ChancePatch Notes
Meranthe 1.2 - Full Content Ahead
Patch notes will primarily serve to summarize the highlights of changes and additions, but everything is noted informally in the #game-changelog channel. Now we're looking to continue adding content, including some vanity coin sinks & sailboats as the next big feature with cows/barns out of the way. Our artist is also working on the spell art for upcoming additions, which you can see in #teasers! Work on the custom prop menu (including private props) is also nearly ready to go live.

[Image: 8ryMtsz.png]

➤ ADDITION: Adds bait items (caterpillar, worm, etc) that can be dug up with a shovel. Drag and drop bait onto your rod to use. Increases High Quality chance when fishing.

➤ ADDITION: Fourteen new hair sprites.

➤ ADDITION: Advection added as a Mist Intermediate spell. The caster turns to mist, granting invulnerability while zipping towards their target in a dash attack.

➤ ADDITION: Removes Time Slow and replaces it with Time Jammer, a Basic Time Spell. Five magical circles form idle but flash if the enemy comes into contact with them, slowing time and dealing heavy damage.

➤ ADDITION: Sirenia is now an available race & the Swim spell has been added as a racial for them. It lets the character travel the water without a boat.

➤ ADDITION: A Life Skill Respec potion has been added as an Alchemy recipe. It lets the character switch their lifeskill specialization.

➤ ADDITION: Cows & barns added. You can milk cows once they've matured, which is a key ingredient for various food recipes. This addition also refactored the chicken coop system and fixed various issues.

➤ FIX: Blood Vapor Beam & Venomous Vortex were not aligned correctly.

[Image: HyG4f26.gif]
Meranthe 1.3 - Mostly Maintenance
These patch notes are an "in between" as we continue to prep the Big Update, noting recent key additions, changes, and fixes.

[Image: 8ryMtsz.png]

➤ ADDITIONAdds various Halloween Themed Pets (bat, crow, black cat, spider) that will pick up nearby items for you. Obtainable via the Mystery Crate.

➤ ADDITIONAdds World EXP Booster. Activating this expends the item and increases Global EXP by 20% for three hours in a server announcement. The # of hours can be stacked, the EXP % cannot. Obtainable via the Mystery Crate.

➤ ADDITIONAdds an item, Bag Booster, that increases your inventory space by a row. It can only be used once. Obtainable via the Mystery Crate.

➤ ADDITIONAdds a Customizable Torch that you can change light color of on ctrl right-click.

➤ ADDITION Added some hats. Credit to Dandeli

➤ ADDITION: You can now find seaweed on the ocean surface or at beach shores.

➤ ADDITION: The requirement for a second Mastery Point at Level 210 was lowered from 10 dangerous+ battles to 5.

ADDITION: Gentle Fist (Stance) added to the Unarmed Tree, a cleanse/debuff immunity active for 6s.

➤ ADDITION: Siren, Faeborne, and Giant are available as public races with no rebirth cost. Please read the relevant lore if creating as a unique race, and nation loyalty is expected.

➤ ADDITION: Adds cheese, produced via milk (accessed with cows). Used in recipes like pizza. 

➤ ADDITION: The amount of cooking EXP a recipe gives is now displayed in the description.

➤ FIX: Sending letters could reveal the true name if disguised.

➤ FIX: Constructed buildings weren't displaying in /properties, only mapped ones were.

➤ FIX: Maintenance cost wasn't always ticking down on constructed buildings.
Meranthe 1.4
Got a little carried away over the past few months. Back to regularly scheduled updates going forward.

[Image: 8ryMtsz.png]

A step up from the rowboat! This is a large, moving home, that can carry multiple passengers at once. You can add 'helpers' to it in the form of co-pilots as well, who are granted cabin rights (chest access / decorations like any other building). 

[Image: cmL9sau.gif]

Much like sailboats in the 'movable home' sense, except encampments are stationary, large tents that must be disassembled to place elsewhere!

[Image: tent12-gif.gif]

New and improved movement for fireflies, as well as the addition of beetles, dragonflies, bees, and birds!

[Image: Bv79Zrd.gif]
Look at them go!

Introducing a public Spell Tree that comes with a number of new summons depending on your affinity, as well as supporting spells! All of this is public, though adding custom summons is quite easy for us to do for events and signatures.

Quote:➤Summon HP is 50% of yours. All damage dealt counts as coming from you. On death, summons deal 1/5th of your max HP in damage to you.

➤Power Return - Deal damage to your summon, restore HP and MP. GCDE, 15 second cooldown. Gives +1500 HP, +25 mana, stuns summon for 5 seconds and deals 1500 damage to it.

➤Link Transposition - Instantly swaps places with your summon, and drop an AOE both on yourself and your summon. 

➤Intermed: Spirit Meld - 60 second CD. Invuln; Phase out, and pilot your summon for 10 seconds who takes delayed damage. Reappear where your summon is when the spell ends, summon takes damage after. Your summon's damage is DOUBLED while this is active.

[Image: mOhdLSi.gif]
Go Aquarius!
One thing that was missing from the Meranthe experience was the potential to be accosted by an ogre in the middle of nowhere. This system is similar to the traditional demons with the evolutionary aspect, but modernized for some extra depth.

Quote:Demon Evolution: At certain Level milestones, the Demon may use the 'Evolve' spell to select their next form, able to be used whenever the threshold is reached. This will often involve a multi-choice selection. They gain increased stats in the form of passives, and may even unlock new spells.

