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  For the Blade.
Posted by: SilentPurple - 2 hours ago - Forum: Events - No Replies

Character:  Xin'Kro
Attendees:  Beatrice
Synopsis:  For years Xin has been saying that he has been being called to the North. To search for something. In his journey North Xin has done just that. Searched for what he knew would be out there. Upon finding such a place he decided to wait, regroup and send for his friend Beatrice. He could not feel any outright presence or evil, but one could never be too careful.
When he and Beatrice meet up the two will venture inside and explore what he hopes to be an old Forge.
Risk: Medium C.o.I
Specific Requests: I want this place to be an old forge. One designed to craft a specific type of weapon. The Katana.  I would like the possibility of obtaining a weapon mold for a Katana. As well as some Ore and perhaps some Coin.

Tone:  Serious. Cold. 
DM:   Any DM can run this I don't mind. But this will hopefully be a THREE PART event series. If you decide to take up this Event I'd like to ask that you run the other two as well.  ALL information can be discussed over Discord.   Message me at:  Silent#8113  *** I don't understand why it's pushing everything together like it is. I've tried everything that I can think of to make it stop but it won't.***

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  Phantom strikes and Assault
Posted by: Joshua - 2 hours ago - Forum: Bug Reports - No Replies

Im confused, do they not count as physical damage? The numbers don’t appear white, but instead are similar to something like sound. Please fix if so, it effects certain buffs that only trigger on physical damage.

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  Ghost Fire Peppers!
Posted by: Cloutio2x - 9 hours ago - Forum: Events - Replies (1)

[Image: carolina-reaper-2-hot-pepper-pepper-joes_grande.png] 
Character: Kate Sartre

Attendees: The Beoulve brothers + One other person

Synopsis: Kate's a cook, her boss is too, and he tasked her with finding some of the hottest peppers in the world! Unfortunately this task was much more dangerous than she assumed! It'd be a while before the young girl would be able to taste her first hot chip. She ventures out with some of her best friends in hopes of finding these hot peppers. Rumors say that they are found far north of Esshar hanging around some of the hottest creatures EVER!

Tone: Lighthearted, comedic, REDHOT, and dangerous of course! 

Risk: Go crazy DM! 

Specific Requests: Ghost Fire Peppers| Fire Dev Materials| Literal hot chips(for kate only) 

DM: I want you, Arrow.

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Information Made Men's Bing [Theria]
Posted by: F a y e ! - Today, 05:05 AM - Forum: Guilds - No Replies

Made Men's Bing
[Image: b24ab3740501ab6d034bd9aea96774fc.jpg]

Theria is a fragile yet tough place. Those who rule one day can be dead at the bottom of the mountain the next. No guild understands this better than the Made Men's Bing. Made up of commoners, non-magi, thieves, pissants, and outcasts, the guild represents the people who came to Theria to escape the law and poverty. While they take contracts for various reasons, the guild's main purpose is the preservation of independence in Theria. The officers and leader of the Made Men's Bing have been on every major side of every major conflict, sometimes at the same time. They whisper rumors, lies, and information into the ears of many, and have stolen riches and lives from some of the most notable groups in Esshar, all to give the profit to the village's common folk and return to a life along side them. After all, greed is a dead man's sin.

Known Ranks:
Quote:Cackle -

Informants, recruits, common folk with little ties. Not all Cackles are non-magi, but most are. Beggars and other poor folk fill this role in turn for protection, meals, and company from the guild. 

Fang -

Cut-purses, cons, and thugs. The footmen of the guild and the ones who get their hands dirty the most. This is where most non-magi stop progressing in the guild. A Fang has a group of Cackles they protect and keep track of, the two bottoms ranks of this guild being the system of which the common folk militia and protect themselves.

Uncle -

Fences, crafters, diplomats, and trained agents. Uncle's are a specialist rank, not quite an officer, but someone who provides a unique service to the guild or town. They usually have a group of Cackles and Fangs under them, and are responsible for their protection and training. Sometimes Uncles join Beaks for marks, but often they're used as more of a management for the Bing's more passive goals.

Beak -

Officers and trusted agents of the Bing. They act as an relay for the Moss to command the guild. Performing marks and missions given by him and contractors, as well as having the permission to mark and pursue their own interests as long as there is no conflict with the guild's and town's. Only the Beaks speak directly to the Moss.

Moss -

The mysterious and enigmatic Moss, leader of the Made Men's Bing, director of the masses, and orchestrate of power vacuums. They work patiently and thoroughly for the people, over throwing tyrants and nobles, empowering home town legends, and raining stolen wealth on the poor. Their ideals and past are unknown, as for their identity, but one thing is sure. They hate the rich.

Despite their hate for the Orders of the rich and laws of the paranoid, even the Bing has rules:
1: No stealing from, killing, or interfering with another thieves mark or a fellow thief, unless given permission from the guild or them.

2: No stealing from or killing the common folk.

