Character: Enna
Which Event: A Trip to Myllenoris

Responsiveness: Rob's always very quick with narrates, and this was no different. Always felt we had enough information!
Balance: Prismatic Pillars hurts. We all hurt, but honestly a fair bit of human error on our parts and a little lag on mine. It all shook out!

Storytelling: I didn't expect the way things went, but it felt consistent with the lore and overall made a fun story. The family that burns down an Aschean temple together stays together, as they say.

Fairness: First round of the boss was agony, but a matter of human error. Perhaps a few less prismatic would have been less painful, but we weren't hit with -40 vit perms, and overall I've no complaints. The puzzle was one we had to think about, but the answer felt obvious once we figured it out, so happy with that!

Overall: As I have said before, and shall say again, Rob is a good DM. Try and get him for your events, you'll have a blast! 

Any other comments: 10/10 Would have the spirits scream profanity in my mind when I don't use my cloak again.
Character: Destiny Argyris
Which Event: A Trip to Myllenoris

Responsiveness: It was quick and everything went along smoothly. 10/10
Balance: It was balanced enough, especially for the risk we were taking. 10/10
Storytelling: The story was very interesting and some things took me by surprise. I enjoyed it a lot and I love how everything unraveled. 10/10
Fairness: It was very fair. We did do a few mistakes at first but that's okay! The fights were intense and I loved it, even though I got hurt badly, it was all worth it in the end. 10/10
Overall: This event was amazing! I had so much fun. Rob is an amazing DM! I always have fun whenever I attend one of his events. 10/10

Any other comments: Just amazing! Despite how long it took, I enjoyed every second of it. 10/10 Rob deserves it all!!
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Character: Eisele ras Petrakis
Which Event: Pantea - Celestial Roots

Responsiveness: The narrates were delivered very quickly and there really wasn't much time in between posts at all. I had no time to eat so that says something...

Balance: So the one boss fight we did was incredibly tough, like within a single hit, but considering that there was only one fight throughout the event I would say that it's more than fair. The injuries were also very nicely written/handled as well. A good first part of the event, which I imagine the second part will have more inherent risk.

Fairness: Again, I think that it was all more than fair considering what the party was doing, as well as what we asked for. In retrospect it might have been a little light, honestly. Though I think those involved had a good time regardless.

Overall: It was a more lore focused event, and Rob did an excellent job with it I think. I would give it a solid 9/10. A challenging fight followed up by some very good writing, as well as punctuality which didn't leave you waiting for long at all. Short and concise narrates, which I much prefer especially if longer ones take a long time to write.

Thank you!
Character: Raziel ven Pelleaux
Which Event: Pantea - Celestial Roots

Responsiveness: Amazing, POG even, they were really quick, the man can type 100word in seconds (maybe I'm exaggerating.).

Balance: Hahahaha, what can I say, I almost died, but that is fine...I didn't, I'm fine. IT WAS FUN THO, one word. POG

Storytelling: It was lore heavy, and man, I don't know about lore, but it was great, and I was there, I felt everything and saw everything, It was really immersive.

Fairness: Well, considering that I rob church money and I got an ultra neat thing and AMAZING DEV, it was POG.

Event Highlight: Using a spellsword like a keyblade to open a chest.

Overall: It was a more lore-focused event, POG even, the man gave everything and I really felt that I was there in the scene, I can't complain, ICONIC, VOUGE, FANTASTIC, POG. 10/10
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Character: Andrial
Which Event: Pantea - Celestial Roots

Responsiveness: Quick but sometimes it's best to force the dumbass party onwards 9/10

Balance: I was surprised there was only the one fight but it was a toughen 10/10

Storytelling: It was good. Maybe you could've included cat girls? 9/10

Fairness: did not let me loot voidling blood/corpse, 6/10

Overall: next time i expect more loot for me, andrial .  i appreciated all the important lore in it. i cant believe chance lets u get away with this shit
Character: Kasimir Dusan
Which Event: Pantea - Celestial Roots, second part

Responsiveness: The quickness of narrates was good, but I think it was the pacing that lacked somewhat; i.e there were plenty of filler narrates that could be either condensed into one or skipped altogether (example: going from workshop, stopping at middle floor, and only then going to upper floor - all of that could've been 1 narration). So essentially, while narrates were fast, it's the pacing that suffered as result of taking a bit too long to get to the next area.

Balance: We had 1 boss fight, and it was neither too difficult nor too easy; at some point entire party got wiped out in a round, and several people got knocked out every now and then, which is good enough for this scale of event.

Storytelling: The strongest part of event. Narrations were vivid in detail and they were telling a story that clearly described lore of this place, and the story behind it as well- considering that it was also directly tied to the Osronan and Celestial lore in general, it is something good to build upon (which even resulted in Emporium applications, for example) as opposed to being some filler lore that nobody really cares for. In other words, this was done well.

Fairness: We mostly had dev items/ lore stuff, but considering that the risk wasn't that big, it's fair enough.

Overall: It's pretty good, but pacing does need work. Plenty of narrations could be condensed together to quicken how pace of the event goes.
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Character: Andrial
Which Event: Pantea - Celestial Roots 2

Responsiveness: Fast responses, slow pacing, u must push the party onwards... this will provide more room to put in fights.

Balance: The fight was balanced.

Storytelling: It was good. I liked the explanation behind why stuff happened and the plothooks to tempt us into being stuck in event hell instead of actually pvping, I think I'll take it. The grandeur of the final fight could've been popped up more.

Fairness: Huge important loot for hardly any risk, thanks boss (too easy).

Extra: Since there's no section for this. The sprites and preparation are extremely good! The item descriptions are amazing. Clearly a lot of work, easy movement when the party splits... did I mention the sprites?
Character: Raziel ven Pelleaux
Which Event: Pantea - Celestial Roots part 2

Responsiveness:  POG, I blinked and there was a post ready for us, he divided the event in a way that multiple groups were doing things, so imagine my surprise when I opened a door and there was a reply ready?

Balance: he is Thanos.
[Image: perfectly-balanced-as-all-things-should-be.jpg]

Storytelling: It was lovely, it made sense, it was adventured like, I love it, it was like a movie.

Fairness:  I can't complain! I got a cute candle and I didn't die. 

Event Highlight: I learned how cats kiss. We almost killed someone, but not really.

Overall:  10/10
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Character: Nymeria lei Efsevis
Which Event: Rhoynish Rite of Passage

Responsiveness: Fast. Could tell majority was pretyped while waiting for players to finish reaction RPs, and then quickly adjusted based on what was posted to fit the narrative, which made everything feel quick and responsive.

Balance: The fights were balanced.

Storytelling: Great storytelling and scenebuilding, but a lot of the narrations could've probably been condensed to have fewer intermissions and keep better pace. It was quite a long event, I was barely able to stay online until the end, albeit enjoyable throughout still!

Fairness: Risk vs. reward was fair, fights were all pretty close.
[Image: ascellachibi2.png]
Char name: Milon ven Grimmore

Event: Rite of Passage 

Responsiveness: Save for the one instance of afk it was very quick and easy after everyone had emoted. 9/10

Balance: He tried to kill me. It was personal, I swear, he wanted me dead. But we managed to beat every boss with a 10%hp one person left difference. So very balanced 10/10

Storytelling: 10/10 I was a tool for comedic relief in this grand tale... It was great, I loved it. Would definitely do it again.

Fairness: -2973743/10 I deserved better, I was beaten, embarrassed, and made fun of. This could've been my last straw. But in all seriousness this was a very fair event thank u robbie
overall: 9.99999999/10 Great event. I loved it. Would be down to do many more
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