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  Freed Children of Clan Ilian Part Four(Vorso Edition)
Posted by: VibeEntertainment - 07-02-2022, 05:02 PM - Forum: Emporium - Replies (2)

[Image: SPfbYFk.png]
Your Parents
Bastina Vorso Dayndros

Windwalker(Time Flavored)+Chronos

Your Mother, Is the current High-Lady of Galamea.
Priestess of Clan Ilian, Current Leader of Clan Ilian
A Master of Chronomancy(Can help you learn it more if you'd like.)
A Master Swordswoman(Can also help you learn more in this regard.)
Will do all she can for you when able.(Very Active and can offer Rp more or less beneficial to your growth)
Loving and Caring. So expect when you're around her to be hugged and beat up. Whichever she feels is appropriate at the time.(Consider it a training arc.)

Windwalker(Light Flavored)

Your Father, Is a current Radiant of the Order.
A Rhoynur through and through.
A Master Swordsman and great teacher.(Can help you if he's not lazy.)
Homeless Deadbeat
[Image: clanilian.png]
The very ideals of Clan Ilian, and Rhoynur alike are something of an essential part of life that are followed.

To be Free.

(Two Dayndros's)
Two of you were adopted and brought in from a young age. Slowly but surely learning the teachings of Clan Ilian and The Primordial Njorun. The ways of being a Rhoynur and your culture. Alongside this, you'll be given Silver Armbands. Earning Gold ones... is expected though... up to you to pursue them. You'll be given the surname Dayndros. Taught by your adoptive Mother(Me) all there is to know and on occasion your Uncle Barrett the Lorespeaker. You would be well educated in that regard.
[It is noted that, you should have a 200rpl rebirth for this... or if the admins allow you can request a race change to Rhoynish/Rhoynur on spawn since you're adopted.]

Your life is something you were freely able to do with as you please. Should you however seek to further it down the path of the Clans and Galamea's future. Only Time, would tell where you end up. If you prove yourself worthy enough. You could probably lead the Clan someday. Who knows?

(Two Vorso's)
Now, the other two of you would be raised and taught openly. Meaning, you know about Demons, Witches and all other forms of life in this known world. To treat it all equally and show no prejudice unless something gives you reason to otherwise. Of course. That said, you're also blessed by Zethariel, The Fallen Angel and Patron of the Vorso bloodline. The blood that flows through your very veins empowers you with an enhanced use of Shadow Magic(Fluff). That said, you'll know all of the Vorso's and have a good family background and support. Kind, Caring and most importantly... well, possibly... being spoiled. We'll see.

For the reason of keeping you safe however, you were kept closely in the loving arms of your mother's grandmother on the Vorso side. She would more or less literally love you with all her heart and whatever is left of her soul. That said, you have a pretty nice background. Open mind and a unique style to yourself.
(Shadow Magic isn't mandatory... but, it is HIGHLY encouraged.)
You will be Human(Fluff Half[Fake]-Rhoynur. If allowed you can POSSIBLY get gold eyes.)
These two spawn in 1939 but applications will be open.

All first names can be your own. Be unique. Be yourself and have fun. Of course. (Also, you can... have a middle name going by D. Vorso but Vorso needs to the visible one)
All kids will have Black Hair
Gold Eyes realistically... should be something to note as well for the adopted. (However... maybe you could be special and have a different color. As I said, be unique.)
You may be passed down Uniques in some way by someone. This may vary.

As stated above, there are four slots. So, here is the Application! and... I hope to see some good ones!
Contact me at VibeEntertainment#3428 if you have any questions. Please and Thank you, Hope to see you soon.

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  Tales from the Forgotten
Posted by: HarrowedGaze - 07-02-2022, 03:49 PM - Forum: Events - Replies (1)

[Image: 2303226-bigthumbnail.jpg]

The secrets of spiritmancy within Esshar are far and in between, far too few masters of the art, but deep within the ruins of an ancient library a young aspiring spiritmancer has pinpointed documents and relics to guide her in the process. Where the material plane seems to thin and where spirits are a plenty, Keres sets out to find the truths to the abilities she seeks. 

