NymueStarfall Academy - A New Generation
With the oncoming generation, the structure of the Academy adapts...!
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Welcome to Starfall Academy! With the upcoming year 1844, a few formal structures are put unto place...!

On Graduation

The primary goal of Starfall Academy is to ensure that every diploma-bearing graduate is deemed capable for their generation as a mage of competent prowess.

The Academy avoids discrimination for those who have come into their magic late. In order to ensure competence and function from all individual students, every 5 and 0 year will be demarcated by a Graduation Examination.

While this usually involves a contest of arms alongside a demonstration of other valuable talents for those less martially inclined, the precise nature of it will change yearly- As will the standards.

While the Headmaster rarely removes a student, being deferred to the next attempt at graduation can allow an individual who has already completed five years the opportunity to aim for it again while developing themselves independently in adulthood.

On Academics

Moving forwards, class schedules will be posted in this thread when teachers will be running courses. Some may be on somewhat short notice.

In order to prepare for the varying exams, three additional areas to potentially excel in for graduation purposes will be listed. Each of these will be accompanied by a personalized boon from the Academy, on graduation.

  • Ranked Combatants [Image: unknown.png]
One of a set of 15 small, simple Bluesteel medals stamped with a numerical value can be obtained from the Headmaster. While initially, these will be simply handed out as come as serve, the goal to obtain the highest numbers by Graduation day will be palpable. Any individual holding one can be called by any with a lower number at a reasonable hour to the gymnasium for a bout - Refusal is impermissible without yielding one's medal, but a request may be deferred to a later time within the week as academy studies take precedence. The winner of the bout can opt to swap medals with the loser.

At the time of a graduation exam, the #1, #2, and #3 medal bearers can request boons of decreasing rarity from a pool dictated at the event.

A command rune will cause the metal to corrode and dissolve the piece at will, as well as verify it's legitimacy to the proper controller. It has no other magical properties.

  • Artificer's Imbuement
At the time of graduation, every student vying for graduation is welcomed to bring forth a pinnacle of their craft.

Judged by the professors and students alike with different criteria per year, up to three pieces of significant investment might be enchanted and enhanced at the hands of the faculty writ large. It is encouraged to put the effort forth into creating something particularly unique and outstanding to be considered for this achievement.

  • Arcana Championship [Image: unknown.png]
Not all individuals measure themselves in raw strength, nor in unique work, compared to their willingness to strategize, display patience, and accrue themselves as functional members of society enough to enjoy children's cards games writ large. 

A set of three ribbons- 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be handed out in an initial tournament. Much like the Ranked Combatants, the bearers of the ribbons can each be challenged to a rematch that can be deferred to once a week per individual. These will each yield a prize pool, in turn, at the time of Graduation.

  • Academic Merits
Any Professor may, at the end of a class, inform the Headmaster of Students of Merit. Some may be equitable to handing it out to all attendees- Others may reserve it for outstanding students. Regardless, the students with merits will be entered into a raffle at the Graduation Exam for a set of prizes. Those with the most may be eligible to win a prize...

The next Graduation Ceremony will be held in 1850.

Teachers, make use of the below template, and post in this thread!
[b]Date:[/b] ##/##/2021
[b]Time:[/b] ##:## EST
[size=small][b]Additional Notes[/b]:   [/size]

Event runners, make use of the below template, and post in this thread!
[b]Date:[/b] ##/##/2021
[b]Time:[/b] ##:## EST
[size=small][b]Additional Notes[/b]:   [/size]
Class: Metallurgy and You!
Professor: Katrin Weiss

Date: 05/09/2021
Time: 4:00 EST
Additional Notes: A brief lesson on the basics of metallurgy and simple artificing theory. Useful to know a broad spectrum of valuable, rare materials for all kinds of projects great and small.
Class: Curses and You: A Lecture on Self-Defense against the Dark Arts and Witchcraft
Professor: Maertock Reave

Date: 5/11
Time: 7PM EST
Additional Notes: Someone in your head whispering and it's not the schizophrenia? Tired of being cursed and hexed to pieces? Get a lecture from an old shark with intimate knowledge of the dread coven antics that adorn this land, and the best manner in which to prevent the loss of your soul to Helheimic sacrifice.
Class: Physical Education: Manaball 101
Professor: Arturo Zaltov.

Date: 5/9/2021
Time: 11:00AM EST
Additional Notes: Wake up with a refreshing game of ManaBall. Arturo Zaltov will instruct the class in the basics of the sport, and begin sanctioned ManaBall tournaments in future classes. May also occasionally involve actual physical education. 
Class: Holy Lessons and the Arts of Exorcism
Professor: Chaska Alder

Date: 05 /10 /2021
Time: 8:00pm EST
Additional Notes: Welcome to Holy Lessons 101. In this introductory course we will be going over what holy magic is, how it counters occultic magic, and how to find your intent and focus if you wish to become a holy magi.

The first half of the class can be appreciated by all interested parties of any magical tree, however, the second half will be dedicated to those seeking to learn the holy arts and manifesting their first holy orbs or auras.
Class: Medical Procedures!
Professor: Saki Linnen

Date: 05/12/2021
Time: 6:00 PM EST

While many know the basics of how to treat simple wounds, I understand that many may have problems with the more complicates ones, such as damage to the Magical Circuit, or Internal injuries! This class will go over how to best handle these types of problems. Feel free to make suggestions of your own and help one another out! Open discussions are always welcome! Just make sure to listen.

This class may be extended into another date depending on how smoothly things go!
[Image: Smug_Thyme.png]
Initial Medals! Beginning of the ranked combatants!

Date: 05/12/2021
Time: 05:00 EST
Additional Notes: The Headmaster will be handing out an initial set of medals out for competition in the gymnasium! While the initial handouts will be randomized, the students present will be urged to begin challenging one another there.

Arcana Tournament!

Date: 05/14/2021
Time: 06:00 EST
Additional Notes: The final reward will be the prize ribbons, later to become the full rewards on graduation!
Professor:Saki Linnen

Date: 05/19/2021
Time: 6:00 PM EST
Additional Notes:While this will be a broad class on Philosophy as a whole and there will be open discussion amongst the whole class, there may be a focus on a few specific topics such as, Right and Wrongs, as well as Moral Obligations! 
[Image: Smug_Thyme.png]
Class: Holy and Occultic magic and their workings in the world.
Professor: Chaska Alder

Date: 05 /21 /2021
Time: 7:00pm EST
Additional Notes:

Come attend an lecture / open debate on the ethics and function of holy and occultic magic. The first half of class will be dedicated to teaching the understanding of holy and occultic magic as well as talking about the current state of balance between light and dark in the world. The second half of class will be an open debate about the different types of magic. All opinions and mindsets are welcome to fuel healthy debate.
Class: Pyromancy - Learning to wield your inner fire!
Professor: Ael Gelmont

Date: 05/20/2021
Time: 6:00 EST
Additional Notes: This will be a course primarily aimed towards teaching students how to wield Fire magic, however there will be techniques and tactics taught for defense against such magic, as well as improved overall fire safety.
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