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Posted by: KING - 2 hours ago - Forum: Biographies - No Replies

[Image: 0e4042decc3b461b13775ef012845b3f.jpg]

Every living being at their base, no matter its simplicity, is driven to persist, flourish, and thrive. We cling to the delicate substance of existence subconsciously; it is written in us all, and the most rudimentary of reasons behind our cries when an untimely end draws near.

i reach out into the horizon for everything i've ever wanted.

but above all my legacy will define me.
i want it to last until the end of time.

i seek to do what he couldn't. i wish to overcome the challenges he failed to complete.
i carry his hair, his eyes, his blade, and his will. my mother expects me to be just like him.
but i can't, and i won't. my own path is to be carved out directly in front of me. if i turn out like him then my fate will be the same.

i can't die.

not in front of her.

i'm all she has left.

varin, i love you so much. i won't be able to handle myself when you finally pass. you've endured the most suffering in the family. you're the strongest person i know for that. i promise that the gods themselves were scared of your potential, they gave you this illness to stop you from overcoming them. i'm praying for you every day. i'll be there the day you die, but in truth you'll be the first immortal of the family.

i won't ever let your name die.

but such an act of endurance can only be matched by our mother. our father died far too young, and she had to feel through it all. she raised us all on her own, vigr and rufus only helped while they could. now she's seeing her firstborn die in front of her eyes, day by day you fade farther from the light. she's watching it in slow motion. i couldn't cope with myself if i had to do what she does.

i won't be the one to break your heart.

father. you were my hero, you were our hero. you were the shining light in my life, a light that could surpass even the sun's own brilliance. you were supposed to be guiding me through it all. my first battle. my first injury. my first friends. my first love. you were here for none of it. you hurt us all by falling when you weren't supposed to fall. you were incapable of falling.

i won't repeat the past.

[Image: b8c7ef60fdfdb1df41a354413583e8bd.jpg]

you all were weak because you were strong for far too long.
i haven't been strong enough yet, so i'll carry all of you throughout my journey.
step by step.
all of you can rest now.
i'll carry your legacy to the end of time.
i'll thrive because you all couldn't, with a smile on my face all the while.
join me in my quest to achieve divinity.

and, in a broad sense,
a purpose to the gift that is life.
as long as i remember,

i will not truly die.

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  Into the pages of history..
Posted by: Didos - 5 hours ago - Forum: Biographies - No Replies

[Image: tuxpi.com.1627442648.jpg?width=360&height=640]
Life.. Death.. Terms so common for the one who through the decades lived - the one who saw everything and everyone he knew turn to dust and ruin.. The one who in the midst of this, tried to have a family.
The world is cruel, impartial and takes everything from those unprepared. Yet in this world he brought her - into this world he dragged her.. He created her, from the one he once loved..
She was his future, she was his daughter.. Which he taught, which he demonstrated countless things, for her to be ready to face anything - to the point that in some occasions, she surpassed him.
[Image: tuxpi.com.1627442664.jpg]
Emotions.. From these he would be freed, never to be tormented again, in order to focus on what mattered - still, those had been just hidden away in the depths of that empty husk.. And now he would feel them cling to him, even if only a bit..
Such thing grasped into his soul.. The moment she was taken away..
Would he.. Ever be prepared for a situation such as this? Of loss.. No, he never was before - and never will be.. Where this situation would not be possible to be stopped this time.. But such things still can be fixed, nothing is impossible for one who defies the gods.
I'm sorry.
You'll have to wait.. But time is what we both have to spare, right?..
Quote:"And one day.. You will be with me once again.."

[Image: 0e2c7d787a20de41e053b584216f619f.jpg]

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  Benedict's Big Score: One Night in Achyon
Posted by: Hoovyking - 7 hours ago - Forum: Events - No Replies

[Image: 1200px-Lab8.jpg]

Quote:"I know it's still there. Marcel's greatest work. The tool that brought back a man from the brink of death, even if he could do little with his new body.

Despite what's happened to it, the miracle of that past can happen again. If I'm to live, then it must.

To all those who're receiving this, I'm extending the chance to see that miracle be preformed once again. 

We march for my father's Phoenix Chamber.
Missives go out all throughout Esshar. To old friends, comrades in arms, and even a few cordial rivals. Benedict Delisle calls for a team of specialists to dive into the ruins of Achyon's fallen citadel in hopes of getting one final usage of his foster father's invention, the Phoenix Chamber. Rumors of it's ability to reforge the bodies of those who are willing into Synthetic-Human hybrids have not died in Benedict's ear, and it is now when illness grips his body that he needs it most.

The journey will be perilous, filled with both mindless undead and rogue machines from the city's glory days. But, nothing worthwhile may be obtained for free.

