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Heart a weasel's conundrum
Posted by: amaysel - 7 hours ago - Forum: Biographies - No Replies

[Image: unknown.png]
I know the lifestream is important.
There's people who want to harm it for their own selfish needs.
But there are also those that want to grow closer to it.
I've found some that are trying to hurt it, I'm going to stop them.
I've made friends that are going to help me.
[Image: unknown.png]
Your seed is growing but there have been some issues.
Bad guys are trying to steal from you, your roots won't spread.
Hopefully all of it will be figured out soon.

I might just be a weasel, but I'll do whatever I can for you.
[Image: unknown.png]
I'll make you proud,


[Image: unknown.png]

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  It's a goons world
Posted by: ~Aoria-sama~ - Today, 06:03 AM - Forum: In Character - No Replies

[Image: 3mZ1Q3O.jpg]
[Image: 9YSc4oi.jpg]
Quote:I'm gunna make em' an' offer they can't refuse.
Look at me, never rat on ya' friends an' keep ya' mouth shut.

Business bad? Fuck you, pay me.
Oh, your house had a fire? Fuck you, pay me.
You got hit by lightning? Fuck you, pay me.

You wanna play rough?
 say hello to my little friend.

Are you gunna bark all day?
Or are you gunna bite?

-but no matter what, you don't turn your back on family.
Because at the end of the day? That's all ya' got.
The Family manor, is now accepting associates - in hopes for them to become soldiers.
Being a part of The Family is a lifelong commitment.
[Image: JtXokCs.jpg]
But you have to earn your place in it.
Quote:Contact ~Aoria-sama~#8296 to set up a scene,
or simply send an IC letter to Vasilli pyr Docro.

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  These Spiders Are Not Itsy Bitsy
Posted by: Milly - Yesterday, 11:52 PM - Forum: Emporium - No Replies

[Image: G-PNTXp4oCCo1TSupU5kEvot3GCEGnMRRf1kL6ub...vkt0hQ-cyw]
[Image: MHoywzcCGfiIfEhSKulH8VkJsO18REgIyyAAdZdj...7DCng-LN6g]

A felblooded Spider demoness who broke free of the Wolf King’s reign when Nanzo the 
Tyrant came a-calling. Gasha inflicted a semi-reign of terror in the early part of the twentieth 
century of Esshar, first as nothing more than a simple spider and later on as a femme fatale.

While her own merits were rather low key compared to other demons, and she 
seemed to hibernate often, she at the very least survived long enough within 
Esshar to form her own Kaorblade, as well as locate a capable demon in order to create… Well…


[Image: BMX71auCOUV8KPMkptSmvYsjhEYw8A7kKBQD0yfR...VIbEPWXOKw]

You can ask your mother all you want.
You won’t find out.

[Image: ntRleecG4FOfdQ7WLHDw2f6He3ECcWbxjQpeZX59...0TS_WggGjg]
  • Spawn in as a Spider demon, beginning at 180 RPL with Occult unlocked
  • 10 Dangers/Deadlies + 200 RPL = Unlocked Human Form
  • 20 Dangers/Deadlies + 2 weeks of playtime = Master/Exalted hidden (Non-IC Intense)
  • You will be considered a full blooded demon, which means you descend from 2 different demons. Therefore, you will be more intelligent than the average spider, congratulations.
  • Limited slots, act fast!

If this interests you, dm Milly!!#1888

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  A Monster Knights Last Memoir
Posted by: Raffile - Yesterday, 09:04 PM - Forum: Biographies - No Replies

Sometime has passed since his death, yet the memoirs finally became public

For ages I have fought
A monster of my parents design
Gifted to Shadowmire at a young age after my mutations took hold
My name, an ironic statement for one shrouded in darkness
I stood in the garrison of Fort Umbra
Survived the slaughter, the genocide of my people
Helped gather the monsters in our new haven of the Dreadwoods
Molded several generations of darkness
Protected the young demons while they grew
My countless wounds are beginning to weigh me down
My cursed axe heavier then the year prior
The wars I have fought in are plentiful 
A monster does not stop until their last breath
I have fulfilled my purpose as a tool, a weapon, bested several hunters, witnessed Nanzo's banner being placed on top of the place that once housed the vampires, but I yearn for one thing
Death on the battlefield, glory through combat, and Mother's Embrace
Though I will be missed by many. The generations I have Molded
Once I have found it

I will finally be where I need to be
The Last Knight of Shadowmire, Light Delarosa

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Photo [Event Raid] The Novus Heist
Posted by: Seaside Woods - Yesterday, 05:16 PM - Forum: Public Events - Replies (1)

[Image: VV6xYfd.png]
Quote:Even in the depths of night, when no other bird dares to take flight, one alone soars to shine the light of righteousness on the world's blight! And that one is me!
[Image: FRxjboC.png]
[Image: AuQLt3Y.png]
While it is easy to keep plans of such caliber under the radar, nobody expects Novus' most valuable estates and properties to have no security. There is no calling card, no proclamation of justice.

Not until the day it happens - when the alarms blare and that protection is put to the test.


This is an event with PvP elements, although who will represent Novus' side is up in the air - as we are fresh characters, it would be nice to engage in roleplay with some of Novus' new people as well.
(the cap settings can be set to 0 if this makes everyone comfortable!)
(as potential PvP will only be a part of the experience, our fighting side will probably be represented by a maximum of three people!)
(vigilantes not from Novus welcome!)

