chancePatch Notes
Addition: Daily and weekly quest NPCs that will reward a good amount of coin on completion of their task, typically involving the defeat of a boss. Some more challenging than others. They're scattered across the map outside of cities and villages. This grants a more interactive way for characters that aren't invested into a crafting tree to gain coin rather than simply grinding wood/ore.

Addition: A slew of abilities have been added:
Most of these also include new sprite art drawn for this update, best seen in-game!
  • Iridescent Veil: Light - Aura. +20 power, +20 critical, speed boost on dash. Basic. (Light)
  • Blades of Light: Similar functionality to Energy Rapidfire with a barrage of silver swords. Intermediate. (Light)
  • Shadow Dive: Dashes forward, dragging and then knocking back, leaving a crater. Basic. (Shadow)
  • Shadow Dive Rush: Similar to piercing strike except multi-hit, recharging each time. Master / public hidden. (Shadow)
  • Shimmer Blast: Light damage shockwave. Spawns a crystal where the caster stands. Basic. (Crystal)
  • Prismatic Pillars: Several sear-like crystals structures chase the target in pursuit. Master / public hidden. (Crystal)
  • Sand Tsunami - Giant wave that spawns sand projectiles in the trail it leaves. Intermediate.(Sand)
  • Ribcage: Inflicts a self-slow and self-silence for 5s, grants damage immunity and absorbs 50% of incoming damage. Intermediate. (Bone)
  • Ivory Graveyard: Large AoE, visual remake of the old variant. Master / public hidden. (Bone)
  • Grappling Hook: A whip with an extended 5 tile range that instantly teleports the enemy in front on-hit. Basic. (Metal)
  • Sparkbomb: Several orbs of plasma whizz around the caster, dealing rapid AoE damage. Basic. (Plasma)
  • Impact Cannon: Instantaneous, 5-tile wide beam that deals a heavy knockback. Intermediate. (Explosion)
  • Psionic Crush: Telekinesis v2 reworked. Master / public hidden. (Gravity)
Addition: Public hiddens. At 200RPL, you now gain a Hidden Point which you can use to purchase a public hidden, along with the associated RPP cost. These are non-refundable and allow a character to showcase their mastery in a particular tree. Many master tier hiddens are now intermediates and have been adjusted accordingly, for example:

Quote:Power Attunement - Combat Style
Bladestorm - Armed
Tremor - Earth
Water Dragon's Roar - Water
Severance - Blood
Cinderflare - Explosion
Vacuum Vortex - Air
Arc of Devastation - Lightning
Storm - Lightning
Spiral Bomb - Energy
Deflecting Palm - Energy
Stardust Explosion - Cosmic
Judgement Beam - Holy
Executioner's Cannon - Occult

The Siren race:
Quote:Fire's opener costs 10RPP more, Water's costs 5 less.

Passive. Effect of +10 water/sound def.  Galene's Reverence (Mermaid), Scylla's Grace (Anguill), or Lucothea's Beauty (Selkie).
Manifest Water Spirit: Call a temporary, aqueous manifestation of your spirit to invigorate and empower you. Familiar that heals.
Oceanic Attunement: Draw on the power of your water spirit to temporarily improve the power of your affinities. +15 Water Power for 8s, immunity to debuffs during.

The Sarradian race:
Quote:Elemental Fury: Harness the energies of Hajara's forging, and increase your elemental affinity for 10 seconds. +10 base element pow.
Gaean Embrace: Call on the elemental blessings, defending you against the five elements for 8 seconds. +40 base element def.
Lifewell Flow: Channel your lifeblood's potential, sending mana flowing through you. Heal over time for a total of 8.

The Synthetic race:
Quote:The base elemental opener spell (Fire, Air, Water, and Earth) costs 10RPP more.

Auto-Repair: Tap in to your body's healing capabilities and restore your stamina. Cleanse/heal.
Negation: Create a zone around you that reaves the living energies from your foes. DoT buff.
Suppression: As a living weapon, fire a powerful blast of cancellation that snares a victim, rooting them and desolating the area around. Non-homing projectile.
Eradication: A synthetic's resilience is unmatched. Pain can be filtered out and numbed, and exhaustion is rare. Aura. +20 Vitality, +10% AP.

Addition: Billboards now work with our saving code, where they're linked to a guild in the map editor. For those who are unaware of this feature, characters are able to sticky paper onto the billboard by dragging it over for a fee of 50c. The guild leader and rank 4 members can highlight submissions and remove them by interacting with the billboard.