Demons have a 10 Spell Point discount on the Occult opener. At Kaor+, they gain the ability Teach Occult.
Stat Passive: The race cannot equip gear. They instead have a passive to make up this difference.
Growth Through Adversity: Demons get triple the EXP from Dangerous+ encounters.

Additionally, at Kaor level, a Demon may Spawn a Cambion. Throughout history the Demon race has created their own accursed servants, and these red-skinned, horned acolytes are quite the same, coming equipped with their own custom spell tree. This ability may only be used by a Kaor once every ten years, though bloodlines of Cambion can develop.

Growth Through Adversity: Triple EXP from Dangerous+ encounters. -10 spendable discount on Occult Magic.
Black Claw: Several quick slashes of scorching occult.
Demonic Nature: A cast buff that trades your DR for AP for 10s (reducing the former to 0 during).
Evolve: As you evolve you gain a new form and additional stats, cannot equip gear.
Make Cambion: At kaor+ (lvl 210+) you can impart your flesh and a shard of the black soul to transform a willing subject once every 15 years, cursing their bloodline as Cambions, part-demon. Often red-skinned with horns (but varies). Gains their own demonic racials - almost like a corrupted variant of the Nephilim theme-wise, representing demons rather than the pantheon. 
Teach Occult: At kaor a demon may also spread Occultic magic to willing acolytes, binding them in service. The Occult is said to originate with demonkind, and humans learned the depraved arts from them.

[Image: image.png]
The evolutionary stages.


- Sound Burst cooldown lowered by 2s (12s -> 10s)
- Ring of Malice is now a Basic. Cooldown lowered from 40s to 30s, range lowered from 25 to 15.
- Water Whip is now an Intermediate.
+ Glacial Lance (Basic)
+ Iceberg (Intermediate
+ Ice Age (Signature)
+ Sword of Heaven (Master)
- Sand Avalanche cooldown lowered to 35s from 40s
+ Desert Bomb (Intermediate)
- Crystal Wall cooldown lowered from 33s to 30s
- Formation of Crystals cooldown increased from 60s to 65s
+ Magma Fist (Intermediate)
- Inferno range increased, confusion time increased
+ Lifebomb (Intermediate)
+ Ghastly Imps (Intermediate)
- Smog cooldown increased to 40s from 35s
- Infection cooldown decreased to 18s from 24s
+ Scarlet Circle (Basic)
+ Blood Sacrifice (Intermediate)
+ Gravity Well (Basic)
+ Photon Ray (Basic)
+ Lightspeed Kick (Basic)
+ Prism Scattershot (Signature)
+ Quickdraw (Intermediate)
+ Precision Slash (Master)
- Axe Kick cooldown reduced from 16s to 9s
- Weighted Punch given GCDE
- Flying Kick damage increased from 14 to 15.5

[Image: wind1full.gif][Image: wind2full.gif][Image: blood_magic.gif][Image: blood_tile.gif][Image: blood_circle.gif][Image: plague_landv2.gif][Image: light_star.gif][Image: ice_aoe.gif][Image: ice_trident.gif]
[Image: JgF1L37.gif]

Of the many improvements to custom props includes realtime editing, the private prop category, and better tools for staff to maintain the database! (expect a BIG prop clean up and reorganizing as soon as this is live)

To give the various ancestries of the Nephilim more of an identity, the race now has mechanics for six sub-branches. Each comes with a passive effect and an associated look, from the nebula stars of Gala to the jagged skeletal wings of Mortyl, or the crown of Enarr's authority and the soft rainbow feathers of Mestra.

Quote:Unlocked at Level 210. Passives.

Enarr - Crown of Authority
Descendants of the god-king may manifest the crown of authority to amplify their leadership. All spell casts have a chance to root the target briefly in binding, golden chains.

Gala - Veil of Stars
Purple stars shimmer around Gala's descendants when they're in combat, following them in movement, raising their Cooldown Reduction while the Nebula Stars are active.

Mortyl - Wings of Death
Descending from the union of Caius and Mortyl, the Primal of Death, the Nephilim undergo a painful transformation as they leave adolescence, where wings of jagged bone and ivory horns emerge from the flesh. Chance to deal a brief Curse to the target each spell cast.

Pylae - Wings of Hope
Of Pylae, the Primal of Hope, mature Nephilim will fly proudly on golden wings. Chance to be granted Hope on spell cast, a buff that appears in two-wings guarding the Nephilim. 

Mestra - Wings of Song
Shimmering, multi-colored wings of creativity bloom under Mestra. Chance to be granted Song on spells, a colorful, music-like AoE following their movements.

Chireus - Wings of Travel
Soft white wings accented by strikes of color, silver like the winds they flow on. Chance for a speed up every spell cast that has the player shift colors randomly.

[Image: image.png]
Some of the Nephilim passive aesthetic!

Various misc Changes & Additions
➤ You can learn the Occult via a Book of Shadows (Witchcraft) for a small Essence cost.
➤ You can learn Holy Magic as a Priest. You can also teach Holy Magic as a priest for a small Faith cost.
➤ Prayer now gives 3 Faith and costs 1000 Energy instead of 500. 
➤ Minimum starting age lowered from 13 to 11. The -10% Age DR expires at 16+ rather than 18+.

[Image: c3g6t7j.gif]  [Image: oROs1u2.gif]
Meranthe 1.45
Mostly maintenance! Documenting the notable recent changes before the 1.5 release.

