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  Barsburg: Scouting Force Alpha
Posted by: Theori - 8 hours ago - Forum: Emporium - No Replies

"Children of the Empire! My loyal comrades! For too long have with let the Essharans spit on us, make a mockery of our glorious Machine! They laugh in the face of us, thinking they won. But, my fellows, I will tell you the truth: it was not their victory, but the failure of those in charge to do what they needed to. They left Achyon alone, let it be weakened by the corruptive influence of the Docro filth that claimed to be the best of us while they peddled their poison! We should have scourged the scum of the city when we had the chance, and see what has become of it without us, little but a crater in the ground infested by monsters.

Our new 'Imperator' is naught but a weak, spineless fool! 'Leave them alone', he says, pretending he's speaking for the betterment of the Empire and not out of fear that his weakness will be exposed, incompetent offensive leadership revealed to the world! Have we forgotten the Invasion of the 1740s? They will not leave us alone, and why should we not punish them for their hubris? The time has come, my friends, to show the Essharans the true might of the Empire! When we return, with the head of Eos and their Fireblooded's precious Garljing, we will prove that we are the inheritors of this continent! If the Imperial Council is weak, then to Hel with them! We will return to the cheers and exaltation of the citizenry, heroes of the Empire! For the glory of the Empire! For the Machine!"

-Commander Mika Tarpova to the 5th, 6th, and 7th Mechanised Infantry Divisions, 1877 AC.
[Image: vcYC3Lp.jpg]

The Tarpova Expeditionary Force marches on Esshar, but in advance it sends Scouting Force Alpha. It is comprised of several of the more promising Magi in the Tarpova's ranks predominantly from the Infantry and Commandos, selected for their ability and willingness to go behind enemy lines to disrupt their foes in preparation for Tarpova's incursion.

Their goals are largely unknown, save to set the scene for Tarpova's invasion. Equipped with the expected Imperial weaponry and armaments, their arrival in the region foretells calamity should they be successful.

OOC Notes:
  • Several openings for a role as a Barsburgian Loyalist. You call Mika Tarpova Commander, and are expected to be fanatically loyal to her and the ideal of the Machine Doctrine.
  • Selected applicants will be granted 150 rpl to start, and basic equipment to get things going.
  • Two of the applicants will be Officers, with a slightly higher starting rpl+something else.
  • A small starting area with a FOB.
  • The group will be given goals to achieve to offer some initial direction, and tied into the public Barsburg events coming!

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  Festival of the Hallowed Eve
Posted by: ludster - 9 hours ago - Forum: Public Events - No Replies

[Image: tG1iRcJ.png]
Amidst the controversy of rumors circulating before the lips of Esshar, and despite the harrowing abnormalities that has happened around the area prior, Waystone Inn returns with a vengeance as another of its frequent events glide into flyers and hearsays of those in-tune to the draw of merriment and joy. A night of reverie, one which provokes the shroud of the night and pulls it forth as a vessel of entertainment and carouse. You know what they say, after all, the best way to shake off fearfulness is the bombasity of one's actions.
Ergo, a circulating announcement has been brought forth by the Proprietor of Waystone Inn herself. A festival which will be a host for the grandest party Esshar will be beholden to in the past decade. One where masks are required while inhibition is expected to be left right by the door. One that derives its name from an old forgotten child's tale, aimed to scare the children into discipline, now used as the appellation that will bring forth the joyous occasion:
[Image: 7s5mRMI.png]
“Before this occasion, let your minds wander.
Ignore your woes for a single night and let your problems fade as the alcohol slips in.
A night of joy, a night of merriment, a night where you don't have to be yourself.
For one night only, slip your mask on and be who you've always wanted to be.
Don't let their judgement sway you from what you truly are, hee-hee!”
A night to unwind, an eve to cease facades, and a time to show the world who you truly are. The entirety of Esshar is invited to this and it is expected that guests will be at their utmost behavior. Bring your own masks, your own facades, for in this party, no one will know your true selves. Titles, achievements, rancor, all will be shed from you for as long as you revel in this party. No basis to judge, no ideals to expect, only the words you carry will hold sway.
Oh, won't you join us? Or will you forever cower from the influences of the night?
[Image: pwuji3f.png]
This World Event will occur at the general area of Waystone Inn on October 29, Friday at 6:30PM EST.