Addition: An /activity command that displays your online time, number of RPs posted, dangerous and deadly fights.

Addition: A key with 100 or less online hours has their character's name highlighted in green.

Addition: Adds /maxview, which lets you set your view range, as larger resolutions could cause client-side lag due to the size of the view.

Addition: Adds /fps, which lets you change your FPS. Default is 20.

Addition: Many cosmetic additions to the clothing stores. 

Change: Cosmic, Light, and Shadow are now public spell trees.

Change: The five tiers of a crafting tree cost a total of 10RPP rather than 15RPP, now.

Fix: Flamethrower didn't respect friendly fire, and could damage the caster.
Addition: An 'Aggressive' setting has been added, which inflicts temporary injuries at a roll of 4 or less, but not permanent ones. It does not grant bonus AP, but does inflict a battle nerf on victory. The middle ground between restrained and dangerous.
Addition: Interact, follow, and target NPC are now available in key mapping (F12). 
Addition: Added a /cooking prefix that displays when you can next cook for EXP
Addition: Spells now display their 'type' (wave, aura, projectile, etc), still need to manually add a lot of them but we've made a good start on it.
Addition: Bluesteel and tyrium gear sets, as well as a tryium weapon and a heavy staff, the scepter. Gold, silver, and mythril rings are now craftable.

Change: Run is now a toggle rather than a key press.
Change: The follow key is now F instead of X, so it won't break follow when interacting with objects (such as mining). 
Change: You can now target NPCs with T, and this can be re-binded (F12).

Fix: Silver Surge (Tempest) wasn't cleansing on cast.
Fix: Paragraphs now space properly for item descriptions, the /message command, and event announcements. 
Fix: 'Toggle Chat' in guild options will now save between sessions, for those who want to disable it.
Addition: Books are a craftable item with customizable HTML pages that can be ordered and edited as desired. Bookshelves can be crafted in a lot you own for the storing and viewing of books. See this guide for more details.

Addition: Dismantle, a T1 Artificer recipe that lets you take apart items for half the resources at the cost of 1000 energy.

Addition: Fishing levels that grant access to new types of fish as you level up.

Addition: Mining levels that increase the chance of extracting an extra ore as you mine.

Addition: Replenishment, a high cost T1 alchemy recipe that lasts for a year. Reduces all energy costs by 25%.

Addition: Elemental Attunement, various high cost T1 alchemy recipes that last a year. They increase your elemental power and defense by 3 depending on which is consumed (Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Ether, or Metaphysical). 

Addition: General crafting objects that save to the map. They can be destroyed by others (for an energy cost and on a timer), and the owner can pick them up.
  • Tents, they cost 20 leather and function as beds.
  • Campfires, which you can warm your hands by for a small energy bonus (if it's been lit with wood), and also cook with.
  • Signs, for 100 wood. The owner can assign a name and description.
Addition: Fairies may or may not be an available race through role applications, depending on if you believe in the myth.

Addition: Examine feature that displays a person's items and injuries, via /examine. You can click each item to view their description.

Addition: /rp command to open the RP prompt.

Addition: /announcements command that displays the last 10 public guild announcements in your chat.

Addition: Auto Ready game option, which automatically readies up for RPB rounds.

Addition: The 'EC' variable that's set via admin edit now grants the character GCDE, debuff immunity, and infinite mana.

Change: Receiving a letter now pings you.
Change: Receiving an admin PM now pings you.

Change: Reorganizes element damage of all spells, so they're assigned to a primary type. Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Ether, and Metaphysical.

Change: Various QoL improvements to Alchemy:
Quote:- Renames 'Rage Potion' to 'Adrenaline Potion', "Your surroundings intensify, the flow of magic becoming more clear... Adrenaline spikes significantly, fight or flight kicking in! You feel your attack power spike at the cost of defense!
+ 6% AP, -3% DR. -1 on capture rolls if a loss.
Sinka cost increased from 1 to 3, and also requires 3 demon horns since they weren't being used in recipes

- Levitation potion's duration tripled (from 1 hour to 3)
- Energy potion's duration tripled (from 1 hour to 3). The speed buff also doesn't cancel unless you're at 5% or less HP. (For fast travel only, mentioned on use and in the description)
- Sleep potion now gives +50% energy while resting rather than +25%
- Rejuvenation potion now heal for 125 HP rather than 30 HP, once every 5s rather than 3s, a total of 1500 HP per minute. But the recipe also costs 2 fairy dust now.
- Sylavanum potion now require 2 fairy dust instead of 3, provides 15 power instead of 10.

