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  The Neo-Essharist Movement (Sunday, 5 PM EST)
Posted by: The Iron Jaw - 5 hours ago - Forum: In Character - No Replies

[Image: 5c0d5439d99cd818dbb706a6887bbcc6.png]

A capitalistic nonmagi dares to rise up within Osrona's midsts with the recent fall of the late Archmagi, riling up his following to spread word of his intent of spurring on a speech for the masses within the heart of Osrona itself.
Quote:To the denizens of Osrona... Look at what we have lost.
For every day we succumb to this constant turn and toil of malignant spite, we lose more of our selves in the works.
Time and time again, I've heard inklings of rhetoric between The Second Dawn's cadets and knights, speaking us to be 'the greater good'... But what greater good would defy the virtue of justice itself? I am hardly religious enough to consider myself a priest, but I am familiar enough with the holy values to know that we are ABOVE starting things such as war, are we not?

Defiance of this, has led to the death of our late Archmagi Rhesus Delaurentis
Perhaps, it was fate that we were brought to this? A skirmish lost with Achyon, that never had to be fought in the first place. Reports say, they had a peace treaty... One, broken by Osronan hands. Such, is an act that has only gone on to perpetuate a self-destructive attitude that has gone on long enough.

You, know me as the nonmagus banker that had started his business endeavors within your city. Now? I stand to bring rise to the unfortunate nonmagi that lack the privileges of the magus ilk. I call upon you, Osrona and its many denizens, to look upon these tragedies and say
"Enough, is enough."

The ways of the millenia are archaic and due to change. We, a people of both magus and nonmagus kindred, must not forge a divide that further polarizes our worlds and devastates us all, but rather conjoin for strength where we have neglected. Thus, I propose the renovation of this nation-state, for the better of all peoples:
  • The application of Nomont Industries Tech towards nonmagus militants to establish a nonmagus military sect
  • Non-Lethal Neutralization Training to separate ourselves from the savages that claim themselves 'heroes of the people'
  • Neutralized Prisoner Rehabilitation Programs to ensure that prisoners are not motivated to continue their vile ways, nor that needless blood is spilled
  • A localized Library constructed to better record and teach both history and methodologies, so that past's mistakes may never repeat
  • The construction of more homes and housing program to better saite the nonmagus divide, and enable more common class jobs
  • The establishment of a Democractic Voting System for the future leadership of Osrona
  • The transition of Archmagi leadership towards a ceremonial position, and abolishment of its political role. 
*Increased numbers of Magus Defense Force troops grow apparent throughout the city, surprisingly bold-- likely in reverence to the pending speech, and out of paranoia for a worst case scenario*

The revolutionist's public speech will take place inside Osrona at (624, 757, 1) on Sunday, 4/18/21, 5 PM EST

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  Howling At The Moon
Posted by: Username850 - 9 hours ago - Forum: In Character - No Replies

A slender figure just short of 5'10 stood in the Starfall graveyard, a ragged brown cloak and hood concealing their identity, the moonlight seeming to only bless its illuminating rays upon the figure and one single tombstone.

Quote:"I recall over a decade ago now, at this very academy before I ever even met you Henry saying that we shared similar ideals, that you and I were much the same, yet when we did meet? I simply couldn't see it, and nor could you.

Quote:Long since I'd convince myself that our closeness was one of circumstance, that it was an alliance born from pragmatism, but we both knew that wasn't the case, we've shared blood on more occasions then I can remember, and our differences would see us almost spill each other's blood on multiple occasions, yet, our similarities unified us in the end, every single time.

Quote:All you ever wanted was a family, and in my moments of weakness I would use that against you as if it were a weakness of your own, and not a shameful display of pettiness on my part, since receiving the news of your death I have felt unending pain that our last interaction was one of bitterness, and it was entirely my doing."

A faint glow came from under the hood, and a magitech eye hummed ever so slightly, three ivory orbs within it completely still and lifeless, the other eye was wet but refused to release a tear, the Sergeant Vorenii had been gone for some time now.

Quote:"You witnessed me lose my eye, I witnessed you lose yours, but I was not present to witness you lose your life, and I will forever regret that.

Howl Grace, we were one in the same, I had confided in you things that I had never confided in others, and never again will I."

The graveyard was once again empty, only now a bracelet sat atop the tombstone and the flowers that decorated it, golden beads reflecting the moonlight.

"I will never forget you, brother."