OOC Party Guidelines:
  • Attendees are expected to arrive in masks and must wear them until the end of the festivities. 
  • Those in masks (regardless of if it's a mechanical disguise or not) cannot be identified during this event (even if you can find out by right clicking their character).
  • Meta-ing who's who during this event will result in you getting the boot from participating. We're here to have fun!
  • Don't start a ruckus. There will be better times for it. You'll have something else to do this time around (-:

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  Momentum in the World: A Discussion
Posted by: Theori - 9 hours ago - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (4)


So, as everyone keeping up with things knows, a big part of my personal statement of intent as Headmin is to above all do my best to ensure things are interesting and engaging in the world of Esshar. The State of Aegis posts and the plot hooks and public events that spawn from that are an example of this intent, as is - perhaps surprisingly to some - being able to craft dev items. Its my honest belief that crafting dev items in stages with tangible results like dev items you can see in your inventory you can then put into an item gives a better feel of progressing in item creation (and with them experiencing a pretty quick turnover in the requests and being lower-effort than massive item apps, I think that's working - if you've made one and agree/disagree, let us know!). Ultimately all of this comes down to one thing, and I think its probably the most important thing in this game.


Momentum is the key part of any story, from the wider faction v faction conflicts of war and blood and death to smaller, interpersonal tales of a handful of characters dealing with a complicated family. When people feel like they're achieving things, and getting closer to their goals, their interest is naturally higher. When they don't, it decreases. The awkward point, then, is when that momentum disappears, its hard to get it going again. And if there isn't a focus on keeping it going, it stalls.

So, the purpose of this thread is to offer some potential solutions, and get those inclined to respond's thoughts on the matter. I'm going to stick, personally, with two suggestions. Note that while improving journal response times are a valid suggestion for strengthening momentum and is something the team is trying to plan methods to make it easier, thats not the scope of this particular thread. Plus, I think everyone's a bit tired of talking about that.

Suggestion One: World Arcs
So, this is already kind of going on. Positive reception to the Barsburg SoA has turned what was going to be a single public event into a chain, and then eventually to the very likely state of a world arc. Considering that was unplanned at the time, I'm quite happy to see it build up interest to the point that some people are inspired. That's great, the SoA's are supposed to offer hooks! In that line, expect some role apps to go up soon.

World Arcs are generally either player or admin driven; we've recently had a whole bunch of primarily player driven ones (Ebonblooded and Asphodel conflicts, etc) and we've had Admin driven ones in the past (the initial expeditions at the start of the timeskip and the Academy arc). From my position, I've come to think that a balance of the two is actually very important; the Academy arc, for example, was the springboard for the healthiest period of the game population wise and setting wise, with the generation of the Academy class and the immediate one following resulting in the end of the Achyon-Osrona war, the rise of the Docros as a significant threat, and the rise of Asphodel. That high seems to be slowing lately, as much as the Ebonblooded are up to interesting things, so the upcoming incursion of some rogue divisions with ideally help boost that (plus a relatively predictable thing in the future). Moving forward, I'd like that to be the norm; an arc kicks off a new wave of interest, follows its natural course, we enjoy the aftermath, and when things begin to simmer down we fire them up again. A little bit of admin direction, thus, kicks off some momentum, and the players can ride that wave as long as they want. 

Suggestion Two: Factional Goals
This is very much a theoretical thing for the moment. In the very early part of this era, each major faction had a goal; Osrona found Primordials to seek the appointment of an Archmagi, Achyon tried to get Project ADAM going, Moxtli was bringing spirits to their cause and the Fireblooded were hunting for Balmung. These goals offered consistent things to strive for on a larger scale than the interpersonal, and offered a mix of PVP and PVE elements so that all sides involved could have something that didn't rely on someone else losing. I like these, and ideally I'd like to bring them back. Furthermore, I'd like to coordinate with current leaders to figure out a few goals for each group, and make myself open for helping workshop ideas for smaller groups that want something to drive them. I think this would be good, as long as its a result of cooperation, not dictation. I'll likely be experimenting with this soon.

So these are the ideas. I'm asking for feedback, and your own thoughts. Disagreeing is fine, but lets keep it constructive, please!

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  Field Trip : Temple in the Sand
Posted by: Capriccio - Yesterday, 08:27 PM - Forum: Events - No Replies

[Image: lewis-monson-dessert-temple.jpg?1622696340]
Quote:"Why has this temple appeared so suddenly? How long was it hidden beneath the sands? Wait hold on these statues of a wingless dragon... could it be... well there is only one way to find out! Since there is no telling what I will find inside so it I should gather the best team I possibly can for this.


