you. i can now retire hayden.

Overall: 9/10

Other comments: sasuga bog sama
Character: Noah
Which Event: New Beginnings - Floor 12
Responsiveness: The two events I've been on with Rob have been the fastest narrates I've ever seen, both times. Not short posts either, equally engaging.
Balance: Thoroughly enjoyed being trapped in a corner by minefields, black holes, volcanoes and tidal waves (unironically. If I didn't have two invuls and a blink I might've pulled my hair out.)
Storytelling: Great time, if I wasn't so bored of the game atm I'd have pestered you to keep running events, you've been great with them.
Fairness: i did not suffer from the effects of juggernaut, but the minefields... i hate minefield. (but he did tweak things, so he was adjusting to comments made on the fly, couldn't really ask for more.)

Other comments: Hayden pack got smoked lol

It was a fun time, it took 10 IC years but we finally got our tower event ran, god bless you Rob and get better soon.
[Image: unknown.png]
Character: Tehra.
Which Event: 12 Floor - New Beginnings .

Responsiveness: Chuggums.
Balance: Chuggums.
Storytelling: Chuggums.
Fairness: Chuggums.
Overall:  Chuggums out of 10.
Other comments: Chuggums.

Honestly, a really nice event, nothing that made me go WOW but overall made my enjoyment playing my character go up, so for me, that's what really matters. The story was nice and rewarded us with some potential dev that can be useful in many, many ways. Also, some brutal battles happened here (please don't for the love of God use spatial and juggernaut).

Final note?
Chuggums is waiting
 for you.
[Image: unknown.png]
Don't roll a 1.
[Image: doodlee.png]
Character: Ushinawareta Tabibito
Which Event: Treasure Hunt

Responsiveness (Were their narrations posted within a reasonable time-frame and were they quick to respond?): 10/10 Yes, very quick narrations. Barely had to wait at all, with just enough detail to keep everything interesting and flowing quickly.
Balance (How entertaining were the battles, and any obstacles/traps?): Giant Kraken was fun to fight, even with 3 of us being melee.
Storytelling (Did it feel like an adventure, did the content of the narrations meet your expectations?): It was a quick mini event, and the puzzles were nice, had to use our brains to solve them. A welcome change from meatheading through everything.
Fairness (Were the punishments justified and earned, was the risk to reward ratio good?): Honestly surprised with what we got, very cool stuff.

Overall: Very fun, and a great way to get people some event rewards without big planned out things ahead of time. Rob is great as always.

Any other comments:
Character: Rhys Valfalen
Which Event: Treasure Hunt

Responsiveness (Were their narrations posted within a reasonable time-frame and were they quick to respond?): Yes, wasted no time at all. 10/10
Balance (How entertaining were the battles, and any obstacles/traps?): Very fun and balanced fight, some people went down but I didn't feel like we were cheesed on with impossible mechanics at any time.
Storytelling (Did it feel like an adventure, did the content of the narrations meet your expectations?): Good storytelling, though it was a short event it was very filled of fluff and great thematic.
Fairness (Were the punishments justified and earned, was the risk to reward ratio good?): Great rewards that felt very aligned with the theme of the event.

Overall: 10/10, great mini-event with a possible follow up adventure.

Any other comments:
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