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  Klaus Ebner Memorial Orphanage
Posted by: Drive - 9 hours ago - Forum: In Character - No Replies

[Image: b5f63561fe2ef495420ca57ee0a94493.jpg]

Construction workers seem to flood the mountains behind Achyon, which caused a bit of a stir for people to go to work so quickly after the war effort against Osrona and the recent seige that took place. While most of them were working on rebuilding the walls and fix the trenches dug out infront of the city, a specific few were accompanied by none other than Corporal Delisle, overseeing the construction above the mountain himself. He is seen in plain clothes unlike his usually fashionable git-up, helping the non-magi as if he was a commoner no less, which to most may appear uncharacteristic considering how highly he thought of himself.

But, this wasn't about himself - it was about something more, something bigger than he is and he knows it.

"Today's the year old reminder of Klaus Ebner's death, an exemplary sergeant that did his best to keep our ideals, children and women safe and for that, we honor him.

I want to keep this short, as I have a lot of work to do.

Klaus Ebner was a good man, he adopted a child from the streets and nurtured her to become one of our strongest Magi, taught her our ideals and showed her nothing but kindness.

For that, I wish to follow in his example.

Like I announced, this is more than just a wedding gift for Falk and Amaranth Ebner, this is for the new generation who felt the scorches of war - children with no where to go, to have a place to be nurtured in and taught our deals, and to be taught the heroisms of Klaus Ebner to strive to be just like him in service of the Empire."
With that, Viktor returned to working on the orphanage - which he funded - hoping to make it perfect for Achyon's newest generation.

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  The Last Service
Posted by: Dreamspeaker - 9 hours ago - Forum: In Character - No Replies

[Image: 32420a27fec070c814f04bb293e42c6c.jpg]

In the dead of the night, the Baleford bridge stirs.

A single man appears before Osronan guards.

Covered in scars, and with the grim resolve in his eyes.

They take to arms, but...

[Image: bI8QEfG.png]

Quote:"Lower your weapons."

The man's voice is enough to give them a pause. It's him. To their surprise, he does not fight them - he isn't here for war today.

He brings two bodies, unchanged since the moment of their death.

Rhesus Delaurentis and Haarper Aertas.

Lowering them before Osronan guards, and with a note attached to the chest of fallen Archmagi, he finally turns.

His face is seen.

[Image: 5ffd602a82159c2c87e089d7d6013288.jpg]

Quote:"When Sanguinius died, he returned the body. I will repay the gesture."

"There was a time for war. Now is the time for your mourning."

"But we will be coming soon for the Silverwall."

"Bury your dead. Mourn your loss. Re-consider fighting us for what's ours."

"Because if you won't, you'll have to bury a lot more."

He left without another word.

A peculiar note, once read, reveals the detail behind the most recent war.

It seems as if there was meant to be a peace treaty...

The one that they broke.

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  Trial by Fire
Posted by: Solstice - 10 hours ago - Forum: Events - Replies (1)

[Image: e914f64935a7db9eb520b6a26df61c34.png]

"Hearken to the challenge that summons thee!"


Quote:Haven't you heard? At the bottom of that cavernous volcano, there awaits a sleeping giant hopeful for a challenge- but it's not as easy as simply sending a letter! The winding path leading down into the bowels of Hel is filled with trials and tribulations meant to test the mettle of whoever dares seeks him out. After all, he's only after formidable foes! Journey to his den and prove yourselves worthy and he might just reward you. Fail? And you may very well have to pick a god and pray.

Attendees: The Ebner family & possible associates (preferably the pyromancers!) (4-5 tops)

Risk: High CoI

Tone: Serious and dangerous! Trials and tribulations!

Rewards: There's magma everywhere, so anything and everything fiery!

DM: Arrow

Date: TBD!

"Or return to ash like the rest before you."

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  The Future's Hope - Zhrani x Seifer
Posted by: BoryaTheSlayer - Yesterday, 09:08 PM - Forum: Emporium - No Replies

The light that shines is the hope of the generations to come.
The union between the two lovers is certainly blessed - a whole seven children are growing up in their homestead!

[Image: seiferprofile3.png]
[Image: FTHIK0G.png]
Wellspring | Armed | Harmonic Attunement

Your father is from an Osronan family, with Shengese roots. The Warden of Starfall is a most kind soul that seeks to help everyone he can. Never losing hope, he makes way through life with a smile. All his life he has worked to mending the world, the damage done to the Lifestream - and he has likely taught you a lot about its nature and the Spirit Realm. From your father, you may have inherited his blue hair and emerald green eyes, and very likely it is him that has helped shape your world view thus far. Out of the two parents, he was the one that would have spoiled you(like giving you more treats than your mother allows) and read you bed-time stories.