[Image: 8ryMtsz.png]

ADDITION: A /movechest command within properties to summon your chest(s) to you if needed.
➤ ADDITION: Animates all beastkin ears and tails. Credit to Sionnach for the comm! 
➤ ADDITION: Some ballroom dresses. Credit to tyler for the comm!
➤ ADDITION: Adds Sanguine Overdrive, Bloodthirst, and Vicious Strike as Blood Signatures.
➤ ADDITION: A weekly 'Demon Hunter' quest for the Hunter NPC.

CHANGE: Animate Mandrake changed from Intermediate to Basic, Nature's Command changed from Basic to Intermediate.
➤ CHANGE: Lightspeed Kick changed from Basic to Intermediate.
➤ CHANGE: Reduces the length of knockdown time from 3 minutes to 15 seconds, and monster temporary injuries should properly apply now.
➤ CHANGE: Familiar HP via the Summoning tree increased from 50% to 100% of the caster's.
➤ CHANGE: The speed of Summons is doubled when controlling them via Spirit Meld.
➤ CHANGE: Oath no longer gives Faith; lowers the energy cost from 1000 to 500. Vigor's Faith cost increased from 30 to 50.
CHANGE: Refactor to summon follow and speed code. A lot smoother now.
➤ CHANGE: The World EXP bonus item's is increased from 20% to 50%, duration reduced from 3 to 2 hours. Also purchasable in-store for 25,000c now.
Meranthe 1.5 
As we exit the winter into warmer months, a new expansion to enjoy! If you like what you see, pitching in with development costs is always appreciated as it enables us to go big and bold! Thank you for your continued support.

[Image: 8ryMtsz.png]

➤ RACE - BATKIN: The Na'hrem tribe are a rare type of Beastkin known universally as 'Batkin'. They typically reside on the edge of the shadowlands in small, close-knit camps, but have moved further inland given the increase in demons on Meranthe's borders. They start with the innate ability to fly, as well as well Wild Nature.

➤ RACE - GOBLIN: Small of stature, green, and with big, floppy ears, goblins can be found terrorizing the highways and cave systems of Meranthe lately. Their racial is a stance that lets them steal all coins on victory, and has the Swift & Speed up perks.

PREVIEW SPELL: Next to Buy Spell, lets you preview the ability for no cost, bypassing requirements. You can only preview one ability at a time and it lasts for 15 minutes, though there's no cooldown on switching.

➤ BOOKSHELVES: These now store books. Drag and drop your bound book into one.

➤ GUARD GAUGE: Now when you block, a guard gauge appears above your character. Your gauge is 25% your max HP. As you guard, it depletes, and so does the effectiveness; reducing from its maximum of 50% damage reduction. And if it hits 0% you are stunned for a few seconds, left vulnerable. Block's key has been changed to - as well, though this of course can be rebinded.

➤ MILESTONES: At particular levels, you'll be given a dungeon key! Starting at Level 150. This makes dungeons more inclusive for the average player.

DESCRIPTORS: This command lets players spawn interactable objects throughout the world. They choose the name, the content, the sprite (a letter, debris, fire, blood, etc etc!), the duration, and the anonymity. Anyone can then interact with the object to view the contents!

➤ APARTMENTS: You can now build a 'door' inside of a building to expand the interior and add a separate property within. This gives a building multiple private spaces / homes, and effectively makes interior space limitless with coin investment.

➤ INJURE SELF: A command to inflict a self-injury, localized nearby when it is dealt.

We've replaced Illusion's two basic homings (Darkness and Mind fray) with two new spells, and also given the tree a master ability with a lot of flare. 
HYPNOSIS - BASIC: Dancing jesters  follow the illusionist, and enemies nearby are confused. 
BLACK MIRAGE - BASIC: Become shrouded by black smoke, distorting perceptions. Speed up, and when you hit your enemy, they're warped to a random location. 
IMPRISONMENT - MASTER: After a visible charge, an illusory prison forms some ways in front; nearby enemies are entrapped and their view fades to black. 

A public Ether specialization! The aura lets you view your opponent's mana and saps them when they're nearby. Whittle their MP down with spells like Null Ray, then use Flux to swap MP and deal damage for the difference! 
FLUX - Intermediate

Fortuna is a spell tree of four (though non-public). Each time you cast a card while the aura is active, your next spell cast's GCD is reduced by 1.  Unleash waves of ravaging decay with the Card of Death, phase through matter with Space, and recover lost health with Hope. 


➤The 3 hour timer on levelling up has been removed. Now you level up whenever you meet the EXP requirement.
➤Grab ahead added to the key binding display (bound to G by default).
➤Fixes a bug with prop page numbers not displaying correctly.
➤Chest limit in mapped buildings increased from 3 to 5.

[Image: b9LLBzS.gif]

[Image: XHnlXYZ.gif]
Meranthe 1.6
[Image: 8ryMtsz.png]

➤ ADDITION: Arcana makes its return with a fully supported UI! You can find 'Toggle Card Zone' in the options menu, and choose north or south facing. The 'Games' chat was also updated in that it'll post card descriptions when they're played, to make the game more free flowing.

➤ ADDITION: The Options menu has been increased in size to include various /cmd commands, making them more visible to players. The / shortcuts still exist, and can be viewed in the blue crystal chat tab.

➤ ADDITION: Adds Goblin and Batkin as Level 200 Wilderness rebirths, and Fairy as a Level 210 Wilderness rebirth.