3: Don't kill unless required. Information is worth more than a life. Kill to remain hidden/unknown. Take prisoners over bodies.

4: There are no loyalties except to the guild and town. The town comes before the guild.

5: Don't speak of the guild unless in private. Use Thief's Cant in public to signal to each other.

6: All marks and actions of the guild are for the people. We steal to distribute wealth, kill to maintain balance, and act in favor of the common man.

7: Traitors will be hanged, so die with your knowledge, or die by our hand.

8: Never question chain of command unless for rules 1-7.
If you're interested in joining, collaborating, or role-playing with the Made Men's Bing, DM Faye!#3092

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  Sentinel - The Journey Home
Posted by: Tee - Today, 02:18 AM - Forum: Events - Replies (1)

[Image: ryan-lowe-maarit-new-enhanced-larger-sma...1494415641]

Southbend. Population: 127 3

A missive has arrived from the far south. Its destination? Osrona, 'Or thereabouts'. Its wild journey through the continent has its own story, and its messenger has had a long and weary road.

But Sentinel, the wearer of the Fenossi Interlocking Plate, is not difficult to find. The armored figure is a familiar sight in many places, a lumbering, good-natured behemoth, locked into the Advanced Plate Suit for the past six years, ever since leaving her home town, the tiny, forgotten hamlet of Southbend.

She receives the missive at the Osrona inn. It's very simple. It's from the mayor, of all people.

Her father, Elmar Fenossi, has died, age 79. Heart attack. Very sad. She has inherited his property, as custom in Southbend law.

Unfortunately, others have come to claim the spoils of his workshop, vultures circling around the old, curmudgeonly inventor's mysteries. Bandits, mostly -- those who long ago were promised the first prototypes of the Fenossi Plate.

Sentinel doesn't care. The old man is dead.. She can finally go home.

It turns out, her father probably didn't design the Interlocking Plate after all. But who did?

She knows her place is no longer in Southbend. She can use the armor for good. And one thing could be the key to the entire mystery of the Interlocking Plate's origins-

Elmar Fenossi's journals. 

So, what is there left to do? She calls on anyone willing to help her, or she will go at it alone, as she has for so long now. 

It's time to head home. 

[Image: ksJzUYH.png]

Event Name: The Journey Home
Risk: Anything. Bandits! Warlords! Angry rival inventors! Fenossi, an inventor who fell in a long time ago with some bad people, is finally dead. A lot of old problems are coalescing in Southbend.
Attendees: Anyone who knows Sentinel and wants to help. The more the merrier! If you're curious about the armor, there's history and lore behind it. Probably a limit of 4-5? Sentinel knows a lot of people! 

Currently on board IC: The Black Knight, presumably the entire Black Order

DM: Anyone who wants to DM this! Have fun with it. It's the culmination of all my character's dev and a fantastic piece of lore that we can discuss ahead of time.
Time: I work weekends and Fridays so those are bad for me. Good any other time!
Rewards: Some last bit of dev for me, random gizmos, gadgets, maybe ores for the others? Sentinel doesn't actually want to keep the workshop and she burned down the old house, so she just wants the journals.

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  The Horned Man
Posted by: Red Reika - Today, 02:12 AM - Forum: Events - No Replies

[Image: 6ccf120f7e773a6898ae44bd538c844d.jpg]

Name: The Horned Man
Risk: CoI

Attendeees: Barca Scipio
Aranea Stepford
Evelyn Stepford

Synopsis: Several years have passed since the first notices about the attacks in the depths of the Silverwall Mines. An entire decade of horror caused by the well known folklore monster of Osrona that just happens to be real. Living on the far depths of Silverwall Mines, across uncharted chambers and halls of the mines, a creature known as the 'Horned Man' roams from and through. For the past decade it have ventured outside of it's lair, into the lower depths of the mines and caused the deaths and horror to the miners who dared venturing down for the riches at that place.

After a few surveying preparations, the Vandroy Company's last success upon the hunt and the slaying of the Silverfang decided to launch an expedition to end the reign of horror of the monster called 'The Horned Man', by sending down a group of hunters to put down the beast, with the secondary of objectives of securing and charting the lower halls and chambers of the Silverwall Mines for Osronan use in the future.

OOC Notes: This event have, at it's core, a 'Hunting' experience like the previous one for the Silverfang. However, in this case I'm not intending for an 'Action Adventure' angle, but something a little more closely related to 'Horror Action'. The main inspirations here should be the Diablo 2 games, Witcher, Dark Fantasy in general with a more lean on the horror of hunting down a monster in it's own lair. 

Of course, that doesn't mean overboard gore or anything extremely explicit, but the general dark fantasy horror theme would be preferable for this hunt.

Rewards: Some rare ores found down at the Horned Man's lair, maybe some dev item, or weapons and armors from fallen heroes down there. The rewards aren't very important, but the fun of hunting him down, so I'll leave this to the DM discretion.

DM: Prego / Nailman

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