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Woah, this dude's still making descriptions?
It's true, though some people didn't seem to be aware so I suppose it's about time for another post.

Rate remains at $5 USD per desc commissioned, and tips continue to be greatly appreciated as always (thank u to everyone who's done such.)
[Image: intima.png][Image: beorg.png][Image: charon.png][Image: kitchi2.png]
[Image: commandant.png]
[Image: ormici2.png]
As usual, I can be reached at Folian#1395 on discord. Wait times for descs may vary, but I always try to get them done within a day!
[Image: corpoggo.png]
Big fan of making descriptions. Thanks to everyone for keeping the commissions along over the past few weeks, it's always appreciated.
If you're looking to commission a desc for just $5 USD, shoot a dm to Folian#1395 (may need to add me as a friend first) and I'll see what I can do.

[Image: Catalyst.png]
[Image: charon_2.png]

[Image: Gorgon.png]
[Image: taethion.png]
[Image: vilhem2.png]
[Image: vilhelm.png]
[Image: corpoggo.png]
Still making descriptions for those interested! DMs are still open at Folian#1395 on discord for those looking to commission ($5usd per desc)
My schedule might find itself a bit more busy over the coming days/weeks, but I'll try to reply to requests within a reasonable timeframe!

This batch features by-far the most cursed thing I have created. Pay it little heed.
[Image: ryllie.png]
[Image: Jensen.png]
[Image: solomon.png]
[Image: thrain.png]
[Image: corpoggo.png]
Hey! Just a reminder that my commissions are still open. All of the business lately has been greatly appreciated, as the money I have been making from this has been helping to pay for my ability to attend university, and all around make my life easier in these difficult times.

If you're interested in commissioning a description, as always, you can shoot a message to Folian#1395. Here's a few more profiles I've created lately if you're hoping to get an idea of my style.

[Image: evangeline.png]
[Image: gunnulf.png]
[Image: Cherry.png]
[Image: rufu2s.png]
[Image: Cassius.png]
[Image: corpoggo.png]

while i am not playing the game, I am not dead. therefore, I am still making descriptions cuz my gpu recently started to die and I need mone.

here are a few i've made over the past month or so.

DM Folian#1395 on discord if you're interested in commissioning.

[Image: karma.png]
[Image: ahriman.png]
[Image: niesha.png]
[Image: hagnar.png]
[Image: corpoggo.png]
[Image: image.png]
My comms are still open, they are never closed unless I say otherwise here.
I am still poor.
Therefore, give me money at Folian#1395 on discord.

Here's some of my more recent creations that I'm particularly pleased with, and that I think I won't be stabbed for sharing.
[Image: envoy.png]
[Image: zelfina2.png]
[Image: Genesis.png]
[Image: Lucien.png]
[Image: Aura.png]
Commission rate remains at $5 usd.
Thank you to everyone who has commissioned me as of late, it remains greatly appreciated.
[Image: corpoggo.png]
[Image: halflight.png]



My commissions remain open to all who desire to give me money and would like me to provide something which hopefully proves itself to be above sub-par. My style continues to evolve and mutate with each batch, and it's always interesting to timeline it through these posts in a way.
If you're interested in commissioning, just shoot a dm to Folian#1395 on discord. You might have to friend me first, but I promise I might only call you one (1) slur.

[Image: ushina.png]
[Image: glufdor.png]
[Image: volkemorde.png]
[Image: Senna.png]
[Image: corpoggo.png]
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