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Event Preferences: Willing to do just about anything but would greatly enjoy horror themed events or whimsical and high fantasy events. Working together with someone to do a series of events building up to something would also be very fun!

Other Notes: I just started DMing so patience is appreciated as I figure out the more mechanic aspects of things. I try and balance puzzle / riddle and combat so that the players aren't overwhelmed by one or the other and I'm very open to creativity and outside the box thinking.

Are you currently running events, and if so, are you considering player requested events?: Taking requests for anyone willing to take on a brand new DM!

Discord # or best means of contact: OneBrainCell#3291
Character: Maeve Caewynn
Which Event: The Great Treasure Hunt

Responsiveness: 10/10 Very quick narrates, kept player actions in mind when writing them.
Balance: 7/10, there was a slight hiccup with the EC fights, but it's nothing terrible and was adjusted accordingly. First time DM, to be expected.
Storytelling: 7/10, I personally enjoyed the pirate treasure theme to the event. Ghost pirates and all, but the final EC did feel a bit out of left field. A bit more explanation for how it came to be, or perhaps some earlier foreshadowing towards it would've made it less jarring.
Fairness: 10/10 They did their absolute best to make sure we felt like it was fair and we had fun, and gave good flavorful rewards in the event. I have no issues with this.

Overall: 8.5/10 Good job on your first event, I liked it. I think you have a good future in events ahead of you.

Any other comments:
Character: Deva Valmonte
Which Event: The Great Treasure Hunt

Responsiveness: 10/10 The Narrations were quick, done well, and easy to follow a long.
Balance: 7.5/10
Storytelling: 8/10 I it's wasn't crazy or wacky but it kept me entertained enough, which is good.
Fairness: 10/10 Made sure we all got what we asked for, nuff said.

Overall: 9/10 Would call to run an event again.

Any other comments: I got a spooky shard and I will name it George.
Character: Isacc Marley 
Which Event: The Great Treasure Hunt 

Responsiveness: 10/10- They had stuff prepared for us at every step of the way. Things also progressed rather smoothly to keep us engaged. 

Balance: 9/10- I have no complaints here either. The battles were tough and challenging as they were intended to be and if things seemed like it was overwhelming or just nonsensical, then changes were made to correct this. 

Storytelling: 10/10- They kept to the theme quite well and each post was fairly immersive and fun. You could tell they prepared beforehand because they were able to keep the flow of things going without any long breaks or hiccups. 

Fairness: I think everything was done quite fairly. I don't believe there was any bias to any one person in particular. Be it in the fights or otherwise. Everyone got equal chances at stuff and equal chances to shine so yeah, pretty fair if you ask me. 

Considering this was their first time DM'ing, It was overall a good experience and I'd love to have them DM for me again though on a more challenging and dangerous event next time. Big Grin
Character: Seth Valmonte
Which Event: The Great Treasure Hunt

Responsiveness: 10/10 There were no delays with narration and actions.
Balance: 7/10 In the initial fight there was a  bit of back and forth in terms of stats, but it was quickly rectified.
Storytelling: 8/10 The storyline's beginning tied in very well with the ghastly crew, and the thought-provoking twist with the inclusion of riddles (which weren't over the top) as well was a nice touch. Maybe the same could've been done towards the end in terms of following the synergy of the story prior but overall I enjoyed it!
Fairness: 10/10 I find there was a good amount of risk vs reward.

Overall: 9/10 Would definitely call on them for another event!

Any other comments:
Character: Deva Valmonte
Which Event: Celestial Odyssey

Responsiveness: 10/10 As per usual, fast as hell narration and it was on point. Kept me engaged in the story of it all and inspired funny banter from the party.
Balance: 9.5/10 Listen, Touhou stressed me out less than the last fight did. In a good way mind you. A .5 is only missing because I wanted to make a joke, it's a HCoD I was expecting death, pain, and donuts and all I got was this 'I Fucked UP!' T-shirt. So really it's a 10/10.
Storytelling: 9/10 This one actually had a lot of dev for my character that I was kind of looking forward to have inspire her to learn more. So mission accomplished.
Fairness: 10/10 Made sure we all got what we asked for, nuff said. I said this before but fuck your couch!

Overall: 9/10 Would call to run an event again.
Character: Seth Valmonte

Which Event: Celestial Oddysey

Responsiveness: 10/10- Quick but at the same time never taking away from the quality of the moment. 

Balance: 10/10 - Since going on their last event, the balancing of the enemies was smoother and didn't feel too overwhelming nor did they feel like a pushover. Excellent job!

Storytelling: 8/10 - The immersion remained and the quality wasn't lacking either. Perhaps just a little more interaction or exploration could've taken place! Not to say the riddles weren't good, but just a little more worldbuilding and a solid 10/10 is an easy score. 

Fairness: 10/10 There was nothing lacking in this regard, items were issued accordingly, people were allowed to shine in their respective categories and the event remained feeling smooth and progressive throughout.

Overall: 9/10 Would love to have them as a DM again.
Character: Balar
Which Event: Nightmare in Aetius

Much like with my first event, I never felt like I had to wait longer than I should. Everything was very smooth!
Admittedly, I felt like the encounters were a bit on the weaker side. This is just my personal opinion, but I love harder fights that leave me struggling and panicking for my own survival. As this is my second event ever, it was also my first time with fights that used the RPB box rather than enabling local friendly fire. I can see the appeal of such, and there was an EC I liked alot because I felt like they used the format in a really fun way. 
Sadly, because of some mild irl circumstances as well as the late hour (Not to fault the DM, I went in willingly knowing how late it'd run) I was more of an observer to everything that happened but I really enjoyed the story. I'm a huge fan of all kinds of horror, and especially lovecraftian horror so it hit all the right spots for me.
Very good, me and a couple others went in as substitutes for the event but still received some fun loot with good hooks for further character development.

Overall: 8/10 - It was a fun event with a really enjoyable story even as a spectator. Definitely would recommend for further events. 

(Sorry for the late review I succumbed to Minecraft)
[Image: b6bWoga.png]
Character: K'thul

Which Event: Nightmare in Aetius: Dream Warriors

Responsiveness: Narrations were done in a good time and we never had to wait for too long for any of them, and the DM also gave a heads-up to us when they were narrating so we'd know when they'd seen our responses and started their response which included the player's actions within them.

Balance: Bosses did feel a little bit weak, but still provided a strong challenge to face and contend against. It was also nice to see that each one also used different magics from each other that added diversity to the boss fights. 

Storytelling: It was my first Tower of Aetius event, but it was a fun and engaging introduction to climbing it's floors. The tale of a town fallen to corruption and decay in their attempts to appease the ever-growing demands for sacrifices by what dwelled there was interesting and held nice horror elements to it.

Fairness: Rewards were worth the danger the party went into and provided a nice bit of a development for those involved.

Overall: 10/10
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