Fix: A cooldown has been added to the 'This build is locked prompt!' to stop the chat spam.
Fix: Face icons in the chat removed due to caching issues. May re-introduce later on.
Fix: Certain linear projectiles (such as Blood Bullet) could multi-hit when they're only meant to damage once.
Addition: Starfall Academy and Shadowmire, a large region and spawn point on the map, as well as an Academy Tailor that has uniforms for students.

Addition: The Monster Class, which has specific rules and guidelines. They spawn in at a boosted RPL but do not get rebirth perks (other than unlocking new races). To begin there's six races and each has their own custom tree. 

Addition: Land plots can now be crafted within homes, granting indoor farmland.

Addition: Expands paper functionality to include sealing, which sets the sprite of the item to an unopened letter. The paper cannot be edited after, and reading it will break the seal (and also change the visual).

Change: /message now requires a physical letter! If the target's inventory is full, it's dropped beneath them. Tip: Craft a book and drag and drop the letters into the item to store them; they can be removed just as easily.

Change: Certain special spells (such as combat style actives) now have a visual display while on cooldown. 

Change: If a property has 3 days or less maintenance left, it'll warn the owner when they log in. The /properties command displays this information.
Addition: There are now mini-game mechanics that have a dedicated chat ('Games') and functionality. The first of these is Arcana, which you can read the guide of here

- A deck container. You can drag and drop cards into it for storage. Click the deck to draw a card, and right-click for the following additional options:
View Cards: Lists all the cards in the container in the Games chat tab.
Take Card: Opens up the list of cards within the container and allows you to remove one.
Reveal Draw: Draws a card while revealing it to all nearby.
Shuffle: Shuffles the cards within the deck.
Rename: Lets you name the deck object.

- A card item. Drag and drop the card into a deck to add it to the deck. Right-click the card while it's in your inventory to drop it facedown or face up. 
When a card is dropped, you can drag it around without moving by clicking, holding, then moving your cursor, to make play easier. On right-clicking the card while it's dropped, you'll also have options like 'turn' and 'flip'. 

Addition: The Arcana Alpha set, which includes 200 cards and seven archetypes.  Collect mythics and rares based on various elements of Eternia, including tributes to past characters!

Addition: Unique items now save on the map and can function as custom props. Check out early examples of that in this thread!

Addition: A ticket system has been added along with a help page. An admin can take any available ticket, sorted in their menu by open/closed, and communicate with the player directly via an external chat interface. 

Addition: The injury and capture rolls of the defeated in an aggressive+ battle will now display to all those nearby.

Addition: The 'check building' command while interacting with a property now displays additional information, such as who owns it how much maintenance is paid for. 

Addition: A 64x64 canvas sprite in the tailor, named 'cosmetic', solely for the sake of spiriting. 

Change: The Deadly RPB setting no longer defeated instantly on a roll of 2 or less. Rather, it inflicts a crippling permanent injury of -40 vitality.

Change: /who lists by character name rather than key, to make seeing if a particular character is online easier.

Change: The Say and RP range have been increased from 10 to 15.

Change: /r as a shortcut to /ready during battle.
Addition: The Elemental Overhaul improves and properly categorizes damage properly across the board, and introduces two new categories alongside Fire, Air, Water, and Earth: Bio and Metaphysical.
  • Bio's base tree is Nature, opening with Bio Attunement. Its specializations are Blood, Bone, and Poison.
  • Metaphysical's base tree is Illusion, opening with Meta Attunement. Its specializations are Gravity, Time, Shadow, and Light.
  • All specializations now scale properly to their base power type. If you have +5 fire ele pow? That's +5 ele power on fire and all its sub-elements.
Addition: Mist Magic, a water specialization!
Fog Bank - a low damage, low cooldown AoE, with a long duration that allows multiple to be sustained at once
Mist Shroud - an aura with an immunity effect as a special
Scald - increases water damage, Fog Bank damage & adds blind effect
Steam Burst - three projectiles with bonus damage the closer the hit is to the centre 
Moved Mistform into Mist.

Change: Chests no longer delete when a property's maintenance cost is overdue, so the new owners will gain access to the contents to avoid unique items and such being lost. 

Addition: Forged items now display the year they were made and who they were crafted by.
Addition: Every 10 years, the rarity of an item will decrease by 1 grade. ULTRA > RARE > UNCOMMON > STANDARD. This is to encourage a health restock of artificer items into the world over time rather than an ever expanding, saturated pool of rarities. If an item is marked as a unique, the rarity will not degrade over time.

