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Meranthe 1.2 - Full Content Ahead
Patch notes will primarily serve to summarize the highlights of changes and additions, but everything is noted informally in the #game-changelog channel. Now we're looking to continue adding content, including some vanity coin sinks & sailboats as the next big feature with cows/barns out of the way. Our artist is also working on the spell art for upcoming additions, which you can see in #teasers! Work on the custom prop menu (including private props) is also nearly ready to go live.

[Image: 8ryMtsz.png]

➤ ADDITION: Adds bait items (caterpillar, worm, etc) that can be dug up with a shovel. Drag and drop bait onto your rod to use. Increases High Quality chance when fishing.

➤ ADDITION: Fourteen new hair sprites.

➤ ADDITION: Advection added as a Mist Intermediate spell. The caster turns to mist, granting invulnerability while zipping towards their target in a dash attack.

➤ ADDITION: Removes Time Slow and replaces it with Time Jammer, a Basic Time Spell. Five magical circles form idle but flash if the enemy comes into contact with them, slowing time and dealing heavy damage.

➤ ADDITION: Sirenia is now an available race & the Swim spell has been added as a racial for them. It lets the character travel the water without a boat.

➤ ADDITION: A Life Skill Respec potion has been added as an Alchemy recipe. It lets the character switch their lifeskill specialization.

➤ ADDITION: Cows & barns added. You can milk cows once they've matured, which is a key ingredient for various food recipes. This addition also refactored the chicken coop system and fixed various issues.

➤ FIX: Blood Vapor Beam & Venomous Vortex were not aligned correctly.

[Image: HyG4f26.gif]
Meranthe 1.3 - Mostly Maintenance
These patch notes are an "in between" as we continue to prep the Big Update, noting recent key additions, changes, and fixes.

[Image: 8ryMtsz.png]

➤ ADDITIONAdds various Halloween Themed Pets (bat, crow, black cat, spider) that will pick up nearby items for you. Obtainable via the Mystery Crate.

➤ ADDITIONAdds World EXP Booster. Activating this expends the item and increases Global EXP by 20% for three hours in a server announcement. The # of hours can be stacked, the EXP % cannot. Obtainable via the Mystery Crate.

➤ ADDITIONAdds an item, Bag Booster, that increases your inventory space by a row. It can only be used once. Obtainable via the Mystery Crate.

➤ ADDITIONAdds a Customizable Torch that you can change light color of on ctrl right-click.

➤ ADDITION Added some hats. Credit to Dandeli

➤ ADDITION: You can now find seaweed on the ocean surface or at beach shores.

➤ ADDITION: The requirement for a second Mastery Point at Level 210 was lowered from 10 dangerous+ battles to 5.

ADDITION: Gentle Fist (Stance) added to the Unarmed Tree, a cleanse/debuff immunity active for 6s.

➤ ADDITION: Siren, Faeborne, and Giant are available as public races with no rebirth cost. Please read the relevant lore if creating as a unique race, and nation loyalty is expected.

➤ ADDITION: Adds cheese, produced via milk (accessed with cows). Used in recipes like pizza. 

➤ ADDITION: The amount of cooking EXP a recipe gives is now displayed in the description.

➤ FIX: Sending letters could reveal the true name if disguised.

➤ FIX: Constructed buildings weren't displaying in /properties, only mapped ones were.

➤ FIX: Maintenance cost wasn't always ticking down on constructed buildings.
Meranthe 1.4
Got a little carried away over the past few months. Back to regularly scheduled updates going forward.

[Image: 8ryMtsz.png]

A step up from the rowboat! This is a large, moving home, that can carry multiple passengers at once. You can add 'helpers' to it in the form of co-pilots as well, who are granted cabin rights (chest access / decorations like any other building). 

[Image: cmL9sau.gif]

Much like sailboats in the 'movable home' sense, except encampments are stationary, large tents that must be disassembled to place elsewhere!

[Image: tent12-gif.gif]

New and improved movement for fireflies, as well as the addition of beetles, dragonflies, bees, and birds!

[Image: Bv79Zrd.gif]
Look at them go!

Introducing a public Spell Tree that comes with a number of new summons depending on your affinity, as well as supporting spells! All of this is public, though adding custom summons is quite easy for us to do for events and signatures.

Quote:➤Summon HP is 50% of yours. All damage dealt counts as coming from you. On death, summons deal 1/5th of your max HP in damage to you.

➤Power Return - Deal damage to your summon, restore HP and MP. GCDE, 15 second cooldown. Gives +1500 HP, +25 mana, stuns summon for 5 seconds and deals 1500 damage to it.

➤Link Transposition - Instantly swaps places with your summon, and drop an AOE both on yourself and your summon. 

➤Intermed: Spirit Meld - 60 second CD. Invuln; Phase out, and pilot your summon for 10 seconds who takes delayed damage. Reappear where your summon is when the spell ends, summon takes damage after. Your summon's damage is DOUBLED while this is active.

[Image: mOhdLSi.gif]
Go Aquarius!
One thing that was missing from the Meranthe experience was the potential to be accosted by an ogre in the middle of nowhere. This system is similar to the traditional demons with the evolutionary aspect, but modernized for some extra depth.

Quote:Demon Evolution: At certain Level milestones, the Demon may use the 'Evolve' spell to select their next form, able to be used whenever the threshold is reached. This will often involve a multi-choice selection. They gain increased stats in the form of passives, and may even unlock new spells.

