I-0io DM
Key: i0

Event Preferences: things with like, less than five people. i WILL run your solo event, and i WILL have a good time, and YOU will have a good time, or your money back. i do this for free. there's no money involved. i'm sorry.

also i'm terrible at balancing ECs and the like and terrible at combat in general so i'd rather give you fun puzzles. if your event is a murderhunt i'm probably not gonna be good at it. be warned. i am the riddlespeaker, not the bloodspeaker.

Contact Information: you should probably just hit me on the forums. discord isn't real

Anything Else: do your best
mouse delenda est
Relic of the Void
All narrates were super quick. I really liked that you were open to do smaller, back and forth narrates vs giant walls that sort of ignore the smaller details. Made it very immersive.
I can not speak on balance. We didn't fight much.
Storytelling was phenomenal. You really understood the lore, and were able to use it to create something spectacular. It will go down as one of my favorite events thus far.
Very fair.
I highly recommend you request I-O for events.
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