To see and control the spirits of the dead.

Gathering a few select individuals, they delve into the long lost haunted library with hopes of success.

Attendees: Keres Bellona and three additional attendees
Risk: CoD
Themes: Haunted, spirits, spooky vibes, suspense
Reward: Spiritmancy dev / items for the other attendees
DM: Seeking
Contact: HarrowedGaze#9789

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  The new Hecates.
Posted by: B0b_J3ffers0n - 07-02-2022, 10:35 AM - Forum: Emporium - Replies (1)

Your Mother.

Beatrix Hecate.

[Image: unknown.png]
Shadow/Illusion/Crystal [Ruby Bloodstones]

- Director of Internal Affairs and Security within Promethia.
- Vanir heritage.
- Partially Shengeese.
- Highly
- Might be a witch? Who knows?
- Based and sociopath pilled.
- Will love you more than anyone else.
- Might have dev items for witchcraft for you. Maybe. We'll see.
- Might have a unique ready for you, if you prove you're worth giving it to.
- BASED Profile Maker.

Your Father.

Theoden Hecate.

[Image: c9b112e6c8d939d42cfa341ffb2c92cc-preview-rev-1.png]

- GIGACHAD Dual Crafter.
- A Teraphim.
- Weaver worshipper.
- Will also love you more than anyone else. Except your Mother. Totally not biased.
- Can make you uniques, if you give him the materials.
- Slightly less of a Sociopath.


- Will be raised with knowledge on most things. Both Occultic, and none Occultic.
- Will be raised around undead, Demons, Monsters, you name it.
- Will be repeatedly warned not to interact with holy magic users. For your own safety.
- Will be knowledgeable about your heritage. Both Shengeese aspects, and Vanir.
- Are Human with either white hair, or black hair.

There will be two children. One will be made in 1937 [The Eldest Daughter], the other will be made in 1942. [The Youngest Son.]

What we're looking for:

- Someone whom is active.
- Not an alt.
- Someone whom knows how to play an antagonistic character.
- Someone whom at least somewhat knows how to verb.

[Contact Lilin's Architect#1521 if you're interested.]

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  Sinking into the Dunes [ Promethea vs Galamea, second part ]
Posted by: Didos - 06-29-2022, 08:39 PM - Forum: Public Events - Replies (1)

[Image: tuxpi.com.1656534484.jpg?width=757&height=473]
With the conclusion of the last battle, it was possible for the forces of the east to build the siege weapons before the gates of Galemea.. And now, the horde gathered once more to bring the clash to a conclusion and finally..
Send that city back to the sands from where it came.
Among the beings that gathered there were many demons, humans and undead alike, spiders and other monsters.. All being guided forward by their respective leaders and in front of them, came the Demon Lord..
His march was marked with the fall of thunder across the dunes, the war drums of the Herald of the War.
[Image: tuxpi.com.1656534593.jpg?width=866&height=473]
"The hunt.. Is not over yet."

Date: Sunday, 6 PM est

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  A Cruel Prank
Posted by: Nofaith - 06-29-2022, 06:55 PM - Forum: In Character - Replies (2)

[Image: house-toilet-paper-te-main-200701.jpg]

Residents of the Astor Manor would awaken one night to a disturbing scene. Toilet paper reportedly observed covering and wrapping parts of the mansion! It has been ruined by the arrangement of toilet paper being wrapped upon it, from the three distinct roofs on the structure to the trees flanking it. The most visible window, the front one, has been shattered by a brick! According to rumors, a cloaked boy wearing a cap and what looks to be scarlet tresses fled the scene shortly after perpetrating this heinous prank together with a sandy-haired youngster dressed in a shabby suit.

A piece of paper with the following words written in VERY poor handwriting remains taped to the side of the building.:

Quote:"That's right, the bad guys are here! I hope you enjoy the artistic touch we've given this lousy mansion, you dumb Astor. This is in retaliation for what you did to our beloved Don, and it will not end here. Believe me, I'm going to beat up all of your knights and squires!"

