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Rob - StarMann - 05-05-2021

Key: NotRob, StarMann, MostAssuredlyNotRob + others as needed for ECs
Event Preferences: Any and all, I've gone from Samurai training to Heists to God hunting to Cave exploring.

Other Notes: I've been DMing since Eternia 1, been all over the shop, done private stuff, public stuff and events spanning a few months. Preferably running stuff on Fridays/Saturdays due to work and time zones. I can be pressed to do weekdays if we can start early.

Are you currently running events, and if so, are you considering player requested events?: Yes
Discord # or best means of contact: StarMan#0001 Slide into those DMs bad boys.

RE: Rob - Shadovarn - 05-09-2021

Character: Elwin
Which Event: Four Bros Bond in the Vault (Vault of Heroes)

Responsiveness: 10/10 He had things prepped and wasn't the one slowing us down (It was me.)
Balance: 10/10 We're just brainlets.
Storytelling: 10/10 It all made narrative sense. Stuff pertaining to lessons and what it all meant to our characters.
Fairness: No idea how to rate this. Since I wasn't the one that had to fight the EC solo. Got some nifty dev item though. So, 10/10? I dunno.

Overall: A+

Any other comments: We're brainlets. Doors are hard.

RE: Rob - Folian - 05-09-2021

Character: Elias Soleis
Event: Delve to the Vault (What happens in the sin pool, stays in the sin pool.)

Responsiveness: 10/10. All of his narrates were done within 5-10 minutes most of the time easily, as a lot of prep work seemed to be done beforehand.
Balance: 10/10. Puzzles were great and tied into the themes of the trials amazingly.
Storytelling: 10/10. We got a lot of character development done, and the actual stuff pertaining to the Vault of Heroes was really cool and a joy to run through.
Fairness: 10/10. Most of the difficulty came from puzzles, and we got some funny shenanigans for the fuckups we did make. See: Elwin pouring a blackout potion on a door to make it forget that we fucking ruined the puzzle inscription on it.

Overall: 10/10 Amazing. I got to have an excalibur moment while naked in front of the entire party.

Any other comments: Losing to a solo against an ec is a skill issue and nobody can tell me otherwise.

RE: Rob - CrystikRage - 05-09-2021

Character: Nicholai Ventris
Event: Delve to the Vault (Brodudes)

Responsiveness: 10/10, top notch, never had real delays.
Balance: Brainlets/10
Storytelling: Easily the strongest part of the event, each obstacle was themed and had ties to our characters. I held a mans life in my hand/10
Fairness: Soloed an EC/10 I wasn't a fan of a reward being 'yeah be a dumbass and trade a perm for 1x arcanium' because we could revert the perms to temps later, since that's not remotely an intelligent thing to do in the moment.

Overall: Very strong event, good fun.

RE: Rob - Cpt. Prinny - 05-12-2021

Character: Auxis
Which Event: Four Bros in a Tub

Responsiveness: 10/10 With narrates being tossed down, real ez.
Balance: 10/10 We almost failed the puzzles for toddlers, but we didn't, sorta...Doors are hard.
Storytelling: 10/10 God this was great, especially for character dev.
Fairness: 5/10 Just was getting used to current ECs and how much stats they should have etc.

Overall: 10, idc about EC fairness on this

Any other comments: 

Me and the Boys swearing oaths in the tub.

[Image: 301abf7076a0bafbbc43c2f46cc6c9e1.png]

RE: Rob - The Iron Jaw - 05-16-2021

Character: Asura Nomont
Which Event: The Lost Magus Arts

Responsiveness: 10/10

Quote:Admittedly, a few rl delays amongst party members (myself being a strong perpetrator of such) did in fact slow things down. However, despite this -- the patience exercised throughout the event was something I'm eternally grateful for! Not only were there quick responses, but the responses themselves pertained reverence to every detail from the posts. No one person's post went unacknowledged, with even the small details easily finding incorporation into furthering the plot.

Balance: 8/10

Quote:Perhaps it was intentional -- or perhaps accidental. One thing is certain, as a nonmagi PC, the EC definitely floored us first round. I am willing to suspect that no one was prepared for the mechanical augment that the RPB system had in store for all of us! It was remedied accordingly on the fly and incorporated in the story all the same. All in all, nothing of particular concern! I'd say that the balancing truly set in the mood and weight behind the conflict that it could very well mean the demise of the characters pressing on.

Storytelling: 10/10

Quote:Much like the acknowledged bit concerning Responsiveness? The storytelling was portrayed through the environment and uncovered in a way that felt organic. Truly entertaining, through and through! What made it better was not only the route of events, but the opportunities that it opened up for the future -- possibilities unexplored, that could open up a new event chain? Change the course of a character's story or outlook? One thing is for certain, it made its mark and will certainly see impact. Solid score here.

