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Lucas, Chaska, and Lucas's squire Marek look out on one potential site of the Star's Shelter Orphanage.

Name of Establishment: Star's Shelter Orphanage

Payment: 60,000 coins

Building Purpose: To serve as an orphanage ICly, providing housing and an RP opportunity for characters under 18 who have no family or connections in Esshar. Also to serve as a location for Holy Magic, Cosmic Magic, and Medic training (as well as IC job training such as artificing, alchemy, and cooking) for youths within the safety of Osrona.

After a highly successful charity auction, graciously hosted by the Blue Unicorn, the Alder family seeks to put down roots in the city in order to help others put down roots of their own.

Area Description: Constructed in [Year] by Lucas and Chaska Alder, with generous donations from the Osronan community, this stately house in the Sunken Quarter north of Messaris was built to be a home for Esshar's wayward youths.

Kept in trust by the hedge knight and his students, Star's Shelter is a beacon of hope for those growing up in uncertain times.

Characters Involved: Lucas and Chaska Alder (proprietors), Marek, the Blue Unicorn (Alistair and Orain Pelleaux), Rhesus de Laurentis, and many other generous donors.

Map Progress / Plans: Not mapped yet, and looking for a mapper! I could also try to do it myself if it's approved but don't know much about how to do that.

I'm hoping to have this building inside the city walls of Osrona, either in the Messaris area or elsewhere someone can find or make a place for it. The IC justification for the location shown above is that it's land that was cracked by magic during one of the times Osrona was sacked, and it could be raised back from the sea with magic as well.

I'm interested in a 2 story building with an architectural style similar to the buildings in Osrona.

A shape I'd like for the internal area is similar to the northwestern homes in Osrona, in the long row-house. I can provide screenshots of the home Lucas rents as an example. That floorplan is absolutely ideal, with the following changes:
  • The apartment on the left side should be independently rented, and possibly be slightly larger to accommodate a permanent tutor and their spouse, if they have one.
  • There should be a staircase up to a second level, where some independently rented dorms will be for the orphans to live.
I would like to have 2 outside farms if possible. One at the standard Messaris farmhouse size for the owner of the main apartment, and a smaller one on the opposite side of the house for the tutor/caretaker. It would also be nice to have a small scenic area with a bench and a pond or some other nice place for people to chill out.

Ultimately it's up to the mapper how you wanna do the exterior. My main desire is to get some beautiful countryside surroundings and a relatively safe place for newbies to live and make friends.

If you're interested in mapping this project or RBing to start here as an orphan, DM me on discord.
To help out IC, seek out Lucas or Chaska.
Discord ID: Sandshark#9871
^approved, 60k
(02-02-2021, 04:53 PM)Arogonus Wrote:

approved, expansion of the quarry tower + farmland, 30k
Name of Establishment: Fort Umbra

Building Purpose: Its main purpose is to bring trade between Shadowmire and Esshar, located inbetween the Dreadwoods and the shore directly across from Shadowmire. Despite its outward appearance it's actually warm and welcoming, offering warm food, beverages, and a place to rest for weary travelers. 

Area DescriptionA stronghold that also serves as a tavern. It's located far away from the cities of Esshar, giving it independence and allowing trade with Shadowmire that would normally be impossible. Outside of the stronghold there are market stands for weapons, armor, potions, and materials, making it a perfect place for both travelers and Shadowmire to trade. Because of its dangerous location it requires protection from a guild, a newly formed guild of adventurers called Dark Cerberus which serves its purpose as its protectors.

Characters Involved: Tia Dorcha, Dark Cerberus, and Shadowmire

Map Progress / Plans: (Rough idea) We will try our best to make it compact as possible so the location of things isn't really set in stone. The main entrance will be a hallway leading to a tavern straight ahead, which will have rooms for rent either upstairs or on both sides of it. In the entrance there will be an upstairs as well and a meeting room. Left or right of the entrance hall (Or upstairs) will be an area for crafting materials, and a magic garden (or outside farm) that helps with food provisions as well as alchemy. Outside there will also be small market stands owned by stronghold, possibly even some open to any who wish to rent a spot.

(Definitely not this big, but you get the idea that it's a stronghold)
[Image: fac285b438366f548c133ab1a5f9bb54.jpg]

(Up against the mountain for possibly more room.)
[Image: Cxe9lgBaQ0y66svhUF5ojg.png?width=400&height=266]
^approved as a small castle-like tavern with surrounding farm land + decor, 40k. shadowmire aligned
[Image: 72235f0faa04aeb7020c076807514acd.png]
Name of Establishment: Deep One's Reef

Building Purpose: With recent events, the fact that ic has moved and well, we are getting new people, slowly but surely. I figured it was time to at least update and expand the reef further out so we have more housing for our peeps and a reason to actually...stand around it, giving it more life and a fresh of breath air.

Area Description: Spanning southwards from the Reef would be a dockyard created from requisitioned lumber from the nearby forest and wrecked ships alike. There will be a spot for the Pauper’s Bride to refuel and repair alongside a spot for another ship. Among either the north shores or the northern stretch of the docks there will be a few houses for the crew to own along side pillars rising up partly from the sea. It'll be used for something interesting that's in the works! #Deepone'scoming

Characters Involved: The Deep Company. Mori Reave, Maertock Reave, Blight Reave, Coccxy Mori, Ilias Aertas, Krila, Apollo, and a few more  Heart

Map Progress / Plans: No clue but i can find someone to map it if need be! However the bigger plan is to expand the reef to further progress to the idea i have and i'm willing to discuss as well! Cause sitting at a tavern with a single ship without rooms? Is vastly depressing...i'm trying send help
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