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  Fire and Blood
Posted by: chance - 5 hours ago - Forum: In Character - No Replies

[Image: EH44YrG.png]
【  F I R E    A N D   B L O O D  】
Ravens depart for Theria, bringing the message to all, but particularly Magne Kriemhild. As decreed by the Fireblooded, a standing Dragonlord can only lose their position if taken in single combat against a Therian or they resign from duty. The challlenger is Sythaeryn Vartuul, a drakanite, the Guardian of the Dragon Emriss, a man that's claimed the lives of more enemies of Theria than any other. He rides to the north with his guard and three shadowmancers behind him.

His message reads:

"My claim is simple... The mountains of my homeland that I've served faithfully will be the staging ground for great expeditions into the east with the support and blessings of the Coalition, where the halls of Sluthia await us, the ruins of Rhoynur, the riches of Barsburg. And perhaps even the shadow lands themselves if we're to be so bold in this new age."

"No man or women that has ever fled from Garljing has lived. At that point, you're prey. But when you raise your sword and show him your heart, you've become a challenger and his flames may give you life rather than snuff it out. And it is by the rites of Fire and Blood that I challenge the Dragonlord Magne Kriemhild to single combat. Should I lose, my life is forfeit. Should I win, I resume my place as Dragonlord. Those that attempt to meddle or intervene in this dishonor themselves and what Theria stands for: Glory and Strength."

"When the sun departs over the mountain with the month's end, I return."

[Image: unknown.png]
(4PM EST - Today)

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  Where a Star Bleeds
Posted by: Prestige - Today, 01:13 AM - Forum: In Character - No Replies

[Image: spgU4Vq.png]

Esshar is not warned of its next plague.

The stars do not deliver a message.

On what appears to be a peaceful night like any other, an explosion emits from the core of The Vale itself. Where a man tampered with forces unknown, and released secrets that were better left buried. The essence of spirits older than any living man, creatures the witches of Moonfall Village harnessed and summoned to bring terror upon Esshar.

[Image: TPDbizJ.png]

⛧ 1742 AC ⛧

..And on another side of the world, months later, a Coven of Witches acts.
They set out to find themselves not an artifact, not a relic - but eggs of demons that have been frozen in time.

One of a Snake demon - an egg covered in green scales, shrouded by a poisonous gas.
One of a Wolf Demon - a dark-colored egg that maintained pristine condition despite its many scars and marks.
And lastly, one of a Spider demon - nestled between a demonic web with the strength and durability of Arcanium metal.

They have been kept in such condition for years, protected by a collector like no other. But now, in the hands of a particularly known Trio... The eggs hatch. A sacred ritual invoked for the purpose of bringing new demons to the continent of Esshar, powered by stolen spiritual essence that was no longer as protected as it used to be by The Vale and the Kingdom of the Teraphim.

OOC Information: Applications for three demons are open. We are not interested in alts. Sorry. You do not need the RPL requirement to RB into a demon for this. It can be a fresh character.

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  The Valedepths
Posted by: Tattles - Yesterday, 11:05 PM - Forum: Events - Replies (13)

[Image: kirill-leonov-yggdrasil.jpg]

Character: Finn Ghede

Attendee(s): As many Myllenoris characters as the DM can handle.

Synopsis: After the wounding of the Vale, acolytes of Myllenoris were called forth to investigate what was uncovered; a series of tunnels that spiraled down into the depths of the mysterious forest itself. Thus far, no party that has entered has returned, and as such the journey downward has become one to strike fear into the hearts of even the bravest of Aschea's devotees.
But the High Lord knows that something down there is speaking to the Valeborne, calling them further into the dark to find some mystery of the heart of their home that has yet to be revealed.
But the Vale is known for both its dangers and its blessings, and in the very essence of Aschea's teachings, those who take the challenge should expect a balance of both.

Tone: Lore heavy, Mysterious, Spiritual

Risks: CoD

Specific Requests: Big Lore Reveals on the Vale and what makes it act the way it does. A chiron would be appreciated as well, among whatever else seems appropriate.

Help Wanted

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  Sylvanaum - The hope of all
Posted by: Myradin - Yesterday, 08:12 PM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (6)

Just putting this here too because I don't want it to get lost in discord suggestions, but can we have Sylvanaum added into /nerfs please. I need to know when to snort another line so my slowly fraying insanity is somewhat kept in check.

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  Tales of Knighthood: His Codes.
Posted by: Lloyd Durages - Yesterday, 07:08 PM - Forum: Biographies - No Replies

[Image: 89228107b49ce139441640d0fb8e3e93.jpg]
i. Have unbending resolve. A true knight does not go against their vows so easily.
ii. Respect even your enemies. Like you, they're fighting for a cause they believe in.
iii. There are great evils that must be purged from this world. Do not hesitate.
iv. It's alright to have fear. Use it to temper your steel.
v. Do not be afraid to forgive if others are repentant.
vi. A true coward is the one who would turn their back on everything they stood for.
vii. Do not abandon your home. They need you more than you realize.
viii. Love, protect and cherish those who you hold dearest to you. At the end of the day, they're all one truly has.
ix. Protect the weak and defenseless.
x. Accept your mistakes. You will be stronger because of it.

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  To answer his creed.
Posted by: Lloyd Durages - Yesterday, 05:58 PM - Forum: In Character - Replies (3)

[Image: SlBWcwu.png]
Through winged envoy, does a message arrive in the forestry of Myllenoris. The message is for one particular man, now sitting on a mass of riches and preparing to set sail to continue glorious conquest. But a final tether that he may have wanted to do away with before he sets sail for further venture off the islands of Esshar.
"Sythaeryn Vartuul. You've taken many things from me. You've killed my masters. You've murdered my friends. You've murdered people I have considered family. You've hurt people close to me. For what reason? Honor and glory? Perhaps you wish to wipe out my race? Whatever the case may be, there are still men like me living. My honor as a knight tempers my steel, and I will not let you get away with the atrocities you've done standing by idly. Sythaeryn Vartuul,
I challenge you to a duel to the death.
I don't believe your pride will allow you to refuse this. Should you accept, you are free to reply to me. Choose a date, and a location."
- Lloyd Durages, Lightbringer.

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