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  Tomb Raiding!
Posted by: CuriosityaboutMyself - 11 hours ago - Forum: Events - Replies (2)

The archaeology finals are coming up, and students must plan trips to bring back things of value. So naturally, Alkhea has found a tomb which she believes is full of goodies, that's probably unowned, and also probably not full of creatures and traps.

Character/Key: Alkhea - Curiosity Maximus#1082

Attendees: 4 or 5 people max. Archaeology students, or people Alkhea knows somewhat.

Tone: Adventure.

Risk: COI.

Rewards: Dev mats.

DM: Seeking!

Preferably, it'd be best if this could be done before the due date of the finals; February first. But maybe the teacher won't mind if we're overdue.

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  Noble Family Tree
Posted by: Simple - Today, 08:28 AM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

Something that a lot of people might not be aware of is that quite a few nobles/non-nobles within Achyon/Osrona and elsewhere are actually very much related and interconnected through marriage. I spent a bit of time tonight working on an extensive family tree, and if you are a Docro/Pelleaux/Astor/Reave then chances are you are cousins and on the list, all descending from my character, Serea Astor. There are bound to be mistakes and I'd love to expand on it as time goes on, so if anyone notices anything they can definitely send me a message and I'll edit.

You'll be viewing starting from Anastasia, but feel free to search names in the bar on the bottom right and take a look at how and where your characters might have long lost relations!

You can view the family here!

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Information Sacrifice for the Triumvirate
Posted by: LiefDeltora - Yesterday, 09:28 PM - Forum: In Character - Replies (1)

[Image: DVKEZSK.png]
[Image: 5a7872142995273335daf7acdfea324b.jpg]
Quote:It took longer than expected, but the preparations for Jack Harlock's sacrifice are finally ready.
The Vanirhallans had their Lorekeeper review the scriptures, in order to properly conduct it in Esshar territory within Vanir culture.
While it is a Vanirhallan ritual, an open invitation is offered to curious eyes from all nations.
Achyon Military excluded, for obvious reasons.

Date: 27/01/2021
Time: 01:00 PM EST
Coordinates: 288, 482, 1

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  soniiiety's ban appeal
Posted by: soniiiety - Yesterday, 01:08 PM - Forum: Ban Appeals - No Replies

Key: soniiiety

Ban Duration:[b]Unknown[/b]

Date of Ban:27/01/21

Reason Supplied:unknown
I think its because of forgetting to roll, and maybe because I did a fart rp, I am not sure.

Summarize your side of the story, as well as why you think you should be unbanned:

well I'm pretty new to the forums and the games, I didn't mean to break any of the rules, I did skim some of it, but i am trying my best to understand it.
please unban me and give me a second chance, please give reason for ban, maybe then I can understand why. 

I will reread the rules, please tell me if there is anything else i shouldn't do.

if i have to i will prepare before i say anything, im willing to give it my best to contribute and improve.
also I didn't log out, and I didn't know if I had to roll.

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  1st day of slight improvement
Posted by: soniiiety - Yesterday, 09:09 AM - Forum: Biographies - Replies (1)

   DAY 1

 have wondered into this world from far far away, I've had many thoughts, I am still unsure what to do even so, i might have mercy, its not easy to take steps, every time I do I get drained.

If only there was a way to move faster in this world, I want to have a lot of energy, and maybe make a family.

So far people have seem ignorant, I will forgive them, I observed them, I decided to calm down with meditation.

I improved some of my skills, even so, I got a lot of improvement to do, I will rise up if I fall down.

I have this funny feeling in my stomach, I feel like laughing, made I was sent here to make others laugh too.

I hope I can have a good time, there are some pros n cons to this world,  however I believe this world has limited the things i could do, maybe i should pray?

Now I will express my angry because it has built up, this is not a evil angry, it is an angry for my rights, may my fiery will burn all those who set limitations for selfishness, I will try to fix this to expound, if I cannot I may as well leave this world.

Maybe people believe i am just a newcomer they can dismiss me because my rank is not high, maybe my clothes?

My words alone is enough, i wont be stuck down by some of the unfair rules and unfair limits, maybe if the those who created these magics? did not know or did not think it was possible that there would be people to speed up faster than some where.

I hope I am given privilege's to speed things up, for the most part I do everything for good. I have mixed feelings.

I hope rules can change, also to whoever reads my journal, may the golden light be with you, may you see the proportional way, to understand the most ideal good, may one day we all have open mind to become enlightened if not then >: ) . 

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  Artificing Finals
Posted by: ludster - Yesterday, 08:54 AM - Forum: In Character - No Replies

[Image: BLPOiEF.png]
In the distance, the loud whirring of something mechanical approaches the Academy.
Professor Amelia Aertas has announced the coming final exams for the artificing class. What should the students expect? The ultimate test of their craft in arms.
All artificing students are tasked to prepare a team of three as they will be pit against... something. Students are only allowed to equip armor, accessories, and weapons crafted by their team's hands (no gear from events, star sigil exchanges, family hand-me-downs, etc.). Students may request help from non-artificing students of Starfall Academy, however they must still only have the arms provided by the artificer only; the merits and rewards will also only go to the artificing students participating.
The professor will be looking for the artificer's signature upon all the gear to be used in the bout. No signature means the gear is deemed disallowed for usage.
Star sigils are to be awarded to the highest scorers.
Materials used within Professor Anastasia's Final Exam is highly encouraged to be used and will grant bonus rewards if they are used in any of the gear.
The exam will occur this January 31, Sunday. Happening at 7PM EST within the Academy Gym.
Spectators are allowed to watch the spectacles.
Artificing Students Sign Up Here!

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  Archaeology Finals
Posted by: BabyFatJesus - Yesterday, 08:25 AM - Forum: In Character - No Replies

The easy part for all of you who have been attending in my topic’s curriculum is now over.