Addition: A T2 Artificer recipe, Whetsone. 5 Steel, 5 Adamantite. Drag and drop it on to a weapon to restore its Pristine status. One time use.

Addition: Lodestone Potion. This doubles the output of ores gained from mining for one hour.
Addition: Face icons of your sprite display when Say is used. You can customize this with the prefix command /facesize.

Addition: Zoom options for the chat. /chatzoom, /chatzoomout, /chatzoomreset

Addition: A daily and weekly quest east of Starfall: Grumble in The Grotto and Angered Arachnator. 

Addition: Gamepad customization in options.
Addition: You can purchase a mailbox for a property. Others can drag and drop letters into it that only the owner and helpers of the property can collect. To customize the appearance of the mailbox, face it and interact with X.

Addition: Attack gems now have an onscreen cooldown icon.

Addition: A 52 card poker deck can be found in the Games store, a theme for every nation.

Addition: The Blink spell to Light; sets a market to teleporter to and cleanses on use.

Addition: An edit variable that sets the item to a blindfold, which toggles on blindness while equipped.

Addition: /conflip command.

Addition: /splitchat which is a toggle that divides IC and OOC.

Addition: /injurysearch that displays injuries specifically on a target (rather than including their items).

Addition: The 'preview' command on the roleplay prompt.

Addition: Spellcheck toggle on the roleplay prompt.

Addition: The <audio> tag for profiles.

Addition: More HTML tags for profiles: <s> <strikethrough>, <left> <center> <right>, <big> <large> <small> <tiny>

Change: Food spawns (such as cacao) spawns separately from alchemy now. Adds a bunch of food (fruits etc) across the map

Change: Up to three items can now be placed in mail boxes; not just letters.

Change: Age DR to -1% per year rather than a drastic decline from 40 to 45. So at age 55 you now reach the -15% DR, starting at 40.
Addition: A much more robust item & monster spawn menu that allows DMs to apply custom sprites, spawn in mass, etc. 

Addition: A flexible in-game region editor so the staff can add and edit location names and descriptions on the fly. 

Addition: Disguises can now have a profile description set that switches between your actual description and the disguise's on item equip.

Addition: Adds the Mask hidden potion recipe. The alchemist sets the name and description of the potion.

Addition: Adjusts and standardizes the stance master, exalted, and mythic tiers with the addition of new stances.

Addition: A yearly quest NPC to Pauper's Ruins following the map change and IC events, Void's Eye. Coords: 200, 680

Addition: The color of the RPB barrier varies now depending on the battle setting (black for deadly, red for danger, orange for aggressive, and standard for restrained)

Addition: There's now a daily bonus that grants 100 Activity Points every 24 hours on your initial post, which will make things much easier for those without a lot time to play. Since it 'front loads' a large chunk of your daily progression and grants a decent % of your next level as soon as you begin.

Addition: The restraint recipe has been remade code wise and its functionality has been expanded with a command to view the target's current XYZ location. 'Subdue' now takes 20% AP instead of 90% DR, as well, and you can use 'release' while they're offline.

Addition: While observing a battle or participating in one, the HP bars of participants now displays to the right, and party members to the left. This was a fairly intensive addition that involved the remake of various outdated UI systems. It also improves the accuracy of the visual HP display to the closest 1%, a hundred frames rather than the former thirty.

Addition: Adds a 'Break In' option to doors. Consumes 500 Energy & requires 150+ RPL. Alerts all those within the property of the break in entry if they're there. This does not grant access to chests.

Addition: The code for summons has been completely remade and previous bugs with the old system are gone.

Addition: Adds a 7 day option to the admin ticket leader board (accessed via /leaderboard command).

Change: Advanced specializations that aren't a base tree now have a requirement of 40 RPP spent rather than 50 for Intermediates and Masters. This accounts for the 10 Attunement cost that specializations do not benefit from, which made it a total of 60 before, and with this change now it's 50. Additionally, spell costs have been reduced across the board.

Change: Switches the order when crafting a weapon, so it asks for the sprite first rather than the description.

Change: Dream Walk now pings the target, and no longer force teleports them if it times out.

Change: Undead can once again consume food, but it only grants energy, not stats.

Change: Target range for lock on increased from 10 to 15.

Fix: Space teleport/dash no longer executes if you're stunned or rooted.

Fix: While facing no one, 'F' will force those following you to unfollow.

