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(08-17-2021, 07:08 AM)Oyster. Wrote:
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Requested By: Usidore the Blue
Pre-Requisites: Wits, kindness and c̶̛͇ô̶̼m̸̙͘p̴̱͋a̵̘̾s̸̹̅s̴̹̾ḯ̵̝o̴͖͒ǹ̶̫
Recommended # of Participants:
3000 currency, OR [redacted].
Additional Information: The slime only comes out at night; this is a late night event (9pm est onwards).

Target Quest: Slime
Accepted By: Ehren 'Ehrena' Kriyer
Faction/Settlement: Adventurer's Guild
Participants: Oyassa Viznaz, Aezl Craegach Sentis, Vishous, Sigurd Craegach, others from the Sohan's Adventurer's Guild
Average RPL: 180 - 200
Additional Information: Don't hug it this time, you'll kill it. Or please do.
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