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  Ill-Mannered Revolution
Posted by: InThePooPoo - 59 minutes ago - Forum: Events - No Replies

[Image: 0c58f2fe6f.jpg]
Valero Task. My great-uncle. A man who was consumed by the dark just as I.
Slain by his brother, my grandfather.
He wielded a weapon like no other. One lost during the Pandemonium.

Finally, a lead on where it may be.
In the very depths of a dreadwood to the east, the dark blade found a home.
Untouched by the hands of man in decades, or so it should have been.

Though now, a sect of demons congregate around it, having built a small society based on its presence.
Its wielder is considered a paragon to them - their leader, their ruler.
They know not what they have.

We'll take it back.

Contact: why#3355
Attendees: Duniya Hintze, Task Family, The Fireblooded Temple (maximum attendees up to DM)
Tone: Darkness, Demons, Violence
Rewards: Ill-Mannered Revolution, the legendary blade of Valero Task

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  The war of broken bonds memorial
Posted by: Tre - 3 hours ago - Forum: In Character - No Replies

[Image: viking_funeral_version_2_by_yoguy108_d34...height=416]
In the cover of darkness gifted by the night, a single flame would shine brightly upon the northern mountain, a ship lit by flame would be followed by the voices of many who would call out and pay respects to one Orodyn Vartuul Dragonlord of Garljing's coat, Slain by the hands of Osronian ArchMagi Amori. The ship would be seen following the course of the river and gently down the stream until it ends at the edge of the waterfall.
Be tradition the flames would help guide the soul into the air - soaring high into the realm of the divines as the boat falls and crashes into the sea.
On this day one soul would leave Esshar and all of his allies, friends, and family would be there to see him off. The rumors would speak of what would happen next - after the respect was given... the forges would stay working on new arms for what was to come...
On next light of a new day - one could smell the smoke of war in the air..... This was the fate that has been made true by a single swing of one sword, now so many would swing back and so many will perish by this one single choice. It was time for war.
This will be a page where many will come and pay respects to the firelbooded and allies who would fall during this war, Feel free to pay your respects to any character here in this war do not meme on this page and treat it respect as character deaths are always hard both icly and oocly.
Rumor has it that many feel unrest about his death and what was to follow would be a war that threaten to tear Esshar apart.

[Image: unknown.png?width=638&height=416]
Funeral of Orodyn Vartuul  body 

"May you forever be guided by flame, brother."

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  The Trial of Maltziel
Posted by: Simple - 6 hours ago - Forum: Events - Replies (7)

[Image: angel-wings-png-144048-5159876.png]
Quote:With war on the horizon, the Stellus sets out to reclaim the lost tome of Maltziel. An expedition funded by both the Church and the Pelleaux family. The last whereabouts of the blessed relic were the ruins of Nysea, sealed away by Saint Sethon. Setting out with minimal information, Geztelle intends to find and secure it, through any means necessary.

Attendees: Any among Osrona who are willing to support Geztelle's acquisition of the tome.

Tone: Slightly eerie, given that Nysea was overran by demons and is now in ruins. Kind of triumphant too!

Risk: CoD

Requests: Blessed Tome of Maltziel (to be used as a weapon, preferably.)

DM: Still searching

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  The Alchemist's Manor
Posted by: Didos - 7 hours ago - Forum: Events - Replies (2)

[Image: tuxpi.com.1603329658.jpg]
Character: Nidaz 
Contact Information: Didos#5077 
Attendees: Mania, Alpha + One or Two more that will be invited Icly by Nidaz! 
: Tales and rumors, talk about a gem called 'Blood Tear', which has the ability to increase the powers of a blood magi. They say that it can only be acquired when the moon takes on a red color, where a ritual is needed to produce such a gem..
The last person to acquire such a gem, was an alchemist who lives in a solitary manor in the forest! Where knowing this, Nidaz organized a group to.. 'Acquire' this gem from the alchemist.
Risk: High CoI - Low CoD 
Tone: Theft, Blood magic stuff, old mansion soo maybe.. Terror? And whatever else the DM wants!
Reward: The Blood Tear Gem ( Material )
DM: Ludster!