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  Trade Offer: The Good Ol' Collection of Rare Items
Posted by: Raihex - 06-28-2022, 02:30 PM - Forum: In Character - No Replies

[Image: thehottestduelist.png]
Quote:Do you have any items that are rare, potential weapon of massive destruction ingredients, or have found yourself in possession of one of those items that could be used to make something greater? Are you perhaps looking to get rid of an item that incriminates you?

Are you looking for coin in exchange for such items?

Well look no further!

I am offering coins based on my interest for buying your archaic rare items, starting at 10'000c and increasing the price based on my interests. Should you accept, the item is mine - and the coin is yours...!

Send a screenshot of any dev materials you're looking to get rid of to Raihex#3650 on Discord, and you will be met with an offer for my buying it.

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  Starcrossed Legacy - Vartuul x Vanreth
Posted by: SomeSnitch - 06-28-2022, 03:02 AM - Forum: Emporium - No Replies

[Image: qsWcrXAQCkK0VF4reKm2tAOJM6gIEx6UbbNA-YqB...r5VQpb5mfQ][Image: gLOYsG-Am9Bc7laXDh5q0MSe3Igbo6F53TEbR-Qd...GMneyXri3g]
[Image: rVkzZ3IZEUHjxFr91BI5J1WnL4Hop95plAa-d4hc...vcE7SI_zHw]
Shadow / Illusion/ Explosion 
Assassin's Shroud

Quote:Your father, a kind if troubled man, whose undying love for family outweighed any legacies or duties beholden. Descended from the Vanreth name, a line of cursed individuals such as witches and lichs, and unusually Aquila evaded that fate. From a start, he and your mother ensured that you were cared for and put above all else. Showering you all with gifts or grand tales from the past, along with frequent excursions to visit your-... peculiar grandparents, with some others he’s learned to call family over the years, there wasn’t any shortage of love.
Raised betwixt several homes due to personal struggles, it didn’t leave much room to attach to any particular nation nor belief. Your father had a bad tendency of suppressing or concealing his personal brand of belief, to encourage you all to adhere to your own destined path. 
Occasionally, there might be an air of dread in his presence, along with ominous disembodied voices. Fortunately, your mother ensured that none of you were around the troubled man during these brief episodes.
There were assurances that in due time, you’d learn further about your lineage and the dreaded curse.

[Image: u58Xi7Qf6GmH4M_0VTvEg3ZEoX_kuJRJ5RAbSgoe...A3_Y8q0GVw]
[Image: SbJJc9uHZmZ51eFSOftqiuj09Tmwb8ka8wCCJSoR...7CLijfvt7g]
Lion Fire Barrage

Quote:Your mother, a determined woman with a heart large enough for all of her children and her ideals. Descendant of the Vartuul family, a line of stalwart Dragonlords and Denmothers/fathers that caused the coat to thrive for generation, and aside from you all, essentially the last of her lineage. A fact that she openly laments.

As caring and loving as your father, they’d both do their damndest to ensure that you’re all spoiled and educated. With your mother, especially involving the draconic Divine whom she openly and devoutly worships, in contrast to the Naysien worship that has dominated the family for two generations, Naught a word was spoken of the black dragon. Fiercely ambitious, and dedicated to restoring the familial name and legacy. Free as you are to follow your paths, it is undoubtable that she’d encourage this.

Fiery, and her magical affinities  are clearly evident as such. Wielding flame tinged with occult, to a devastating effect. Something that she might be willing to pass down unto you, along with a reputation as an extremely skilled artificer with Vartuul relics in her possession to pass on, if worthy. Her love is only matched by her yearning to see the Vartuul name reignite.

Crucial Information

⇝ There will be will be three slots maximum and will spawn in 1927 AC

⇝ You shall be the continuation of the Vartuul and Vanreth Legacies, and expectations are to have at-least One Vanreth and One Vartuul.

