BelladonaThe Dawn and The Dusk - Ananke Lewra and Andre Osrila.
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Metaphisical, Time, Ilusion, Shadow - and other things.

Your mother made you a promise; DO NOT ORPHANING YOU. So her journey, for all those years, has been to keep you safe and away from all the conflicts that happened during your childhood. As a caring mother, she made sure to give you a peaceful childhood. And she lived up to her words.
Even with her chest flowing with countless emotions, usually the worst she could ever feel, that sweet, gentle smile never left her face when she took care of you. You keep memories of the hearty dinners she prepared for you, the chocolate puddings you always asked for, and all the gifts she saved for you when grown up. She is a proud Lewra, and she has taught what she knows to the oldest and given lectures to the youngest.
All she wants is to feel you being as proud of carrying our Bloodline as she's ever been because you represent that your grandfather still lives, wherever he is now.

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Metal, Energy, Cosmic, Armed
Your father was one of the most loyal Ryonish to the Crown and Faith of Osrona. For the nobles, he put himself at risk countless times. Until, on his last march to fight Promethia alongside Moxtli, he never returned. There are secrets that your mother refrained from telling you when you were younger, but she never stopped you from knowing what kind of warrior and leader your father was.  One of the brightest Radiants, the son of Adriel Osrila, and trained by Azen Locktain. And his heart beat for justice, and during his brief stint, he wanted to change the world. Unfortunately, your father was murdered even before you were old enough to understand what he stood for and the sacrifice he made to make this world a better place for you, his children. 
Now you are the change he left as an inheritance for this world.
  • You are four siblings; The first to be playable will be the twins, who have inherited the Lewra bloodline. You two will be able to spawn in 1925. One of your other two brothers is free to choose between being an Osrila and having his uncle Armin Osrila as his guardian, while the younger will remain in on mother's care. In 1926 the Osrila lineage can spawn, while the youngest child will spawn in 1927.

  • The Lewra bloodline will have their hair following the patterns of Taipan Lewra and Ananke Lewra, black and white. Whether just a lock or half of the hair. Your mother has blue eyes. (yes, i will sprite your hair)

  • The Osrila bloodline will have a tan skin tone, dark hair, and yellow eyes. (However, you cannot be mechanically a Rhyonur, so you have to be a human)

  • No matter which of the bloodlines you choose, our family keeps countless secrets. To know about these secrets, you must prove to be trustworthy (Please, no attempt to spy/snitch/betray plots.)
What will you gain?
  • Your mother is Dualcrafter. She is working on crafting uniques for each of you and potions to help your development.

  • By allegiance of your mother to Novus, and only to Novus, it may be possible for you to learn and owe many things to them. Even after the destruction caused by the Demon Slayers.

  • We have a lot of people working hard to help your mom. You know Jikanu, your aunties Astraea Lewra and Mika, and Roland.

I'm looking for mains for the twins since I've been active only with Ananke all those time and I'm really putting such effort to plan things for her first children. Everything else will be discussed icly and rp together!

Feel free to DM me on DISC: Belladona#5337
We still accepting children! Don't be shy and come to be my spoiled son/daughter
One more last spot! Come here, don't be shy!
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