Character: Kaine Dayndros

Which Event: Rhoynish Rite of Passage

Responsiveness: Quick! The narrations had suited the situation well enough, remarkable for the story.

Balance: Fair. (click tp... couldnt save me. . .)

Storytelling: Pretty good. During the entirety of the event, I was engaged bc of learning about rhoynish lore, something that i'm fond on. And in this situation, it was done just about perfectly.

Fairness: Considering the rewards had been good, and a perm was acquired on the event, it was very fair.
Character: Masai

Which Event: Debut: Rite of Passage

Responsiveness: Fast narrations, as well as plenty of story telling!

Balance: Some fights were difficult, but it was good for what the event was, we wanted a challenge.

Storytelling: Great! There was -a lot- of storytelling, a lot of narrations! I found myself quite engaged.

Fairness: Definitely fair, good loot and challenging ECs.

Overall: A good event! My first one by Rob, I enjoyed it and can easily see why he's heralded as a great DM around the community! ...even if I did get beat up by my fiancé during it.
Character: Noel Serpente
Which Event: Dragon Council

Responsiveness: Narrates came at a good pace. The substance within them were sufficient and brought a lot to the table in the short frame that the event ran (and by that I mean it felt like we did a lot despite it only being a few hours).
Balance: The puzzles were understandable simple now that I look at them in hindsight. They were fun brainteasers that reminded me more of older D&D puzzles. We probably were overthinking them too much (or at least I was). However I will say the EC fight might have needed a little better tuning for a more balanced fight, but I understand that it wasn't the main show of the event.
Storytelling: Probably the strongest thing Rob brought to the table. For me, I was practically on every narrate for where we were headed next; though I am biased because I requested for the event, but that's beyond the point. The build up to the trials and the eventual pay off was lovely in the grand scheme of things. It really captured the essence of what I wanted out of this event and I am honestly very happy with the outcome.
Fairness: This felt more of a story-driven event. And though there wasn't as many bump and immediate dangers, the ones we did bump into were understandable. I'm unsure if the EC fight we had was a little too overtuned and you felt that in the end to not warrant injuries or I just rolled well enough to avoid injury all together, but I think with a little workshopping that department could be better and we'd have a lovely three-pillar Rob event for Story, Puzzle, and Battle.
Overall: All-in-all I was very happy with the outcome. The few critiques I had were minimal at best since the pros (to me) overshadowed them well enough. I do apologize for the last minute scheduling changes, but I do want to thank you for the event; was fun!

Any other comments: (:
[Image: unknown.png]
Character: Myrine
Which Event: Reconstituting the Kingdom Part 3

Responsiveness: Rob was, as usual, very responsive with things. His narrates took into account the individual player actions (such as when I RP'd chopping a mechanism in half, and also activating nullification to protect us). It's the small things, and he definitely took things to a higher level with them.
Balance: The fights were SCARY, but he also made them narratively interesting. Such as allowing Amaranth and Myrine to pull away and try to destroy a portal. We rolled, and given our rolls were high enough we mechanically won the RPB round.
Storytelling: This was the third part of a three part event. Everything tied in nicely, including references to past events. Rob was really good at tying in our individual strengths in terms of puzzles, etc, as well.
Fairness: Everyone received something. Which is always a +1 in my book. Injuries taken according to how many downs and what we rolled felt fair as well.
Overall: 10/10
Any other comments: i am the dowsing rod for necromancers
[Image: unknown.png]
Character: Amaranth ven Astor
Which Event: Reconstituting the Kingdom p1, p2, and p3.

Responsiveness: 9/10. slight hiccups every so often but who doesn't have those?
Balance: 7/10. I'd say the balance was...ok. Solidly okay.
Storytelling: 9/10. Very good story-telling. Sometimes things dragged on, or people were starting to get tired but that's just a part of long events.
Fairness: 4/10. I don't think the risk was high enough sometimes for the rewards given. The final event was a CoD, as well, and I just don't think it was risky enough for one.

Overall: 7.25/10. Super good DM overall, I just don't think the risk was quite there.
Character: Aris rin Petrakis
Which Event: Reconstituting the Kingdom (Whole Event Chain)