⇝ Sparse family on the Vartuul-side of the lineage due to personal tragedies and vanishing altogether., but plentiful family on the Vanreth-side. Doting witch-grandmother and void-lover Grandfather who likes to go out for cigarettes. Plus uncles and aunts you haven't met.

⇝ Your father's hair is scarlet and your mother's hair is stark-white. You may choose betwixt those colors, or even Vanreth green if you want to feel special. (Great-great-great-grandfather encourages this.)

⇝ Similarly, your father's eye color is steel-blue while your mother's is a vibrant fuschia. If you get cursed with the Gardios starry-eyes? Good luck.

⇝ You're eventually destined to be visited or I.E menaced by the lich that originated the Vanreth line - Your father highly recommends that you avoid hugging him.

⇝  The Vartuul heritages implies a strong connection to dragons and thus would be raised to revere them, especially the Divine. Which your mother would be happy to teach you about with your father vaguely encouraging you in the background.

⇝ Your mother is an extremely-skilled artificer and would happily make you unique items down the lines in addition to possibly passing down some in from the lineage.

⇝ Healthy and happy family dynamic, a rarity in Esshar.

⇝ Realistically, you've been raised between the Mountains, then Novus, then in hiding for the last stretch of your life. Particularly sheltered existence.

⇝ You will be encouraged to follow your own path in life, to evade the fates that nearly brought your parents into conflict. There won't be much pressure, but definitely some nudging - I.E. Divine Worship and the Vartuul Legacy.

⇝DM either Egomaniac#4774 or Starsong#4778

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  Ransom And Bidding: Quintas
Posted by: Mimickry - 06-27-2022, 11:30 PM - Forum: In Character - Replies (2)

[Image: 7bc321c8e7f75717505ab67055c0c5f3.png]

"Never thought it'd happen this quickly... Oh well."

Posters soon find themselves strewn across Esshar's walls. Taverns, buildings, inns, and even those simply meant to protect the cities!
However, despite the seemingly random inclusion? A proverbial arrow was shot at a particular audience...

Each poster held the visage of a boy that seemed to be within their teen years, with a complexion that seemed almost illustrated to be stereotypical of that of a farm hand! And just below such a drawing, would be the information accompanying this display
When questioned, those putting up said posters, declared that they had received payment to do so, by none other than a new generation of Docros!


Quit poking your noses where you know they don't belong. We have your squire. A shame, that they'll soon be meeting an untimely end.

Unless, of course, your precious shimmering city can pay the price for your Squire's incompetence.

What, after all, is some coin, in exchange for saving a life?

The starting bid shall be 5,000 Coins.

[Image: a49eeab2c3b97873c565b537ed3fb48a.png]

"May The Highest Bidder Win."
((Bids can either be sent through letters to Emil pyr Docro, this thread, or to Mimic#6062 on Discord!))

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  Scene Narrations
Posted by: StarMann - 06-27-2022, 03:25 PM - Forum: Public Events - Replies (1)

How's it poppin peeps it's your boy Rob. Considering I'm only available to run events 2 days a week thanks to work I've decided to start offering another service to help reduce the reliance on events for character moments/item creation. Upon request I can narrate over your dev/crafting/weirdo scenes (preferably 2+ people) so that you can get an interaction that feels much less like forcing dev and in the case of crafting scenes, maybe even skipping out on apping for low level dev items.

My availability will still be somewhat limited so as the great Mim once said: "thers no luck, ppl that get events done do it thru nepotism or baiting rob with concepts". So message me on discord at StarMan#0001. I will endeavour to get most of the requests done but also remember that I also have a character of my own to play at times. With that in mind know that I have tried to be as impartial as possible when DMing for the past 6 years but some people may still feel like there might be bias and if so I ask you to fill out a review/complaint on my DM thread.

I'll be starting these from tomorrow (28th June) so until then feel free to send in your requests. I fully expect to get flooded so please be patient with respect to responses. If anyone even jokingly sends in an ERP request I am going to first publicly expose you and then hunt you for sport.

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