Hey would any of you kids like to go on a field trip?"
A strange earthquake has shifted the dessert sands revealing the ruins of an ancient temple adorned with the visage of a wingless dragon; at first it seemed there was no way to enter this place but when the sun is at it's highest strange mechanisms unlock allowing entrance until the sun sets. Knowing there is a limited amount of time until the sands reclaim the temple Anser Erebus seeks to discover it's secrets while she can. Seeing this as an exciting learning experience she intends to bring some academy students along with her assuming they'll find a day spent exploring an ancient untouched dragon temple more exciting than studying in the library.
Attendees: Anser Erebus, Klyne Althrothe (2 or 3 other Academy Students or Faculty)
Risk: LCOI to possibly HCOI if people are comfortable with it
Rewards: Primarily lore about the Divine Hautl but in an old dragon temple there is bound to be treasure right?
Tone: Dungeon-Delving, Indiana Jones, Puzzles and Traps
DM: Seeking!
Notes: Intended to be a fun thing for mostly young characters whose RPL might still be low</p>

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  The Hammer & Flask
Posted by: Mimickry - Yesterday, 02:06 PM - Forum: Guilds - Replies (1)

[Image: HF.png]
Word is gradually being spread of a start-up guild for Crafters.
Small, hand-drawn posters being strung up on various billboards across Esshar.

Quote:"Any Door Can Be Opened, If You Know How To Craft The Key."
- The Hammer & Flask Motto -

To join the guild itself, one must be a crafter, and consent to a few rules.
The first being, a ten-percent Guild Tax is put upon every sale, for the sake of keeping the guild going.
The second, is do not knowingly sell Cursed Wares to someone who doesn't know how to handle them! We're here to serve Esshar, not harm it!
Third, innovation, progress, and creativity: The guild is all about the advancement of both Alchemy and Artificing to their utter limits!
Fourth, the Guild Council's word comes from unanimous agreement. Breaking regulations and rules set forth by them, after a grace period of two months time (One OOC Day), will result in punishment or dismissal depending on the severity.
Fifth is neutrality: The guild is a neutral party that exists to serve any and all that are in need of their services for a price. However, those that show hostility, or ill intent towards the guild itself, are likely to be denied services, or at the very least, a temporary steep increase in price, for a slap on the wrist.
Finally, sixth, is to have fun with every work! Crafting is an Art, and should be enjoyed thoroughly! Let your imagination run wild, and produce wonders for the entire continent!
Joining the guild is fine and dandy... But what if you're not a crafter of any variety?
Glad you (didn't) ask!
Quote:To celebrate the founding of the Hammer and Flask guild, a special is currently being held with every purchase (per person)! Anything bought comes with a free raffle ticket. The winner MUST submit the announced winning raffle, and once it is, their prize is entirely up to them!

That's right! For this lovely little game we're providing alongside our regular wares, there's a chance to win a completely UNIQUE ITEM! Built by our finest artificers and alchemists to YOUR specifications (if deemed possible)!
Disclaimer: We claim no responsibility for the created unique item causing temporary and/or permanent harm to the owner. What you request is what you will receive, regardless of how dangerous it is in this instance.
We look forward to doing business, and working with you!

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  Sear attacks and charges
Posted by: Detective100 - Yesterday, 01:19 PM - Forum: Suggestions - No Replies

This has... Bothered me for a while now. Moves like Titan lance, sear and dour javelin having just small icons that show that they are being charged, if not at all.

I kept hearing the comment that "There is an icon, so it can be seen for you if you look out for it.", but I just don't see it, both figuratively and literally:

Figuratively, because the icon is generally just small green particles that pop in and out around the caster, that you need to be aware that it exists beforehand in order to keep an eye out for it.

Literally, because when the particles are above flashy auras with varying levels of glitter and dazzle? While they are running around in RPB, filled with other things you have to see and worry about in the midst of the chaos such as ground AoE, spells flung your way, or mentally trying to keep track of the opponent's used spells?
It becomes nigh impossible to spot.

Sure, I might be biased against sear-like moves. Yes, I hate meteor too, but that is the only sear move around that I can appreciate of having a decent sized charge icon I can easily spot in the chaos.

I already wear glasses. I would appreciate if I won't end up increasing my number by straining my eyes trying to spot dangling particles on the screen just to avoid the opponent coming at me to hit me with a point blank titan lance  Blush

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  Dusk Detective Agency
Posted by: Lynra - Yesterday, 12:39 PM - Forum: In Character - No Replies

[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: c16d957d30b88abdcea618ee84ff7934.jpg]

"There are files waiting to be decrypted...
Murders and mysterious things need to be revealed."

I'm Eichen Dusk, I'm Detective, I'm professional to my job and I'm going to open my own office soon.
If you have a job for me, you can send a letter and find me near The Docro Estate.
Our neutrality agreement continues until the work you have given is completed.

Research Service
Protection Service
Consultancy Service
Personal Training
Many services are provided.

"The neutrality agreement is to be out of the problems in the regions of the person with whom the contract is made. People's problems are not the responsibility of Dusk Detective Agency."

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