➤ ADDITION: Sets up a web server so the face icon script doesn't need to be triggered when there's a hard reboot or outage.

➤ ADDITION: Notice boards! Letters can be placed and viewed by the public, and the board itself is managed by settlement leaders. Can only be placed within settlements.

➤ CHANGE: Increases the warning on Days Paid for property maintenance from 3 to 5 days.

➤ CHANGE: Dungeon keys now note the dungeon's specific map coordinates.

➤ CHANGE: Guard Gauge HP increased from 25% of max HP to 33% (a third).

➤ CHANGE: Crafting now uses your disguise name for the Made By, if wearing a disguise.

➤ CHANGE: Tilled soil was taking roughly a month to expire if unwatered. Reduces this to around five days.

➤ CHANGE: Minimum layer for custom props changed from 3 to 1.2.

➤ FIX: Various Preview Spell fixes.

➤ FIX: Private props weren't being added to the prop_cache after recent refactoring, so the visuals on new uploads were failing to upload.

[Image: pBsggJ5.gif]
Meranthe 1.7

[Image: 8ryMtsz.png]

➤ ADDITION: Public Medic Spell Tree! You gain Medic EXP each time Medic is successfully used or a Medical Kit is applied. The opening spell (Medic) costs 5 Spell Points, but the rest of the spells cost 0, spending from your pool of Medic EXP to buy instead.

Quote:➤Medic - 5 Spell Points (Opener): The target's temporary injury is reduced by 50% of its duration.
➤Expert Medic - 25 EXP: The target's temporary injury is reduced by 75% of its duration.
➤Acupuncture - 10 EXP: The target's Energy regeneration is increased by 25% for 1 year.
➤Accelerated Healing - 25 EXP: Passive. Your self-heals are increased by 10%.
➤Party Healer - 10 EXP: Passive. Your party heals are increased by 25%.

➤ ADDITION: Faith - Festival & craftable Incense. When used, announces a public message with the XYZ, and grants Faith based on the number of attendees (5 minimum). Also lets you customize the color of the floating candles during the ceremony. Cooldown of 3 years. This is for all kinds of celebrations (tournaments, weddings, funerals, sermons, etc!) & is to further encourage player-run events.

➤ ADDITION: Necromancy - Plague. When used, corrupts the target farmland and makes it inhospitable to crop growth. Takes about 20 minutes to complete and spawns lesser skeletons throughout. Grants 3 Undeath at the end. Cooldown of 1 year.

➤ ADDITION: Demonstep - Unarmed Intermediate. For 0.5 seconds, you gain damage immunity and a speed buff; if you 'take damage' during that period, the cooldown of this spell resets to 0, allowing you to continue to dodge and weave! Base cooldown of 20s.

➤ ADDITION: Spin Throw - Unarmed Intermediate. Grab your opponent, spin them around, and throw!

➤ ADDITION: Ctrl + Click will max a stat, spending all possible points, rather than having to click a bunch. 

➤ ADDITION: The I key now opens/closes inventory; can be rebinded.

➤ ADDITION: You can now grab other players by the G key and release them.

➤ ADDITION: You can now interact with dungeon entrances (left-click or X) and it'll display when the dungeon was last entered. Also when attempting to enter.

➤ ADDITION: Adds seaweed spawns across the ocean.

➤ ADDITION: When placed, an Encampment now removes surrounding objects (such as trees) while it's present there.

➤ ADDITION: Adds various NPCs to the resource hotspots of the world, and gives each area an exclusive, rare resource. These details are provided by the NPC on interacting.

➤ ADDITION: Adds 4 clothing items to the store (oversized-shirt, half-sleeve, leg robes, and leggings).

➤ CHANGE: You can now use a fishing road while on a boat. You have to left-click to leave the boat rather than X while fishing, though, since it uses the same key.
➤ CHANGE: Reduces the number of steps to pilot and exit a boat.

➤ CHANGE: Adds a 5s cooldown to grab to deter spam.

➤ CHANGE: Event Announcements/Announcements now also appear in Games.

➤ CHANGE: You can now water crops with left-click instead of only X.

➤ CHANGE: Fantasia now requires 1 Essence to brew, given its sinister dream stealing nature.

➤ FIX: True Counter was being granted additional AP/crit (on top of the reflected damage).

➤ FIX: Lightning Javelin & Plasma Javelin shared the same cooldown.

➤ FIX: The '...' RP sprite now properly goes grey after 5 minutes pass.

➤ FIX: Special resources could be applied to uniques.

➤ FIX: Blood Blades didn't have a cooldown set between damage so it was hitting each tick.
Meranthe 1.8
See the recent announcement for image previews and such! We're going live tomorrow (July 14th)! Maybe a role hook post coming later tonight for those still wanting a character idea?

[Image: 8ryMtsz.png]

GEAR SLOTS: Now each of the major gear types have a dedicated slot, letting a player see what they have equipped easily on glance, beside the inventory.

BATTLE LOG: Added to the hotbar, UI, etc, on mouse over for readability.

FORAGING: EXP gain for foraging functions as intended when foraging materials, and depending on your foraging skill, there's a bonus chance to get an extra herb. Each level increases the chance by 0.25% for roughly 25% at level 100!

➤ MENU TAGS: You can view a history of all your battle encounters with the /battlelog commands.

STALL BOOKKEPING: When interacting with your stall as an owner or helper in the update, you'll see a 'Check Logs' command. This displays the Total and Weekly Revenue of the stall, as well as a dated list of items placed and sold by the shopkeeper.

