oyedboatsSifting Through the Ruins
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“So th’ castle’s fucked, as is Osrona. Now I ain’t recall th’ last time I got paid by th’ O’der… Think I’m goin’ t’ get m’ check.”

Synopsis: With the destruction of Osrona and desecration of the castle Thalis could only watch on in a mixture of horror and interest as the dust settled afar. Tales of the castle’s coffers and perhaps even a vault had circulated before… There was bound to be something within those walls. Heading down unto where he believes an entryway into the vault is with a group they set out for some treasures - No matter the cost. There was bound to be some un-pillaged leftovers, right?
Character Name/Contact Info: Thalis Avitus/oyedboats#1671
Extra Attendees: To be gathered, no more than 3 total. The group will be a total of four people.
Tone: Dungeon delving, ruinous.
Risk: CoD
Rewards: Treasures, coins, baubles, perhaps some form of artifact (this can be dropped if need be).
DM: Searching
The clown would come out of retirement for one last heist.
Ro rhymes with dough.
kalina will join if need be.. let's get this bread
aerys taiyang
Treasure...Noriko wants the shiny
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anyone got some aloe vera lol
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