Character: Benedict Delisle
Attendes: Four additional people
Risk: COD
Rewards: To be discussed.
Tone: Magitech, Exploration, Resident Evil

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  take my small handful of icons ((((accidently suspicious))))
Posted by: Dandeli - 8 hours ago - Forum: Creative Corner - No Replies

once upon a time i had a prettily made banner and graphics for this useless zip file
then my computer crashed,
therefore i distribute the same ZIP FILE ™ in this lackadais
ical fashion
[Image: unknown.png]
my dropbox download failed so i dumped it into a discord server instead
a maid dress (SOME COLORS)
frankenstein catgirl hairs (8 hair sprites mashed into one!)
funny emoji masks
. . other stuff.
disclaimer: i didnt make any of these from complete scratch (minus the little ribbon hat / weird animal hat / sonic..... hair....) 
they r all the epitome of frankenstein

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  Wrapped In Black
Posted by: Zetsubo - 8 hours ago - Forum: Events - No Replies

[Image: fD93MTJ.png]
Quote:'I don't remember my home that well. I was too young to understand just how strict and void it was of life at times. But admist that void, there always beauty lurking within. The beauty and potential of the technology my home was capable of creating. It was technology capable of changing the world. And yet....it's all gone now. My home, my parents, everything that i used to love is now dust amongst the wind. And there's nothing i can do about it....except to say goodbye one last time.

My father was a Synthetic and Magitech researcher before he was killed. He told me of an underground lab beneath the city that housed the secrets of Achyon and it's technology. Secrets that i need to get ahold of. If i am going to change the world....if i am going to fix my disabilities, i need to get ahold of anything and everything i can. Even if it kills me.

I'm going back into the void. Hoping that whatever awaits me won't be a waste of my time. And even if it is? At least i'll be able to say goodbye to the place i once grew up in....
Character: Irys Lauriel.
Attendes: Irys Lauriel, Tirius Multhunder, and....other frens Smile
Risk: CoI or CoD(not sure yet)
Rewards:  Dev items relating to Magitech or Synthetic technology. Preferably those that are infused with lightning/plasma or something of the sort to create weapons/cybernetics. As well as anything else the DM might find interesting to add. (Also Arcanium!)
Tone: Abandoned, Desolate, Swampy. Sci-fi fantasy stuff. Techy!
DM: None yet.(pls dm!!!)

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  Our World.
Posted by: Azure - 10 hours ago - Forum: Events - Replies (1)

[Image: unknown.png]

"Over those mountains lay our future. Where Kraus and his angels touched this world and built Esshar with their own two hands."

Character: Eldin ven Pelleaux
Attendes: His frens. : )
Risk: CoD
Rewards: Wayfinding Tomes of old. Be it by Elisheva or those who documented her ancient teachings so long ago, as well as further locations ripe with Angelic / Divine history.
Tone: Biblically accurate angels.
DM: Someone who wants to take this. (Sparing someone else from running it.)

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Posted by: Dandeli - 10 hours ago - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (7)

(actual explaination: i believe maple wanted a custom aura but in turn it just sort of
applied to
every quetzacoatl drakanite
i miss my wing.)

[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: unknown.png]

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  wolfboy; wolfboy.
Posted by: Dreamspeaker - 11 hours ago - Forum: Biographies - No Replies

[Image: 000886abbea79c10c105f5a5c2435d86.jpg]

"Damn, man..."
"It's been only a few years, but already such a wild ride."

It's difficult to think what I'd be if I stayed back home.
Probably a peaceful nomad.
Like pa and ma.
Living without a worry.

I'm not made for that, you know?
I'm made for greatness.
Some look at me and see a stupid mutt; a dog, even.
Me? I see something bigger.

I see the baddest wolf of Esshar in the making.

But, man.. the competition?
Holy fuck. It's suffocating.

[Image: fe61ede1a7310adeffcda92f2b28d76a.jpg]

You see all kinds of people.
The good, the bad, the ugly.
Some annoying the hell out of me.
Some becoming my lifetime partners.

Others? Just a stepping stone.

I'd be lying if I said that they all aren't teaching me something though.
That sometimes, it's important to give up something you value to preserve another.
Sometimes, people give wrong first impressions.
And sometimes, you need to focus on yourself only.

But most importantly..
Never back away for good.
Even when maybe you should.

Because legends never back away. Legends always return.
Imagine how lame it would be if the baddest wolf just ran away and never returned, right?

[Image: 29f70b1b78a3af30f7186c3750cf8f2e.jpg]

I'm gonna be that. A legend.

The greatest hunter.

You'll see. You will all see.

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  Barsburg claims more territory!
Posted by: StarMann - Yesterday, 08:49 PM - Forum: In Character - No Replies

[Image: 086BTPg.png]

Barsburg have finally claimed Mount Erradir!

Mount Erradir, long since toted as one of the final unconquered lands of mainland Aegis has finally been sieged and claimed by the Barsburg Empire. The once impenetrable defences seem to have vanished almost overnight allowing the Barsburg troops to drive forwards. They found the place mostly cleared of its treasures but the greatest one was left behind. A divine artifact.

The World Anchor

Now in their possession, the Barsburg military are attempting to reverse engineer the artifact and wield its fortification powers for themselves.

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  Mount. Erradir // We fucked up!!
Posted by: Mallow - Yesterday, 08:44 PM - Forum: Events - Replies (1)

[Image: we_fucked_up.png]

Admittedly, we Rhoynurs are not the smartest when it comes to dealing with these things, or leaving things with defenses after a great victory.
And, uh, well, you see, we fucked up, pretty badly, and now we need to go back to Mount Erradir, get rid of Barsburg's Influence, and then, finally?
Pu'erh Munin
Attendes: Anyone Rhoynish or Honoary.
Risk: COD
Rewards: Lore, a lot of lore, a lot of fixing, and maybe something big and fancy.
Tone: (:
DM: You know who you are.

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