Demons have a 10 Spell Point discount on the Occult opener. At Kaor+, they gain the ability Teach Occult.
Stat Passive: The race cannot equip gear. They instead have a passive to make up this difference.
Growth Through Adversity: Demons get triple the EXP from Dangerous+ encounters.

Additionally, at Kaor level, a Demon may Spawn a Cambion. Throughout history the Demon race has created their own accursed servants, and these red-skinned, horned acolytes are quite the same, coming equipped with their own custom spell tree. This ability may only be used by a Kaor once every ten years, though bloodlines of Cambion can develop.

Growth Through Adversity: Triple EXP from Dangerous+ encounters. -10 spendable discount on Occult Magic.
Black Claw: Several quick slashes of scorching occult.
Demonic Nature: A cast buff that trades your DR for AP for 10s (reducing the former to 0 during).
Evolve: As you evolve you gain a new form and additional stats, cannot equip gear.
Make Cambion: At kaor+ (lvl 210+) you can impart your flesh and a shard of the black soul to transform a willing subject once every 15 years, cursing their bloodline as Cambions, part-demon. Often red-skinned with horns (but varies). Gains their own demonic racials - almost like a corrupted variant of the Nephilim theme-wise, representing demons rather than the pantheon. 
Teach Occult: At kaor a demon may also spread Occultic magic to willing acolytes, binding them in service. The Occult is said to originate with demonkind, and humans learned the depraved arts from them.

[Image: image.png]
The evolutionary stages.


- Sound Burst cooldown lowered by 2s (12s -> 10s)
- Ring of Malice is now a Basic. Cooldown lowered from 40s to 30s, range lowered from 25 to 15.
- Water Whip is now an Intermediate.
+ Glacial Lance (Basic)
+ Iceberg (Intermediate
+ Ice Age (Signature)
+ Sword of Heaven (Master)
- Sand Avalanche cooldown lowered to 35s from 40s
+ Desert Bomb (Intermediate)
- Crystal Wall cooldown lowered from 33s to 30s
- Formation of Crystals cooldown increased from 60s to 65s
+ Magma Fist (Intermediate)
- Inferno range increased, confusion time increased
+ Lifebomb (Intermediate)
+ Ghastly Imps (Intermediate)
- Smog cooldown increased to 40s from 35s
- Infection cooldown decreased to 18s from 24s
+ Scarlet Circle (Basic)
+ Blood Sacrifice (Intermediate)
+ Gravity Well (Basic)
+ Photon Ray (Basic)
+ Lightspeed Kick (Basic)
+ Prism Scattershot (Signature)
+ Quickdraw (Intermediate)
+ Precision Slash (Master)
- Axe Kick cooldown reduced from 16s to 9s
- Weighted Punch given GCDE
- Flying Kick damage increased from 14 to 15.5

[Image: wind1full.gif][Image: wind2full.gif][Image: blood_magic.gif][Image: blood_tile.gif][Image: blood_circle.gif][Image: plague_landv2.gif][Image: light_star.gif][Image: ice_aoe.gif][Image: ice_trident.gif]
[Image: JgF1L37.gif]

Of the many improvements to custom props includes realtime editing, the private prop category, and better tools for staff to maintain the database! (expect a BIG prop clean up and reorganizing as soon as this is live)

To give the various ancestries of the Nephilim more of an identity, the race now has mechanics for six sub-branches. Each comes with a passive effect and an associated look, from the nebula stars of Gala to the jagged skeletal wings of Mortyl, or the crown of Enarr's authority and the soft rainbow feathers of Mestra.

Quote:Unlocked at Level 210. Passives.

Enarr - Crown of Authority
Descendants of the god-king may manifest the crown of authority to amplify their leadership. All spell casts have a chance to root the target briefly in binding, golden chains.

Gala - Veil of Stars
Purple stars shimmer around Gala's descendants when they're in combat, following them in movement, raising their Cooldown Reduction while the Nebula Stars are active.

Mortyl - Wings of Death
Descending from the union of Caius and Mortyl, the Primal of Death, the Nephilim undergo a painful transformation as they leave adolescence, where wings of jagged bone and ivory horns emerge from the flesh. Chance to deal a brief Curse to the target each spell cast.

Pylae - Wings of Hope
Of Pylae, the Primal of Hope, mature Nephilim will fly proudly on golden wings. Chance to be granted Hope on spell cast, a buff that appears in two-wings guarding the Nephilim. 

Mestra - Wings of Song
Shimmering, multi-colored wings of creativity bloom under Mestra. Chance to be granted Song on spells, a colorful, music-like AoE following their movements.

Chireus - Wings of Travel
Soft white wings accented by strikes of color, silver like the winds they flow on. Chance for a speed up every spell cast that has the player shift colors randomly.

[Image: image.png]
Some of the Nephilim passive aesthetic!

Various misc Changes & Additions
➤ You can learn the Occult via a Book of Shadows (Witchcraft) for a small Essence cost.
➤ You can learn Holy Magic as a Priest. You can also teach Holy Magic as a priest for a small Faith cost.
➤ Prayer now gives 3 Faith and costs 1000 Energy instead of 500. 
➤ Minimum starting age lowered from 13 to 11. The -10% Age DR expires at 16+ rather than 18+.

[Image: c3g6t7j.gif]  [Image: oROs1u2.gif]
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