Fairness: 8.5/10
Quote:There were many ways this could've gone down. All and all -- while the efforts were hard fought between the characters and the event's twists and turns? I do believe it was fair! Though, I suspect that in the future it should be noted that ECs are not affected by instances like CC. Everything else was pretty clean cut, and PAINFULLY close and even. Nothing was gimped from the participants, and seemed more directed towards the story of the event.

Overall: 9/10
Quote:I liked this event!
It paid reverence to the RPs posted, to the characters and their persons, their interactions and even their attention to detail.
It allowed the players to choose between bash n' crash or investigative prodding and poking, if one so chose -- and it was all the better for it in my honest opinion.
Though, I think I may have liked to gamble things a bit more with other interactions with rolls.

All in all? 9/10, would recommend

Any other comments:
*stamps Ironjaw's Seal of Approval*

RE: Rob - Lung - 06-12-2021

Character: Phalanx
Which Event: Chester's fall

Responsiveness: 10/10

Quote:He was doing his rolls, to see how chester was going to work, and he made sure to let people know the dice rolled a 2, also he let more people join than the expected, he must had changed some stuff due the extra people but he was until the end, also even being a random event, i really liked the item he gave to me, so you can say he cares for what he do, that for me is a 10.

Balance: 10/10

Quote:Even with a party mixed i dont felt in any momment being pressured by a overhelming force, but instead one that you can win fast if you play better than him, lose if you let you gameplay end up poor (attacking the ribcage) but the default? you can win him playing the way default on a 3 complete rounds, so that make me put a 10 into it, most of event i was i felt pressure in all momments.

Storytelling: 9/10 

Quote:Even not seeing chester other interactions with people, the way the narrative was show, make me feel a little about what he was, the continuity of scenes were simple, but from a random event is understandable, i think the way he ended chester was nice, the only reason i dont gave a 10 was becase he died in a way that look like he needed die quick, like the character was getting no more fun to play, but all the rest i fest imerse on it.

Fairness: 10/10: 

Quote:Imagine walking on the square and boom a random event where you get a nice item for you?, plus the patience he had for some stuff happening in middle of battle ? is 10. everyone got a nice desc item that  they can make nice dev for their characters.

Overall: 9.5

Quote:i expected a longer event when the rift opended, but was fun anyway. again was a dice based event so i think he needed improvise some stuff, like he had some pre stuff planned but he needed roll to see where was going, i belive he also dm well on other events.

RE: Rob - BoryaTheSlayer - 06-13-2021

Character: Annete Alricht
Which Event: The Agana Manor

Responsiveness: 9/10. Some of the narrates were shot out immediately, while some others took a bit more time, especially when it came to describing the manor layout - which was understandable and not really an unbearable wait. can't really complain since he also made us a map on the spot
Balance: 10/10. Loved the exploration and the fact that we were being rewarded for interacting with it all. Resident Evil Puzzles...
Storytelling: 10/10 God this was great, especially for character dev.
Fairness: 10/10 lol we didn't even fight

Overall: I love rob he's a great DM who knows how to make a fun and engaging event, and the dev items are really great plot hooks even if they are not 5-6 paragraphs long or some shit.

Any other comments: es

RE: Rob - Seraphite - 06-13-2021

Character: Avelin Alricht
Which Event: The Agana Manor

Responsiveness: 9.3/10. Some of the narrates came really fast, while other ones had me sweating in terms of how long it took. The manor's layout in particular was definitely a hitch considering HOW MANY CORRIDORS THERE WERE, but we got a map partway through, so it was fine!
Balance: 10/10. Loved the exploration! The amount of stuff that we got to pay attention to in order for relevancy was super fun. Resident Evil puzzles, man.
Storytelling: 11/10. GOD yes. This was BEAUTIFUL for it.
Fairness: 10/10 we didn't even fight (and also i took a 4 day temp for rolling a 1 which i think is perfectly fair)

Overall: God, I love Rob. This man can weave magic from nothingness, and it is terrifying and beautiful. The dev items are incredible plot hooks, even if they're just a few short sentences - just like Borya said!

Any other comments: i love my blood ice metroid.

RE: Rob - mat13295 - 06-13-2021

Char name: Kali Agana-Alricht

Event: Agana Manor

Responsiveness: Fairly swift event narrates and they were fast to give secondary narrates if there were specific actions taken by the party or to correct any confusion related to the puzzles.

Balance: N/A there was no fights, only puzzle solving and exploration.

Storytelling: 10/10 I went in there expecting dev mats. I came out feeling like i was gonna cry. The twist at the end involving finding Kali's missing father who attempted to cross the spirit realm and failed physically hurt me. I didn't expect it and it hit like a freight train. The exploration and puzzles all tied in naturally together and there was nice little potential lore dumps for Kali's background. Overall a very solid conclusion to one of Kali's character arcs as well.

Fairness: As above, the puzzles required some level of thought put into them and certain gremlins like myself couldn't RP smashing everything to get through. Everything all tied together in some way. Rob pulled off the "resident Evil puzzle" style perfectly imo.

overall: 10/10 would cry over a dead NPC again