MINI-MAP: Left-click it to enlarge. Also an 'incognito' toggle option if you don't want to appear on people's map.

COMPOST BIN & FERTIZER: Enhance your farming game by crafting a compost bin. You can place organic material within the bin and watch it climb higher over time: once its four stages are complete, it'll produce an amount of fertilizer that varies depending on the materials used. Every material has a unique compost value.

What fertilizer does is an item that's expended and applied to a 3x3 radius of soil, doubling the rate of growth and also doubling the chance of getting a 'high quality' crop!

ARCANIUM WATERING CAN: A craftable, supercharged watering can that covers a 3x3 area rather than 1x1 on use!

➤ DYNAMIC AGE DECLINE: Rather than kicking in at a set age (40), this now triggers 30 years after your spawn in time. 

SEED HARVESTER: At Level 100 farming, you now unlock the 'Seed Harvest' ability that destroys a herb but produces a few seeds! This doesn't work on event only materials but anything you can find in the world then you can produce seeds of it.

➤ BATTLE LARGE: Adds a command /rpblarge specifically for events; this is a standard battle except the radius is much larger, more suited for group fights and bosses!

RANCHING EXPANSION: A number of new commands have been added to farm animals, such as 'View Status' that lets you see their happiness %, age, whether they're hungry, etc! & 'Call' that has them follow you, or 'Back' which returns them to their barn. Once a few years old, you can use 'Slaughter' to butcher them for meat (also adds beef and associated recipes). Additionally, feeding and butchering animals now grants farming EXP!

You can also see a clean, less intrusive context menu below when you right-click an animal. This will be leveraged more often in the future.


Invigorate (Cosmic - Basic)
Introducing Limit Breaks! Now Invigorate works similarly to 'Block' (no cooldown, gcde, does not impact other spells, etc), where you can hold it to get an effect, and it has no cooldown. You'll see your mana turn golden and rise as you do so, dub called Overdrive. For each 10% of Overdrive, you gain 1% Attack Power.
But if you hit 100% Overdrive, your mana bar will flash golden for 10 seconds. During this time, many of your Cosmic abilities gain special effects, such as...

Nova Ray: +50% damage & twice as large
Meteor: Casts 3 Meteors instead of 1
Star Rain: Also casts 'Meteor Shower' as an additional effect

& the new Cosmic abilities also have Limit Breaks!

Starlit Halo (Cosmic - Intermediate): A giant, spinning halo, that swerves towards your target and while they're caught in it, they cannot move from the 3x3 space as rapid damage is sustained. Limit Break: Increases duration by 50%.

Final Toll (Cosmic - Basic): A meteor shower directly over your target! Limit Break: Doubles amount of meteors.

Crescent Moon (Cosmic - Master): A super-chaged linear projectile, golden blasts of Cosmic appearing around it. Limit Break: Doubles the 'blast' projectiles'.

Disarm (Unarmed - Basic): On hit, knocks away your opponent's weapon! The sprite appears nearby, and they're debuffed by the stats it gave; they have to move over the weapon to pick it back up.

Follow-Up (Unarmed - Intermediate): Chained within 3s of casting an Unarmed Spell! Warps you to your opponent to slam them down. 

Murderous Surge (Unarmed - Master): The Faceless racial repurposed, now an Unarmed spell.

Firestorm (Fire - Master): A tornado of fire that leaves flames in its path as it whirls towards your target.

Summon Obelisk (Summoning - Master): Conjure an Obelisk that has 10k HP (health bar appears below it). Both you and your summon are healed while nearby it and the Obelisk acts as a turret, constantly firing off projectiles until it's destroyed.

Calcium Coil (Bone - Basic): A cage of jagged bone forms around your target, and for each step they take they're dealt 1x spell damage. Duration of 4s. Slows. Initial damage of 5.5.

Aperture (Absorption - Master): An AoE of negative mana that not only damages your enemies, but also hits their MP for each strike!


Quote: Wrote:Shapeshift: You declare a new identity, customizing your profile, quote color, age, name, etc. Then, whenever you use this spell, you switch between your shapeshifted form and your alter ego. This has a decade long cooldown.

True Face: When used, select an Intermediate type spell from your target and gain it for a duration of 24 hours, then apply a temporary injury to them for 1 year. This can only be used once per year, meaning the window to use your 'free' stolen spell is limited!

Produce Magibane: A unique, poisonous concoction derived directly from the blood of a Faceless. Discreetly spawns it in your inventory at the cost of 750 energy.

Many new spells for DMs to use, as well as parties, has been added. Let's start with the first two,
TAUNT: Switches the boss's target to you! You gain 50% damage reduction for 10s.
FULL RESTORE: Heals the party member closest to you to full HP & inflicts a 7s self-stun.
These are two player abilities that can be assigned to parties at the discretion of the DM hosting the event.