This event will happen under the watchful eye of radio. The date will be posted/updated soon.

Interested in arranging a scene with the Imp? Maybe you want to know how it feels to steal just right, too?
Shoot me a message at Seaside Woods#8873

[Image: 0URtjsP.png]

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  Listening To Her Voice
Posted by: Lexia - Yesterday, 03:10 PM - Forum: Biographies - No Replies

Forever Twisted Up In Knotted Web

Seeing All That Love My Charms Be Defiled

Being Stolen By Your Cruel Jokes

Humiliated Or Broken

The Beautiful Defaced And Shattered

For Pleasure Is Your Game

And There Are None That Can Avoid Your Tricks

I Find I Cannot Turn Away

For Why Would I Wish To

When You Own My Heart And Play

I Love You Mother

[Image: spider-web-01.jpg]

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  Unfinished business...
Posted by: Sachiko - Yesterday, 12:40 PM - Forum: Events - No Replies

[Image: 8b50cfc8e9d2d03f356c16e55a88181a.jpg]

Ten Ino's life begins like any other boy, with tragedy striking like any other. Misfortune, like any other, found him, and death...
Was never far away.
There are dungeons and castles, dragons and demons in a world full of magic and swords. The protagonist and antagonist
With the aftermath of the invasion and the failure to breach the walls of the city to the east, The Slayer finds himself returning to his origins, where it all began.
The place where the nightmare awaits.
Surely, if he wanted to grow stronger, he'd have to overcome his worries and finish what he'd been avoiding since arriving on Esshar.

Attendees: Ten Ino + 3
Tone: Family / Horror / Strength
Reward: To be discussed with Dm.
Dm: Searching.

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  The arsenal of humanity.
Posted by: mat13295 - Yesterday, 10:14 AM - Forum: In Character - No Replies

[Image: MagicalWorkshop.jpg]
With the failure of the combined assault of the west to establish a foothold in the eastern territories, a major reshuffling and reorganisation begins in Moxtil's group of slayers. Recently, a head of research was appointed. The forge and workshops are brought to life yet again. It was merely a single setback after all. As the smithee is set alight by the roaring flames of creation, missives are sent to the two other major cities, while a similar announcement is set upon the Jungle's bulletin boards.
I shall try to keep this brief. I've never been much for writing speeches when I could be blueprinting something new. I am Reynaud Agana, slayer and now head of research and development into daemonology. As you, dear reader, may very well be aware my business along with the rest of the slayer guild is steeped in the eradication of daemons and their ilk, along with any that tries to defend or support such creatures in their many crimes against mankind.
Now if only such work was so simple. Thus, the contents of this missive. The demonic threat shall ever be present until the rift gate falls. Which requires the fall of Promethea. Until that day comes? We study. We hunt. And we build. And build i will. For those seeking an artificer capable of crafting weapons and arms that can fell a beast that most magi struggle in combat with? I offer my services.
No matter your allegiance in the west, should you require a weapon or armour made from material you have gathered or created that goes beyond the standard stuff found in silverwall mines, I shall make it. For a price. Those that have material related to demons, be it the remains, pieces or what have you of a demon are also encouraged to come visit to donate for the purposes of scientific advancements in Daemon physiology.
I can be often found within the city of Moxtil. Hard to miss me, seems I'm the palest one in this jungle and one of the very few with red hair. A letter can be sent if for whatever reason Moxtil is beyond your reach.
I look forward to creating many a marvellous device of destruction and protection to those wishing to see the end of this blight on the continent.
There appeared to be a list of prices beneath the missive.
CUSTOM ARMOR: 10k coin per piece
Members of the slayers guild require no payment. Simply the materials to create.
(Discord is Mat13295#3935 if you wish to setup a scene)
(Bring ur dev mats or i'm going to squint at u)

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  End of a Mistake
Posted by: eev - Yesterday, 08:26 AM - Forum: Biographies - No Replies

[Image: 10c8cbab6dcc47a0770c9aee22082ea8.gif]

Cold enough to beget warmth.

Laid within the snow, I have not the arms to push myself standing.

They ate them yesterday. My stumps bleed no longer.

I've lost way home so long ago. Yet I've lost hope only now.

But, you arrived. You've saved me, father.

Yet, it was not so simple.

There were others you took. Some orphans, some you pulled from their mothers' arms.

You raised me a monster, just as you did them. I grew twisted, askew.

My arms are more bark than flesh. My fingers are claws. I cannot play the violin anymore.

I cannot write, I cannot draw.

I feel sick when I eat but flesh.

I couldn't love. I couldn't keep Sariel.

When he died, I couldn't shed a tear.

I hate you.

I hate everything you've stood for.

Our lives were but a twisted game you've spun.

And so, I've ended it.

Nazo, Kaynzo, Heinrik, Oznan. My brothers and sisters.

None stray Esshar any longer. Nor do you.

You've made us all monsters, just as yourself.

It's over.

I've undone all of them. I've made it right at last.

All that remains now, is me. Amaranthis, your mistake most dire.

And soon I too, shall perish. You will have no legacy.

None of my children will even hear of you.

But please, please come back to me, before I reduce your forest to ashes.

So I can show you why...

[Image: unknown.png]

You should've left me to fucking die.


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