[Image: zhrani.png]
       [Image: fcsllKj.png]
Holy | Cosmic - Rosegold Ovedrive | Energy

Quote:Your mother grew up in a hamlet, outside of the Shimmering City. She is loving and caring to all - but you, especially so. Though she may feel distant at times, what with her being busy with her duties as the Stellus. That being said-...
She has taught you much of Celestialism, but she was never overbearing with it; you were never forced to pray, nor did she make you visit the Church along with her. Such fate was prevented because your father has suffered it. In the rare moments that she was free to spend time with you, she respected your wishes, listened to your worries and helped you indulge in any hobbies you wanted to pursue - but, of the two parents, she is the stricter one, overindulgence is a thing she would strive to avoid.

-There are seven available children! All are welcome to be played, though if some slots are not filled the empty slots will be considered the non-magi children. You may be human or Felinae, and in the case that you are human, perhaps you are still blessed by Leonaus! please i just want cosmic children
-There is at least one set of twins, three at most. The youngest one has no twin.
-Born to two rather prominent figures in Esshar, there are expectations of you - but your parents always told you to walk your own path and never pressured you.
-Your mother is a skilled alchemist and will certainly help provide you with any alchemical needs - and also teach you the craft herself!
-You may inherit the relics and the wonderful seaside house in Osrona that your parents own. There is a possibility that you may inherit the Irradiated Shrine, as well, but don't count on it!
-Your hair is very like either blue or blonde, and your eyes may be green or blue.
-Activity is very important and we very much hope you don't ditch the characters, or we will be very very sad.

Playable from around 1844, the youngest one 2-3 years after the first one.

Contact Info: Borya#4125 and Jumpy

Apply Here!

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  Your First RP in Eternia
Posted by: ScarecrowVT - Yesterday, 06:01 PM - Forum: Forum Games - Replies (23)

So this is something that could be fun or cringe for others but I think it's good to show your growth. 

My first RP was back in Eternia. I didn't understand how RP worked back then and well it shows. 
Most people that have known me since E1 think Hijo is my first Eternia 1 character but actually was a character named Scarecrow's Shade. He was a mimic. 

Enjoy and share your first character RPs too. Let's see how much we all have grown since the beginning.  

First Character's Name: Scarecrow's Shade
Year Made: 2015 (I think this could be wrong.)
The Post: https://pastebin.com/rrg5AY06 

Quote:First Character's Name: 
Year Made:
The Post:

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Posted by: Nymue - Yesterday, 05:18 PM - Forum: Biographies - No Replies

[Image: EthricTemplate.png]
"The Headmaster of Starfall Academy?"

"Not looking a day past a thousand Professor!"

"Probably just eighty. A shitty geezer."

"So, he just walks in and out of the Mire? And nobody cares?"

"He's a monster! Are you blind, or just stupid!?"

"What war did you say you served in, sir?"

"Didn't he challenge Captain Dimitri? And win, with some trinket direct from Osrona's primordial?"

"Some people have expressed that you might be the descendant of angels... A fallen one."

"He's just some old man. Stop making a fuss."

"What an interesting set of theories."
"I enjoy them."

Quote:The night is long, and cold.

Hands weave quietly, shaping stone indirectly- The pall of flowing seawater grinds softly against the chunk hauled out and already smoothed from it's presence off the beach. The massive mitts of a warrior's work through the night on something unsuitable, as he sits amidst the sands. The waves lap silently as the moon shines high over the shore, amidst the old man's work. He has, succinctly, dropped a bit of his duties. Letters, ignored, pile up at his office door through the slot, as he sits out there amongst the shallows. Sand and dust congeal on his clothes, but he is undaunted. The smooth shape is pushed as water pressure circulates in a rapid jet, steadily cutting through stone to create the segmented arch of the headstone...

Soon, the blank stone is left, elegant. Slightly imperfect- Done by hand and eye, the symmetry is not quite perfect.

He pauses. He was obliged to see their stories put to stone. Could he do so succinctly? Nothing seemed quite... Adequate, to fit upon a headstone. There were so many nuances he preferred to include.

... He was always better at editing, than writing, in the end.

"... I would never betray your trust in me, knowingly."

"Perhaps if I worked with each of you just a bit more, it would have been enough."

A finger goes to the stone, as acridic acid makes itself more stolid than the smoothing of the sea's might. He was more one for freshwater, anyways, as he tries to paint a final image to the world, of a few bright candles snuffed out after their wager. He etches the names.

By morn-

There would be a place to grieve.

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