The following are boss only spells,
Quote: Wrote:SUMMON MINION - RITUAL: Spawns a Level 100 ally creature after 30s of the ritual being active. The ritual circle has a set amount of HP and can be destroyed. 
FLASH - Quarter: A 1/4 of the arena flashes red repeatedly for 3s, then 20d to any in that area, followed by the next 1/4, to make a full circle (starts in a random place and moves either clockwise or counter clockwise, also random)
FLASH - Half: Same as the above except half of the arena.
FLASH - AoE: Same as the above except a 11x11 AoE around the caster.
FLASH - WallSide: Starts at one side of the arena, covers the entire height, rapidly moves to the other side (leaving explosions as it does so) going back and forth a randomized number of times (between 3 to 6).
FLASH - WallTop: Starts at the bottom side of the arena, covers the entire width, rapidly moves to the top (leaving explosions as it does so) going back and forth a randomized number of times (between 3 to 6).
ORB OF DESTRUCTION: Spawns an object that has HP (displays HP bar beneath) that gradually gets larger over the course of 30s. Explodes and spawns a 21x21 AoE that deals 10 tile damage if not destroyed beforehand.
PILLARS OF DEFENSE: An object spawns in each corner of the arena (HP displays beneath). Each one increases the boss's damage reduction by 15% (total of 60%, reduces as they are destroyed).

DRAKANITE HALF-SHIFT: This is now a toggle-buff, meaning you can pair it with other aura type spells! (reduced to 5% AP/10 vit, though it retains its speed up on dash!).

ADDITION: Adds a new autotilted path (brown road).

ADDITION: Ten clothing items in the store.

➤ ADDITION: A delete option added to Rift/Wayfinding teleport locations.

➤ CHANGE: Light source radius of torches increased.

➤ CHANGE: Spell number adjustments.

Quote:Demonstep duration reduced from 1s to 0.75s, cooldown increased from 20s to 35s (Unarmed)
Tornado range increased from 60 to 70 (Air)
Galeburst is now GCDE (Tempest)
Dour Javelin range increased from 11 to 14 (Water)
Despairing Tendrils damage increased from 9 to 10 (Water)
Ring of Malice damage increased from 2.5 to 3 (Water)
Steam Burst damage increased from 5.5 to 6 (Mist)
Sanctuary spell power increased from 11 to 13 (Wellspring)
Rolling Vines damage increased from 10 to 12.5 (Nature)
Binding Chains range increased from 10 to 12 (Metal)
Silver Javelin damage increased from 10 to 13 (Metal)
Tesla changed from Basic to Intermediate, damage increased from 15 to 21 (Plasma)

➤ FIX: World EXP Boosts weren't saving on server restart.

➤ FIX: Melodic Repose (Sound) would sometimes not register damage.
Meranthe 1.9

Another season, another major patch! Reflecting on the past year by looking through the change logs, and how much this game has grown, is always an easy motivation boost.

I think the next patch will be a maintenance update, with a focus on bug fixes, polish, and some QoL, which'll be rolled out in smaller, frequent updates. As we iron out the last of 1.9's issues, that'll likely be towards the end of next week. Other features have been talked about in patron chat recently, like new PvE content and an in-depth pet system, but we'll get into those details later.

Also, big thanks to all the recent patrons and subscribers. That support enables us to be extra ambitious with our updates!

[Image: 8ryMtsz.png]

➤ FACTIONS, INFLUENCE, & SUPPORTING SPELLS: The main focus of the update. Settlements can now get a faction NPC, which allows those who interact with it to join their faction and guild. See this post for a broader overall, and a guide on the system in general will be posted up soon, since there's a lot to it. Overall, the aim is to help groups organize, incentivize team work, and improve identity through customizable faction gear, influence accruement, and supporting faction spells.

Influence is gained as you roleplay nearby the associated settlement of your faction. You gain more the higher your rank. This can be spent in the faction store, to enhance your equipment! In the future we intend to add other purchasables, too.

Quote:Commend - Political Support
This does not cost 500 influence to cast, unlike the others.

All characters begin with Commend. Transfers selected amount of influence to the target. If they're not in the same faction: at a reduction of 50%.

This spell can only be cast once per year.

'You lend your support to target, granting them X influence!
If 1000+ influence, guild announce (can choose public or private): name has lent their support to target name! +[custom msg]'

The other commands cost 500 Influence to cast. They are purposely strong and impactful: coordination is key to success!

Commander: Grant the target +50% EXP for 1 year
Master of Coin: Grant the target +50% coin for 1 year
Head of Research: Improved anvil rolls (doubled!) on target for 1 year
Faith Leader: Exchange 200 influence for 1 faith (can be used in multitudes ofc). Exchange 1 faith for 50 influence. Something like exists for other classes (witchcraft/necromancy) but not advertised so openly.

FORTUNA CLASS: The Fortuna spells have been wrapped into their own sub-Faith class, with the basics like prayer, oath, and channel faith available, and the four Fortuna abilities themselves as unlockable. Additionally, there's also a 'tell fortune' spell that grants a small, randomized buff!

➤ PRIVATE BATTLES: Before a battle (or any time during it) you can type /privatebattle to send an invitation to your opponent that offers to make the battle private. You select from a list of arenas, and are teleported to the private space, warped back at the end! It also asks nearby spectators if they wish to continue spectating, and treats them the same.

➤ AUTOMATED DISGUISE: Now at the Level 150 milestone, you'll unlock a disguise kit. This lets you set up a disguise (name, profile, quote color). The name can only be set a single time, but the profile/quote color can be adjusted any time, and the disguise kit is soulbound to your character.

➤ TREASURE DETECTOR: A T1 artificer recipe. With a treasure detector, it lets you know if there are any buried items within a 50 tile radius, and how hot or cold you are to it if so. Left-click to use, right-click to adjust the settings.

TRAINING DUMMY KIT: A general crafting object that gives access to a trio of training dummies that you can modify to test damage on.