Fix: Typing /surrender wasn't making you roll on injury and capture.
Meranthe 1.0
This patch note entry summarizes the Meranthe update, and is lacking in a lot of detail. Be sure to read some prior announcements:
[Image: 8ryMtsz.png]
Introducing Meranthe:
Main Release Thread:

Spell Progression
Journals / forum applications are gone. See the progression guide (wip)

➤Former 'hidden' spells are now mostly 'mastery spells'. You gain a mastery token at Level 200 and a second mastery token at Level 210 after completing 10+ dangerous/deadly battles. This allows characters to purchase two mastery spells at peak progression.

Quote:Primordial Flames - Fire
Energy Cannon - Energy
Harmonic Attunement - Wellspring
Spring's Bloom - Nature
Cruel Thesis - Nature
Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald - Crystal
Desert's Fury - Sand
Storm Aura - Lightning
Storm AoE - Lightning
Omega Overdrive - Energy
Assassin's Shroud - Shadow
Water Prison - Water
Muscle Armor - Armed/Unarmed
Symphony - Sound
Wintermute - Ice
Barrier AoE - Holy
Starlight, Crimson, Rosegold Overdrive - Cosmic
Insectomancy - Poison
Chronos - Time
Chronos Stasis - Time
Dexterity, Power, Guardian, Wanderer - Stance

Adds Classes. Each costs 5 Spell Points to purchase and can be progressed through various methods.
Quote:FAITH: Pray, heal, bless, and host festivals, such as weddings and sermons to progress. Faith is based around our diverse pantheon that has clashing ideologies. They are typically benevolent, harnessing the energies of the lifestream and purposing it, but the lines can certainly blur grey. 

NECROMANCY: Necromancers harvest PC corpses to gain points for their skill system. Having strong relationships and connections helps in this sense. When you create an undead, you choose a name for them (sort of like a password lock) and then a player can create into the undead with your consent. This undead can increase your necromantic mana by spreading plague, which you harvest from them directly. Necromancers can enhance their Undead up to three tiers, and as they gain especially experienced, abilities like Skeleton Uprising and 

BLACK MAGIC: Also known as Witchcraft. A Book of Shadows item is maintained by the leader of the Coven. The Coven collect Essence through Black Sabbaths and combat. They can freely share the Essence among one another. By interacting with the Book of Shadows, a Witch or Warlock can unlock new abilities by spending their essence, and even unlock up to four forbidden alchemy potions to further their agenda. 

Spell Tree Additions:

Quote:- Explosive Minefield - Explosion
- Volcanic Geyser - Magma
- Rolling Vines - Nature
- Quicksand - Sand
- Spatial Misdirection - Illusion
- Boom Burst - Sound
- Chrono Stasis - Time
- Whims of Wind - Air
- Grapple - Unarmed
- Throw - Unarmed
- Plasma Leap - Plasma

➤ New Races

Quote:Nephilim - Ignite, True Counter, Flashbeam
Giant - Berserk, Giant Form
Faceless - Murderous Surge, Shapeshift
Ursidae - Warg, Mountain Guardian
Greathive - Hivespeak, Exoskeleton, Hide, Greathive Swarm, Hive Sacrifice
Faeborne - Nemea Aurora, Butterfly Blast, Fae Wings

➤ Overhead chat that displays text over your character when you use Say, can be disabled.
➤ Differentiates LOOC from Say for better readability 
➤ <f> tag that allows for any font face in roleplays 
➤ Chat shortcuts for Say / RP.
➤ Chat tabs reorganized from All, IC, OOC to IC, OOC, All.

Custom prop database that allows players to upload props to the building system as public or private (policed by admins), removing the need to ticket for props and expanding decor options. 
Player-built settlements and buildings with flexible outdoor decoration and landscaping. 

Dungeon Master
➤ Teleport Group: 'Form a follow line' no longer necessary. 
➤ Duplicate Item: Makes an exact replica of the target item, sprite included.
➤ Generate Light.
➤ Display HP: Displays the HP of everyone nearby as if they were in a group battle, for all to see.
➤ Local Friendly Fire: Best used in combination with display HP.

Tutorial Quest NPC
➤ Buy an item. 
➤ Sell an item. 
➤ Craft a torch. 
➤ Defeat a monster.
➤ Fight a player. 


➤ Craft a chicken coop by tilling soil and building one it. 
➤ Happiness that influences effectivity of lifestock and reproduction rates. 
➤ Lifespans. Can bury or butcher on death. 
➤ Can pet. 
➤ White chicken, brown chicken, golden chicken. Begins as a tiny baby chick. Lays eggs. 