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  The Bloody Lair of Barsburg
Posted by: Arthindol - Yesterday, 06:40 PM - Forum: Events - No Replies

[Image: oz0xckn1du551.jpg]
"There are many rumors among the people of Barsburg, but people often called them myths. Legends to never be true and remain an endless lie to scare away the innocent. "
A cave hidden deep in the forest North of Achyon, miles and miles away from civilization with no knowledge of it's whereabouts. However...until recently, an explorer was doing their usual track through the lands of Esshar, finding said cave, it left a taste of curiosity in their mouth. The brave traveler managed to successfully look inside, far enough to find a stone door, taller than any boulder.
In their discovery, they suspected this to be some kind of lair that was building hundreds of years ago, and it's origin was a bit unknown. What lies beyond the door was a mystery, but a mystery that Thanasis plans to discover. If it was a path to power than he was prepared to travel down this road.
Thanasis, Auralei, Alastor, and possibly maybe 1 more

High CoI
Bloody, Dark, Undead, Gorey
Will be discussed with the DM


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  /observer and cancel
Posted by: Apollo Densin - Yesterday, 06:34 PM - Forum: Bug Reports - No Replies

IF you are observing a fight and it is canceled you will still observe one of the people

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  The Underground Fighting Club
Posted by: Random - Yesterday, 04:24 PM - Forum: In Character - No Replies

"Favi... Calm... FAVI RELAX! I am writing it, little brother!"
[Image: ufc.png]
"Who's looking to lose a fight today?"

Quote:Word spreads fast! The Ixtan Company® presents the Underground Fighting Club, a secret and completely LEGAL organization which aims to bring entertainment, friendships and lucrative pay to its rapidly growing community! The Underground Fighting Club will give its participants opportunities to clash against other fighters and be rewarded handsomely upon winning. Additionally, there is a huge variety of activities for spectating patrons to partake in, including but not limited to; betting, great food, gambling and auctions.

Important Notes:
While fighting to the best of your ability is encouraged in the arena, you cannot hurt your opponent severely. Anyone caught wounding their opponent will be disqualified and banned from further UFC fights with no refund provided.

Both fighters must pay 500 Coins upfront with the winner receiving the entire pot upon a win.

The location remains undisclosed, but you can register or visit the UFC Headquarters by approaching a member of the Ixtan Company® inside Osrona or Moxtli.

All fighters must sign a waiver.

Due to obvious circumstances, enemies of Moxtli and Osrona are banned from participating.

Glory awaits you at the UFC! Join today!

[Image: 1598130017_921_As-verdadeiras-artes-marc...-medio.gif]

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  Magic Hunt
Posted by: 25thBam - Yesterday, 01:35 PM - Forum: Events - No Replies

[Image: thumb-1920-202889.jpg]

Extra Attendees:
1 other person

Objectives: Rumors swirl of a mountain to the north with a strong magic presence, also said to be home to a treasure trove of arcane knowledge. Ancient creatures guards its wonders, attempting to repel any intruders that seek its power. What Lore seeks is a better understanding of his magic, one that will allow him to develop magics of his own. So with one other member, they set out to recover these tomes and bring them home for research.

Tone: Thrilling, Insightful, Action

Risk: COI

Rewards: Dev Magic Tomes, Coin
DM: Abstract

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  in a quiet place
Posted by: SleepyDemon - Yesterday, 06:13 AM - Forum: Events - Replies (2)

[Image: tuxpi-com-1603259697-waifu2x-art-noise2-tta-1.png]
[Image: b3ce61f3964c1977a9f0305fa8df0fc0.png]
"The world's too noisy, haven't you heard? Let's find a moment of peace."
Event Summary: To achieve temporary distance and reprieve from the clamorous activities taking place in Esshar, Shining Sparkle sets off into a particularly mystical forest alongside some of her companions. What she seeks out in particular is a horned horse- a unicorn. The journey itself, while presumably perilous to an extent, is one she hopes will help her achieve some sort of growth and tranquility within herself.
[Image: 27b1ef1a6fdab495f31a667ae647163c.png]
Character: Shining Sparkle
Discord: SleepyDemon#3558
Extra Attendees: Those invited
Risk: Low CoD
Tone: Magical, Adventure
Rewards: Various Dev Items, Soulsteel
DM: Found!

Time/Date: Wednesday October 21st, 5 PM EST
Additional Information: N/A

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