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  The Chaos of Winter.
Posted by: TopRa - 1 hour ago - Forum: Events - Replies (2)

[Image: Sv1q6A1.jpg]
Quote:"If i'm going to be able to find the materials for my bow i guess i just...have to take matters into my own hands. The mountains of Esshar are ripe with an abundance of rare materials, i think. I just...have to know for the right places to look. It'll be dangerous. But...nothing i can't handle." 

Contact Information: Ramen#4577
Character Name: Lumin Montclaire
Attendees: Lumin +2 more!

Synopsis: Wanting to be able to find rare and unique materials for the project that he wanted to create, Lumin(and possibly company) venture out into the cold. snowy vistas of Theria for an adventure in the mountains. Having heard of the abundance of rare and unique treasures that are hidden deep in the icy cold mountains, he would be excited for whatever he might encounter as he ventures onward. Hoping that this journey would at least be able to reward him with some loot despite the dangers that may lurk deep in the shadows of that valley.....

Tone: Adventurous. REALLY COLD, snowy mountains. Nomadic.
Risk: Low CoD 
Desired Rewards: Character development. 2 weapon dev items.(one water and one ice) And...possibly a hunk of arcanium! 
DM: Theori has agreed to dm!

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  The Forgotten Tribe
Posted by: KaneRage - 1 hour ago - Forum: Events - Replies (2)

[Image: b17a6de518c582345966a91a59ddda52.jpg]

Character Name/Contact Info:
 Eugo La Ravias
Extra Attendees: Eugo, Irkalla anyone in the Dreadwoods whos interested!
Event Synopsis: The Druids of old who carried Dark powers in aims to keep the balance of Light and Dark are known to hold onto relics of Ancient times, One such relic is located in an underground safe house guarded by Druids who were shunned from Myllenoris years before Aesche's taking over of the Vale. This tribe is said to be the protectors of this artifact and will anyone who gets near. In an effort to progress the Dreadwoods the Dark Shaman Eugo La Ravias makes his move to secure the ancient item but what he desires most? is the Knowledge the Druids have kept secret regarding the Vale.
Tone: Demonic, Lovecraftian, Occultist Druids,
Risk: CoD 

Specific Requests: To be discussed with the DM.

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  Possible Sideeffect
Posted by: MutesToCry - 2 hours ago - Forum: Events - No Replies

[Image: plague-coronavirus-GettyImages-640475731...quality=90]

Key/Character: MutesToCry/ Xyth

 With the world in disarray with what the wars going on about and such, there are little things that people dont seem to notice. Like the coming of something horrible...
Tone: Creepy, Interactive, and Helpful

Risk: High Chance of Injury

Reward: Chain Event to get people involved, even working up with poison resisting items to defend against the coming infliction.

DM: (Im searching)

Contact: MuteX#7630

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  The Relics We've Lost
Posted by: tetsuochii - 4 hours ago - Forum: Events - Replies (1)

[Image: Oywsoz5.png]

Character Name/Contact Info:
 Szora / Chance#0696
Extra Attendees: Jianyu, Tyranny, Irkalla
Event Synopsis: Rumor spreads of an abandoned tower, one once under the control of a specific generation of Demonkind. It's been discovered in a state of relic, still brimming of corruptive magic within. Dare few journey within to learn what lurks about or remains?
Tone: Demonic, Ancient Tower Ruins (Pre-TS Demontower?), Dark, Nostalgic?
Risk: CoD
Specific Requests: To be discussed with the DM.

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  The War Is Not Over.
Posted by: kerrousLeoten - 7 hours ago - Forum: Events - Replies (1)

"The Army of the Dreadwoods has been repelled and diminished. But there are other demons out there who have used this time to grow stronger. 
These demons, known as the Devas in some smaller villages, have somehow amassed a following. 
As soldiers of the Light, it is our duty to put an end to them before they grow too strong.
And our first target is Majira, the serpent of the Scarlet Moon.
.. And its crimson dragoon cult, but let's not talk about them."
[Image: tuxpi.com.1597340664.jpg]

A village overtaken by a serpent who feeds on the essence of enemies and uses it to paint the moon red.
A cult of crimson dragoons who believe this Helspawn to be their deity.
A Radiant who has caught every fish the sea has to offer and is still not content.
This is more than another outing against the Darkness. It is a cinematic excursion with the fate of mankind on the line.

Felix Durages // Koden
Attendees: The Forces of Nysea + Allies
Tone: Horror, Dragon's Dogma, Capcom Presents
Danger: Up to the DM, but it'll definitely be high risk high reward.
Special Requests: Will discuss with DM
DM: Looking

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  Merchant's Rant
Posted by: Shaqdaddy94 - 8 hours ago - Forum: In Character - No Replies

The older man would come up and then hopefully the word would be spread out towards those willing to listen.

"Hello all you may know me as Tonak Botcher. Now I dont usually talk or rant much. But this a issue i have seen by far to much. Merchants. Crafters. You all work hard for a living. You gather or you do work that is exhausting and laboring. You want a successful life to live. But you find yourself losing instead of gaining."

It was obvious. 

"Arent you tired of having to force down food to do enchantments for others? You may see it as rewarding to see your friend or ally get better in combat. But at the same time. Once they get what they want. Tell me are you payed back for it? Are you truly thanked for the amount of exhausting times you have to sleep when you can be making a profit? Shops are not being used know why? Because people dont want to go cut trees or they dont want to mine. They want hand outs. If its family or close friends up to that person. But someone who doesnt even come to see unless its for what they want? Then now is the time for you to tell them. My time and energy is not for free."

Tonak wanted this message clear.

"When you lose it all. Will they support you? Will they help you get back up? Merchants open your eyes. The things in life arent free. Stop supporting people who can easily get up and go do some damn work instead of sitting on a bench or chair. I'm done giving hand outs. But this just me ranting. Even if its around war time. At least the army or leaders around should give you something of profit or recognition.  Now then have a good day!"

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  Kylo Arborea
Posted by: Imotepchief - Yesterday, 05:22 AM - Forum: Emporium - No Replies

[Image: m5iGRDM.png]
Kylo Arborea
Born - 1750
Playable - 1760
Drakanite Father - Demios Arborea
Attunements: Fire/Magma/Plasma/Explosion/Air/Time
Human Mother - Danica Drugovic
Attunements: Shadow/Illusion/Air
Like his older siblings, Kylo was exposed to the overprotective nature of his father, up untill the departure of his mother from Esshar.
Kylo spent a couple of years with his mother overseas, after she deemed Esshar an unsafe place for her and her children.
Regardless to his mother's wishes, Kylo is returning to Esshar, to his father.
Whether or not Kylo is human or drakanite, is up to the player.
If you are interested in playing Kylo, either post here or DM Imotep Dragoon#3761 on discord.

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  helheim's serpent
Posted by: tetsuochii - 08-12-2020, 10:25 PM - Forum: Biographies - No Replies

[Image: PoATaLD.png]

did you ever see me as an ally?
as someone who might save you?
as someone who values your existance? 

i'm not that.
i never was.

to the humans who have betrayed us.
to those who now celebrate.
to those who feel safe.

where one serpent once dwelled,
there is always another.

[Image: TV6y4QU.png]

i have not abandoned my cause.
i have not fled.

i await, within the depths of that familiar darkness.

remember my voice. remember your optimism

when you see these eyes.

[Image: UaXUzQb.png]

(( if you're looking to arrange a scene, shoot me a message on discord @ Chance#0696 ))

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