➤ Shovel: Can dig holes and bury items. 
➤ Copper Hoe: Can till land and plant seeds.
➤ Rowboat: Can build a rowboat to travel the ocean and reach islands.

➤ Seven new potions, including 'Rebirth' that allows for a total respec if the character is Level 200 or lower.

Life Skills
➤ You select an occupation during character creation that grants double EXP In a life skill: adventurer, miner, cook, forager, or fisherman. 
➤ Quests grant activity points. The adventurer (default life skill) gets +50% AP from quests. 
➤ Life skills are extremely intense to level up and highly valued. New ore and resources will be introduced that only high level miners and foragers can harvest, for example. 
➤ Cooking's level up formula is now consistent with the other life skills, the 3 hour delay removed. Different recipes grant varying amounts of EXP. Like other life skills, it's still a huge investment to develop. 
➤ High quality ingredients can be fished and farmed. These grant a bonus of +1 power when used in a recipe, and the bonus does stack if multiple HQ ingredients are used. 
➤ Fishing has been improved. It shows a progress meter when you have a catch, and more difficult fish require extra taps. Enhanced variations of the fishing rod that decrease difficulty. 

➤ 'Special resource' functionality. When a DM applies this status to an item, the resource can now be used in crafting. So a DM could spawn 'Chuggums Fur' and give it 1 wind pow, that toggle on the shirt and cloak slot. A T1 artificer can craft the Chuggums Fur on to an item of the appropiate slot, and it's expended with the stats transferred, and afterwards they can change the name and description as well as grant a unique tag. An item can only have up to one special resource. 
➤ 'Masterpiece' recipes. Artisan, Master, and Grandmaster, three tiers to strive towards. These are given for commendable artifcer roleplay and experience. Used like an enchant, it applies a direct bonus to the target item and applies a masterpiece tag, then you can modify the name/desc/unique tag, with a cooldown of 10, 15, or 20 years depending on the tier. Masterpiece bonuses do not stack, but they do overwrite. There's also an 'activity check' that prevents artificers who haven't been consistently active within the past 2 weeks from using this recipe. 
➤ New gear / weapon recipes.

➤Ice dungeon, lava dungeon, sewers dungeon, and cave dungeon.
➤Dungeons reward EXP and coin, and they contain extremely rare resources that cannot be accessed elsewhere.
➤To enter a dungeon you need an appropriate key (obtained via coin gacha with Mystery Box) and to complete a dungeon you need to kill the boss.

➤ Over twenty five new resources, herbs and ores.

➤ Fifty cosmetic items added to the store.

➤ Able to grab / drop any object (G). If done so within a settlement or building territory, the new location saves. 
➤ Bunch of new cooking recipes (pizza, fried chicken, pasta, etc).

➤ Meranthe's maps, which were handled entirely by Moonlight (please thank them for this personally: they did so much good work!). Includes caves, new buildings for construction, DM maps, etc.
➤ Adds a ton of new art assets that you'll be able to enjoy in-game.
Meranthe 1.1 - Stable
Since going live, our focus in August has around stability: bug fixing, optimizing, and tweaking. Into the end of the month and September, expect content additions in patch 1.2 (spells & sailboats, among other things), as well as more fixes for any outstanding issues (private custom props & a few spell bugs).

[Image: 8ryMtsz.png]

ADDITION: Almost all alchemy resources were given new sprites

➤ ADDITION: Earth Aura was given a new sprite

➤ ADDITION: Battle Tome, Elemental Scepters, Chakram, Auguria and Viridium Rings, Prism and Eternite Amulets, the Eternal Sword, Lightsaber, and Prism Harp recipes as Artificer Recipes.

➤ ADDITION: Sugar can now be crafted using Sugarcap mushrooms.

➤ ADDITION: Giant & Greathive were added as a Rebirth race (rebirth at Level 190+). These are also available to active Platinum+ patrons.

➤ CHANGE: Improves summoning AI to allow for separate follow and aggro speeds, and normalizes the standard speed setting.

➤ CHANGE: Rebirth (the 'full magic respec' potion) has had its maximum level limit increased from 200 to 210, meaning you can drink it if you're below that level. It also has a maximum uses of 2 (you cannot drink more than 2 in a lifetime).

➤ STABILITY: Won't be listing this out due to the sheer number of fixes, optimizations, changes, etc, but the majority of our development time this patch was focused around getting us stable post-release. Future patch notes will list bug fixes individually.
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