OFFLINE MAIL: If you send a message to an offline character, when they're next on they'll get a 'You have mail!' notice in the chat, thus letting them access the letter.

➤ OBJECT TAGS: Now objects on them map, such as ore nodes, have name tags when you hover your cursor over them.

➤ THROW ITEMNow when you drop an item a distance away from you (up to 6 tiles) it'll be thrown to that tile. Otherwise it drops beneath you as normal if beyond the range.


➤ ADDITION: SHIFT+Click on the number input buttons now brings up a manual number input dialogue. CTRL+Click is still min/max.
➤ ADDITION: Thinking has been added. Begin your message with ` to thought post (or you can do /think). Warning: Telepaths might hear you
➤ ADDITION: Apartments can now be built on the main map, rather than just within buildings.
➤ ADDITION: An 'Upgrade Settlement Size' option to settlements.
➤ ADDITION: A variant of anvils that are restricted to owners/helpers.
➤ ADDITION: 'Destroy' option when right-clicking paper. Can also drag and drop it into a lit fireplace.
➤ CHANGE: The max Rebirth limit has been lifted, and the max level increased from 200 to 205. The potion however is now far more resource intensive.
➤ CHANGE: Dug holes now expire after 3 hours if nothing is buried within the hole.
➤ FIX: Couldn't see Say, RP, etc while being grabbed.
➤ FIX: The mini-map wasn't updating while riding a boat.
➤ FIX: Couldn't see Say, RP, etc while being grabbed.
[Image: 8ryMtsz.png]

Meranthe 2.0

After much time, and much work, the 2.0 update is finally upon us. I apologize it took as long as it did, as we went somewhat overboard with the features, but it felt good to do so with such a landmark number. It's exciting as ever to watch the world of Meranthe grow and the histories be written, so let's hope for many more years to come! Thank you to all subscribers/patrons for supporting the project, and to anyone that's invested in the stories being written!!!

The release date is the 15th of February, Thursday, a belated Valentines present from us to you!

➤  MAGICAL BEASTS: Following the Invocation of Aemir, heralded by Enarr and Gala, the region was briefly bathed in divinity. Goldbloom grew freely and nearby demons were transformed in the abundance of magic as the Aether of the Ten converged. This new race lacks the occultic nature but are just and wild and dangerous as their distant cousins.

[Image: tffEpYU.png]
For information on the many Magical Beast races....(in progress)

They do not gain EXP within settlements, but Dangerous+ battles grant 10x the usual EXP. This is a PUBLIC, non-rebirth race.

MAGIC CORE: A customizable magic core, the name, description, and sprite is set. This is on a SHIELD slot and can only be equipped by its Magic Beast. As you gain EXP as a Magic Beast, the core strengthens and progresses, +1 ele pow/def (caps at 5) & +1 power (caps at 10) every 10k EXP.

On death, the Magic Core can be harvested and used as a special resource, for the creation of a soulblade: A living weapon that can change and grow with its wielder over the years, in similar respects to the infamous kaorblade.

FRAGMENTS: In defeat (on a Danger 1+) a Magic Beast might also drop a fragment. This is a lesser core that can also be used as a special resource on weapons.

SELF-HEAL: Costs 1000 Energy to use. May heal temporary injuries and regenerate from permanent injuries.

EVOLUTION: At Level 180, a gremlin can transform. Owldrakes.. Ogres and Werewolves.. Cetus and Ursen and Vulpinari, and creatures that Meranthe has never seen. Each comes with a unique spell.

RUSH DUNGEONS : Across the world there are now thirteen 'rush' styled PvE events, where on entry (for a coin cost), waves of monsters bombard the party. These are marked on the mini-map depending on their difficulty, green (easy), blue (standard), and red (extreme). They also feature new enemies. On victory, surviving party members gain token items that scale with the challenge, and can be spent in the token store.

➤ RUSH STORE: Found outside the dungeons. Many new items can be found here, all purchased with tokens. You can trade your coin for tokens, or even your influence via the faction NPC (the latter has a better exchange rate!). Otherwise they're gained by participating in the dungeons!

[Image: jOp4cD0.gif]

➤ RETAINERS: Purchase a retainer contract in the token store. This grants you your very own NPC: You name them, can set up their outfit by dragging clothing onto them, and even pilot/puppeteer them as you would a PC. 

Retainers have various commands and mechanics, such as:
Happiness = Their wellbeing. Increase this by paying them coin; declines by 10 each year, or if they're assaulted.
If assaulted and defeated, blood splatters will be left where the NPC is stationed and name the preparator via nearby witnesses. The retainer takes three hours to respawn.
Pay Coin - Gives them money. 1000 coin = +10 happiness

Follow - They will follow directly behind you!

Farm - looks for nearby unwatered crops and waters them, looks for nearby unfed animals and pets/feeds them within a 30x30 range.

Defend - Follows you as a summon would, becoming an ally in battle. A max of two retainers may do so.

Train - For 10k coin, the retainer will learn a basic spell of your choice once the year passes over, and gain 20 power. This command may be issued a maximum of five times, and once per year. 

Control - Pilots the retainer for up to a range of 100 tiles from your position.

Update Description - Update the descriptive text that appears when someone inspects your retainer.

Set Spawnpoint - Your retainer will respawn at the chosen location. 

Set Faction - Updates their current faction to yours. Retainers will not aggro and cannot damage faction members.

