Sailor RyuThe Continent of Sheng: Geographical information
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The Continent of Sheng rests to the far eastern corner of Eternia; a grand landmass surrounded by many smaller islands and archipelagos.
A region of the world split into several differing nations, though ultimately formed under one imperial banner, once governed by the Emperor; and now the Elected.
Sheng is known almost universally as being particularly peaceful, even for its size. With the Empire's main focuses being on mandatory education, quality of life of its citizens, and a great level of study and civil rights. 

Capital: Quanzhou
The imperial seat of power, and home of the Elected. This particular nation saw the rise of the Emperor, as his seat of power.
Known for its high quality of life, grand libraries and scholarly circles, and utter devotion to the Emperor's teachings.
Of all the nations within Sheng, Jianghu is seen to have the highest quality of life, bordering on being utterly utopian.
Though, that is not to say much like any nation, it does not host a darker underbelly. 


Capital: Sakuraishi
An island nation to the Eastern side of Jianghu proper.
Governed by the Kogyoku Dynasty, and several smaller clans.
This island is famed for its steel, and producing the legendary samurai; some seen as Sheng's greatest swordsmen.
Honor flows through the blood of Izhurans; a nation ultimately committed to the preservation of their imperial right.
In more recent times, Izhura has pushed to the south, occupying several more islands off its mainland, for the sake of industry.


Capital: Nagvara

A fractured nation state bordering the deadlands of Diyu;
Nestled amidst volcanic rocks and unforgiving sands, this particular nation is known for having the lowest quality of life within Sheng.
A nation rife with slums, crime, and famines. Those of Xuantong often find themselves competing, and ultimately outclassed by Herizu for sustainable fishing trade.
Some would claim that Xuantong was the forgotten nation of Sheng; the place where those unwanted by the Empire end up. In some cases, such as that of the Hollowed Dynasty, they may well not be wrong. Though, there are those among its populace who would still stand proud by their people, for surviving such a hard living is a testament to their strength as people, and as a nation.


Capital: Khara Koto
Once the home of nomadic horseback archers, Yurhira saw great reform after the war of a million.
Now, many of the small tribes have banded together into larger cities and towns, producing some of Sheng's finest archers and cavalry.
Nowadays, the nomadic nature of most of its people are lost, yet there are still some roaming bands & tribes of nomadic bandits stalking its great plains.
Those of Yurhiran heritage typically boast pale skin, and red hair.


Capital: Haneul
Bordering the south-eastern region of the continent;
Those of Herizu are known to be the tallest of Sheng's residents. With dark skin, and often pale blue, or green eyes.
The nation itself is famed for its sailors, its illustrious fishing industry, and its goldwood forests; known to produce wood that makes for exceptional bows.
Those of Herizu live and die by the sea; a critical part of their life. Their main source of food, and their freedom.

The Blue Isles

Capital: Hyeyong

A stopping point between Sheng proper, and the outerlands nation of Xuantong, nestled to the southwest of the Uiwang bay;
The Blue Isles are no strangers to conflict & strife, having played a critical role within the war of a million.
It was during this conflict with the Hollowed Dynasty temporarily stained the island's brilliant blue stones black.
Nowadays, the Blue Isles are still haunted by massive spiritual activity; from Yokai, to Nethradin. A nation never quite recovered from the scars of war.
Some of Sheng's greatest spiritual experts often hail from the Blue Isles, as dealing with spirits and the chaos they can bring is part of everyday life.
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