What comes next is your final. You will use your experiences, and everything that I have gone over during my introductory lessons to plan your own adventure now. Those of you who were unable to join us on the field trip, you may all still take part in these finals so long as you have attended those introductory classes of mine. As for the assignment itself, you are all required to plan and partake in an adventure of your own, in which you bring back something of value and make something of it. This assignment will be due one year from now. ( February 1st)

Do note, there may be a possible collaboration between my own final assignment for my students, and that of Doctor Aertas’ final assignment.

For those students with questions regarding my final assignment for you all may approach me in person to ask them.

Professor Anastasia pyr Aertas, PhD.

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  Unity Under the Stars and Sky
Posted by: InThePooPoo - Yesterday, 07:34 AM - Forum: In Character - No Replies

[Image: 1cee1eeec8.jpg]

The time has come for the Fireblooded-Osrona treaty to be fully realized.
It is a wedding - and all Osrona and Fireblooded citizens are welcome to attend.

Violet Vartuul and Fennel Loire are set to be married,
on the precipice of the year 1825.

The ceremony will be held on the Dragon's Gauntlet in Garljing's Coat.

All Citizens
of Osrona, and The Fireblooded Temple are welcome to attend this momentous occasion.

(This ceremony will be held at 6 PM on Saturday, January 30.)

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  Ultimate Tournament Friday 7PM EST
Posted by: Neon_blue - Yesterday, 06:45 AM - Forum: In Character - No Replies

[Image: zWIG1UEUcHl2o8YxliLcV8kNoaGN232QYkh4_FvO...c6KwuLb2pS]
[Image: FDJwdsMlMR7149Onao8FRpCNxjBYEp8ad27hW8cG...ql4OCK1wEC]

Graduation is getting near, how strong have you gotten during these past few years? Do you have some beef with rival classmates and want a place to settle it? Well, this is the time to prove it at the Ultimate Tournament. This event shall be hosted in the gym by none other than Kai Hintze.

The prizes are worth much more than money could buy,  rare collectibles that have many uses from weapons, to armor materials.

Think you have what it takes?
Quote:My mother use to tell me stories about an underground fight club my father would attend. 
After she passed down some things to me, I felt like I had no use with any of this stuff.
Why not have people earn these rewards and prove who is the strongest in the academy?
[Image: gnkFiXziYvGFzmCwhauEnn55GvpjFfqnIOUcNaSc...M-OP7TZa4f]

Students, Tutors and Janitor allowed
Double Elimination bracket (Losers can have a chance to win rewards too).
You pick your prize in order of position. (1 prize per top 3)
Best out of three. (Semi-finals/finals best out of 5)
No Johns. (Excuses)
Keep it clean.

[Image: Y9cyAkbHf_Q3Uvd0VNc6z5cdOWdmUc9OQ5Wr1Z04...e4uewOAUgz]

[Image: sgLROrCjOR7k8xfKBduccw89KqwXsxBTlFpmQ4F0...hE6xETpYAi]  Miasma & Limbo [WEAPON] - A mysterious set of twin light blades. Don’t touch the tip, you might get poisoned.

[Image: yp0GvL1YQjm9t5fJ_re7so-U5ARXL_9wkh01iIJ4...7em3Che-Bw] Pareila’s Gift [SHIELD] - Some sort of polished tree root. Makes a perfect fit for any weapon handle.

[Image: DpNYm7Ux7BiGSgyRq-wmIyXg8BPqQxmvT-xzytQM...L4OEqsDIE1] Multifaceted Gemstone [SHIELD] - A gemstone that shines with elemental energy. Could be cut and used for a piece of jewelry or cloak. What kind of elemental powers does it hold?

[Image: i230Awb9rKOmRuVxDbnnr6J7anyEBRbju3C9oETU...lUFaMGvpS4] Corrupt Meteorite Ore [SHIELD] - An ultra dense type of space rock. It gives off a bad vibe when holding it. Will you harness its power or cleanse it?

[Image: wQ6dxm1jOf1j4S5buw6oX5_OXxwq-RXFm3BIEckb...bv1GdHNQQP] Dragonscale Of Garljing [SHIELD]  - A scale from the red dragon himself. With such a mighty and rare scale, tons of ideas on how to use such a thing. Don’t burn yourself.

[Image: wQ6dxm1jOf1j4S5buw6oX5_OXxwq-RXFm3BIEckb...bv1GdHNQQP] Dragonscale Of Garljing [SHIELD]  - What a coincidence, a second scale. Better chance for a lucky person.

[Image: 7Nfq8UKu-CT2rRbD9Nx6a4jcMburHgfsAN6diQ9e...KdokHbJvai]

Didn’t luck out on winning? Well maybe you can win yourself a soulsteel ore in a raffle competition. Raffle tickets will be sold for 3,000 gold (only 1 ticket per person)

[Image: UP7CT_jUgiZPc5iBBljK4Nikik6CErTdPMVXVIoY...WhfL2GpRfd]

[Image: xHL6sgdrgeRJwQOajr0BkDYuyn4jcd1uM3Mft8Q3...O_z-v51ZfJ]

Friday at 7 PM EST 
At the GYM

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  Reparations - SATURDAY, 7pm EST.
Posted by: iterum - Yesterday, 05:17 AM - Forum: In Character - No Replies

Whispers passed around the island speak of a larger strike.

This time around- they refuse resolve with words.
They aim to take back what rightfully belongs to the people.
They will no longer be exploited.

they demand reparations.

[Image: powertopeople.png]


- Revolutionaries that win their match will receive 10k from precious ores.
- Revolutionaries may  not  capture their opponents- however, will be allowed to deal a -10VIT perm.
- Defenders have free reign over those they capture.

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