Responsiveness: 10/10. Always took into account our contributions, never took too long, overall very happy.
Balance: 8/10. I think the balance was mostly very good (although there were points I did until I realised we were *meant* to lose). Probably the only big thing was that a lot of the time the bosses felt a bit more rough because of their composition; several AOEs against 4 armed PCs and one mage was a bit rough; and it was occasionally impossible to escape them. Still, its hard to make an EC that perfectly fits, so I'll not hold that against.
Storytelling: 10/10. I was very happy with the links between every event in the chain, and the second and third times returning to Mora felt like going back to an old stomping ground. The third event involved revisiting the setting of the first one and encountering a fight that'd been skipped for time concerns in the first one, so it was a good callback. Probably the only thing that felt a little weird was how unceremoniously we slew the Lich in Pt 2, though the plotline of Pt 3 being stopping his return was quite good, enough to edge this from a 9 to a 10.
Fairness: 8/10. The danger *did* feel a little less than expected at times, but in Pt 3 we also rolled quite well for injuries (thank gods my rolls decided to stop being horrible) and without access to Rob's scale I can't really judge on what ifs. The Rewards were always quite imaginative and cool, and fed Ava's collectible hoarding. 
Overall: 9/10. This was a fun event chain (if a little slower than I'd prefer given availabilities, but thats not anything anyone can help). Rob continues to impress with his events, and I recommend him!
Character: Sigismund cos Gardios

Which Event: Reconstituting the Kingdom Part 3

Responsiveness: Very, very fast. Like, we didn't even have to wait for more than a few minutes before he posted. Rob was already raring to continue the narrate and I honestly can't find any flaws with it.

Balance: Now, this is going to be a bit of a tricky one for me. On one hand, he actually fit in narration into the battles, making it develop in a way that I've never really seen in an Eternia event so, kudos for that. It was really cool, especially for someone like me who adores these types of things. On the other hand, I only really have an issue with how EC's are made. But I think that's just how it's going to be in Eternia 3 now, this being like my third event? I suppose when you're fighting a group of five people, throwing out aoes is one of the few ways to really go about it.

Storytelling: I wasn't here for the first part of the three part event but I adored the story. Where it was more than just 'go here, spank that, maybe do a few puzzles and be done'. There was actual political intrigue, choices made in previous events mattered [as they should in a chain] and I learned about the history and lore of another city. Always good in my books- I adore lore.

Fairness: Everyone received something. That's cool. As someone that only really remembers Eternia 1 events seeing as how I couldn't really play spires and only touched Eternia 3 a bit at the start, this was strange if cool. The rewards were incredible for what appeared to be kind of low risk. Now I know we lucked out with our rolls but I was honestly expecting a perm or two if not more for all the stuff we got- hell I fully expected for someone to die as well. Half the party would have died or been crippled horrendously for these kinds of rewards back in the day and this is apparently not even top tier stuff from what I've seen.

Overall: A really, really good event chain. I don't have much to compare it to so this is a really good impression first impression of an event chain done well. Rob is a really good DM, though as Ava stated, the danger wasn't really felt for me.

Any other comments: i hate black hole.
Character: Achilles Pelleaux

Event: Reconstituting the Kingdom Part 3

Responsiveness: 10/10 The responses were super quick, and I didn't find myself losing engagement at all.

Balance: I'm not sure how to respond to this one, as all events are rather hard for me considering half of my build is based on CC, and I have not been on many other events to base this on. However, I found there was an equal amount of me getting downed, and me being able to do damage. So, I am not unhappy with it. 8/10

Storytelling: This was the only event out of the three that I went on, so I was a bit lost at the beginning, but as we went on I really enjoyed the puzzles and everything else that went into making this event more than just a monster bash. There was actual interaction between characters, and characters were given the chance to really shine. I did feel as if I fell a bit behind in actual terms of doing things in the story, but again that was to be expected. My magic didn't quite fit the skillset needs for the puzzles, and that's fine because I was added in last minute. 10/10

Fairness: I wasn't expecting to get an item, as I didn't go on the other events, and I was more there for backup, but I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed what I got, and I felt I really had to work for it as well. I feel if I hadn't rolled a 6 for injury, I might have walked away with more than just a few scratches. Again, not sure I have much to compare fairness to though. 9/10

Overall: 9/10 This event was awesome, truly one of my favorite events I have gone on in all the ones I have done. Really hoping to go on another rob event sometime.

Any other comments: don't go cc for events...
Character: Guo Okabe

Event: Your Secrets.

I don't need to follow a template to tell people that Rob is one of the best DMs for events like these. Not only is he able to bring things to life and give open ways to get out of things, but he is also very capable of making you reconsider your options and put the fear of god in you with suspense and timing. If you ever need a good DM that is worth running that will either get you killed with new mechanics and special ways of making you feel special, then get this guy.

Love the perm.
Love the adventure.
Love, love, love.

Character: Godfrey the Created
Which Event: Your Secrets

Responsiveness: 10/10, I took longer to post than the DM half the time because of machine rambling.
Balance: 10/10, nothing was impossible to achieve, but the challenge was there with certainty. I hate Danteric and I hate mournegale.
Storytelling:10/10, would absolutely come from the future to tell myself not to trust women again.
Fairness: 10/10, I was permed by pungi sticks because I rolled 2 1's in a row, and I have no one to blame but my own bad luck.

Overall: 10/10, would force Rob to perm me for dev again.
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