➤ FAMILIARS: Familiars are a type of pet that can overcap lifeskills. You can train it in a particular lifeskill and it gains EXP in that skill whenever you do, but also via 'rare candy' style items purchased in the token store. Much like retainers, you can take over and pilot familars as desired.  
So if a familiar has Level 5 farming, and yours is 100, then it'll be 105! You can change what lifeskill a familiar is focused on too.
These are purchased on the token store and are high-end investments!

The information UI that appears when you right-click a character has been remade and improved. It now includes space for a small image, as well as various commands. It will display your faction if you're wearing faction gear.

[Image: image.png?ex=65d7c514&is=65c55014&hm=8e6...535102794&]

EXAMINE: You can now view the descriptions of gear that a character has equipped via the examine profile command. It also includes a status display that'll be expanded on in the future. Be sure to stock up on Glamor potions to spruce up your flavor text!

[Image: qktqIsl.png]

➤ SEASONS: Each passing year, the current season will change and be announced to the server. Piles of snow appear in the appropiate region in the winter, and season decorations (such as the leaf whoosh below!) change palette depending on the season, like bundles of leaves etc. Enemies and resources that only appear during specific seasons! We plan to expand this more with farming as well.

[Image: 3f8r7Xp.gif]
A breezy summer's day.

The faction spells (Commander, Head of Research, Master of Coin) are now unlocked automatically. Each has a requirement: Commander requires 20+ Dangerous battles, Head of Research requires an Artificing EXP of 100k+, and Master of Coin requires 500k+ made from a stall. They can be used if you're Rank 3 or higher in your associated faction.
Their effects now also last for 4 years rather than 1 (roughly an OOC month), and cost 10k influence to cast. This is to make usage more impactful/long-term rather than overly game-y.

SPAWN FACTION NPC: A faction recruiter NPC can now be spawned by interacting with the town board as the settlement leader. You can also edit/set it up without staff assistance! Your settlement must be village+ size to do so.

Sparkbomb - Rework (PLASMA - INTERMEIDATE): This now spawns many erratic sparkbombs that each individually deal damage and a burn effect!
Chronos Aura - Rework (TIME - MASTER): Chronos now has a passive that converts any damage over 6000 into a 5s DoT, replacing its active. So 10k damage would be converted into 5s of 2k damage instead. It also has some +spell dodge.
Lightspeed - Rework (LIGHT - INTERMEDIATE): Lightspeed now has a brief 1s period where you shimmer silver, then teleport, giving more of a warning. It also deals 5d on teleport. It's no longer a Master.
Fortuna  Death - Rework (FORTUNA): The wave code has been improved so that the damage is more reliable.
Scald - Rework (MIST): When you use Scald, the associated Fogbanks now gently flash silver. Numbers have been adjusted accordingly.
Rock Wall - Fortress (EARTH - MASTER)
Prism Scattershot (LIGHT - MASTER)
Various spell balance changes as well.

➤ TUTORIAL EXPANSION: The Tutorial has the following quests added- Reach Level 100, Craft a Rowboat, Enter a Dungeon, Join a Faction! 

ARTIFICER - MEMENTO: This Artificer recipe lets you create a 'memento' item, a prop that you can customize the name/description/sprite of. This is good for general roleplay purposes!

➤ ITEM MODIFIERS: Some new Item Modifiers have been added!

Quote:Champion: +1 Faith on dangerous/deadly win
Witchblade: +1 Essence on dangerous/deadly win
Soul Eater: Duration of temp injuries on target * 3
Soulbound: Weapon gains +1 power every 20k exp you gain
Indomitable: While your HP is 15% or less less than your opponent's, gain 20% power
Sprint /Invisibility fixed

➤ RUMORS: Players can now submit rumors for staff viewing, describing the rumor and the duration (how many years it'll persist) via the /rumor command. Staff can approve, amend, and remove rumors as desired. An approved rumor has a chance of appearing every so often, randomized!

COMMEND: Salute your felllow player and detail a scene(s) you enjoyed with them; you write out a message the staff see, and a note the player will be able to view in their /commendations command. You can only use this once a year. The 'commend' spell has been renamed to 'support' to avoid confusion.

➤ REPRIMAND: While players commend, staff reprimand! This deals a warning to the target, often given for low effort RP, breaking the fourth wall, or poor OOC conduct. It wipes EXP, docks gains, and hits influence!

➤ DESCRIPTOR ADDITONS: Descriptors can be customized even further, now! You can assign a custom sprite to the descriptor, and even set its duration to 'permanent'. Others can interact/set it to temporary, however, but the name of the person that did so is displayed for viewing if so.

PRIVATE BATTLE IMPROVEMENTS: There is now a leave option that appears while in or spectating a private battle. Additionally there are NPCs that you can use to exit the battle.

SLOT MACHINE: You can purchase a slot machine kit from the Rush NPC! This prop can only be placed indoors, and others can interact for the slots mini-game.

➤ COOKING CRAFT TAB: Cooking now has a dedicated crafting tab rather than being lumped in with general.

➤ IN-GAME PATCH NOTES: There are now in-game patch notes that appears on character load whenever it's updated.

➤Guild Command: Assign Rank
➤Farm Animal Command: Follow
➤When a settlement is upgraded, it now announces this to the world.
➤Improves to the slay command. No more black screen!
➤Summons killing NPCs no longer leave them bugged.
➤Improves Compost Bin.
➤More clothing sprites!!
➤You can change your sprite's direction via left-click.
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