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The City of Achyon was one of the first key territories taken by the invading forces of the Empire of Barsburg, and it soon became a center piece in their conquest of Esshar. Following the events of the Pandemonium Chase, what remained of of Barsburg's forces migrated from Osrona to Achyon, further building out the city. It is the a centre of industry, innovation, and a bastion against the barbaric forces of Esshar. Heavily fortified and prioritizing the efficiency of its infrastructure over the comfort of its own citizens, the city is a standing fortress and a defiance to the continent’s resistance to the Empire in this new age.


The Imperial Empire of Barsburg has been a military might in the regions near Esshar for hundreds of years. Achyon came about with those ideals at the forefront, as a nation that focuses primarily on technological progress with a mind for advancement, ever expanding and in search of new resources to harness, whether that is people or foreign materials.


  • Progress Over Morality: Everyone inside of Achyon is considered equal so long as they work and support The Empire, and follow the chain of command. Occultists and Holy Magi are seen as 'lower class' citizens until they prove their worth, as this magic has proven only to poison the mind. Likewise, demons are caged and shackled as beasts of war, loosed only to perform tests upon, or to be used as hounds of war against their enemies. These beasts are often kept caged and are bound to magi through the use of an incredible feat of technology, specifically designed to bind a demon to a magi, and force them to heel to their command. No price is too much, and no sacrifice too far, in the name of Barsburg and its ticking progress.
  • Dissent Will Be Broken: Active betrayal or disagreement with any aspect of the Empire is crushed underfoot immediately, generally through violent force, such as tactical squads and silent political murders. Political opponents are, generally, blinded with their eyes gouged, and those who are blinded are considered heinous in the eyes of the public. Prisons are uncommon, and those who aren’t blinded are often sent to physical labor facilities, such as mines or factories to work away their crimes. Many sent to these facilities do not come back. Even despite the inherent risks, there are frequent uprisings, especially in areas that are newly conquered.
  • In The Name of Humanity: Religion is a curious topic within the walls of the city. While most are content to look aside and not worry about such trivial matters, a select few have taken to worship the Magitech and technology crafted by technomancers. These priests do not worship a god or a divine presence, but rather respect both the Government and the tools they produce on a level similar to that rivalling Celestialism or the Fireblooded. Though not officially recognized by the Barsburg council, these Technomancer Priests often bolster the Barsburg armies and are well known mechanics and engineers, and it is not uncommon for them to be on both the front and backline of assaulting forces, repairing mechs, magitech, and any other manner of weaponry.. As well as dismantling and studying the enemy weapons and armor to get a better feel against their opponents.

The Technomancer’s Guild is an organization cradled in the core of Achyon culture and the ones responsible for the maintenance of the entire complex infrastructure of the city, including the widespread wires that feed energy between the city and underground galleries that keep everything functioning day and night, in near-perfect synchrony.

They are easily identified by all not only taking part of the Barsburgian Military and their uniforms, no doubt a custom cemented back when they were still the Iron Reavers, but also a very specific collection of brain-oriented augmentations, rumored to dull some emotions and assure obedience in exchange for connecting their very thoughts to the Coalescence. If those rumors are true or not, however, is still a mystery.


Notably, weapons of war and other such advancements have defined the culture of Achyon, where the more traditional use of magic is seen less favorable than the developments provided by artificers. Descending from the Empire of Barsburg, the beginnings of this pathway is clouded in mystery - Everything from a shadow government of mad scientists pulling the strings to strange, otherworldy entities travelling in a floating castle of darkness that gifted the higher ups with insight. Whatever the case, this culture is dominant and seen in everything from mechanical eyes to ear inserts, to the enhanced firearms that trained soldiers are issued with.

Mecha Titan[edit]


This mechanical behemoth stands at twice the size of any men and is piloted by an officer, strapped down in the seat with a holographic visual display surrounding them. Limbs are wired in and connected to the core controls and the center piece of the golem involves a particularly powerful energy source, with intricate wiring and advanced runework spanning out to each part of the mecha. Thin adamantite 'glass' provides a clear view for the pilot beyond the confines of their cockpit.


The Coalescence is the name of a concept, idealized by numerous thinkers from multiple eras, all towards a particular ideal: A perfectly united hivemind, a creation of magitech which works without any dissidence and without any disagreement. The minds of many joined together and all of them tuned to the same purpose in harmony with memories of the deceased transferred to this entity, processed in a way that gives it insight and knowledge. It takes many of the concepts of the synthetics and advances upon them. Thusly, many technomancer worship the coalescence as something resembling a god.

(More to be revealed during events.)

Advanced Firearms[edit]

These weapons are specialized for various classes that are trained to use the firearm. These are capable of burning, charged blasts of mana that's refined towards a particular purpose. The gunner, which overwhelms the opponent with rapidfire, the heavy assault class, that dazes and captures the foe with a strong blast of magic, and then the sniper, with a gun that's designed for long-ranged, piercing bolts across the battlefield.


Arguably the pinnacle of magitech, a synthetic is an artifical human that's fully manmade. Lifelike skin and functionality, with an interior of weightless mythril and various crystalline cores to resemble organs, as well as heavier metals and constructs, wired together neatly. Often a group project to construct with at least several thousand runes and glyphs in unison like clockwork. While typically designed for combative purposes, a synthetic also benefits from improved cognitive functionality where they're able to process information quicker, with the downside of a lack of empathy and the more subtler clues in human interaction.

Brought to life by the ritual of a techomancer in a flare of electric and fluorescent mana, the empty body of a synthetic is hooked up to a narrow tower which transmutes a soul from above into them the moment they come to life. As a newborn, they're immediately flooded with information and past memories by the Coalescence, learning the common tongue and assigned a codename in their first few seconds of coming to be.

  • Appearance varies, depending on the construct. The standard issue synthetic has a natural look, though they can appear somewhat doll-like due to their makings.
  • They can absorb and deflect magic through glands in their hands, able to mitigate incoming blasts. Their own mana is a pure, dulled silver. Additionally, they have enhanced speed and strength, and depending on the model they weigh in at four hundred pounds or more.
  • Linked to the coalescence, they often take the role of advisors as much as they are combat units. They can receive direct commands and insight.
  • They have no need for food or drink, but are fully capable of tasting and digesting such things. They're designed to be an improvement on humans, after all, and the lighter aspects of life are kept in check. They can turn off their pain receptors completely if desired, and can go weeks without any sleep (or 'hibernation'), but resting occasionally is advised.
  • Rumored to have a self-destruct module the moment in the rare event that one should go rogue, though by design they are loyal to their creators.