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The Bounty Board - A New Age of Adventuring! - BLOX - 07-11-2021

[Image: quest_board_by_atticancensus_dcaj5vu-fullview.png]
"Hmm... what's that?"
"Don't know. It just showed up one night."
"Hey... hold on- we can make some good money by doing this stuff!"

The board first appeared inside Starfall Academy. Then, in the slums of Achyon. Shadowmire. Osrona. Moxtli. One by one, these mysterious bounty boards, all linked to each other, were placed up in every settlement and popular gathering spot, offering promises of great wealth and prosperity. People were questioned, and investigations were launched, but at the end of it all, no one seemed to be able to find the people who lead this organization.
Eventually, the streets called them the Benefactors.
With promises of great wealth and adventure, the Benefactors have sparked the flare of adventuring in Esshar. Citizens come to an agent with their problem, and they find that it's resolved rather quickly in exchange for something of value. Wealthy individuals get other people to do their work for them. And adventurers, young and old, experienced and green, come together to create the next big boom in the economy.

Thus marks a new era! Come one, come all, to the Golden Age of Adventuring!
1. These are a series of 'available on demand' events that are distributed with the intention of giving myself (and other DMs who may want to participate) the opportunity to give people things to do! The events are pre-planned, pre-approved, and posted, scaling to various difficulties so that anyone of any RPL can find something that they may want to do!
2. Parties must be pre-organized. While these events can be attempted solo, they're scaled to a difficulty class, which means that if you intend on doing so, please do so with caution!
3. All information about the quest that may contribute to length/difficulty will be made visible. Though, it is possible for secret encounters to occur, as well.
4. While drop-rewards exist, it is generally agreed upon that the only thing that is guaranteed on the event is the rewards that are provided at the bottom of the listing. This also means that if you bring more people than there are rewards, loot will NOT be provided for everyone.
5. After a participant request is placed in response to a post, the DM will accept the party of their choosing, and proceed with the event.
6. ICly, all quests are submitted through an agent of the Benefactors, and all quests are accepted from a bounty board in your respective settlement. They can be found in different places throughout your respective city.

1. Before posting your listing, ensure that your event plan has already been approved! When listing loot, ensure that you list any possible drop rewards and the rewards the party receives upon submitting the quest.
2. Listings should be updated to indicate their acceptance as soon as you've gotten the details down. Do this to ensure there's no confusion as to what's available and what isn't.
3. Are you a new DM? Good!! If you want to post a listing to practice DMing, then feel free! Think of this as a training ground for you so that you can pick up better and better events!
4. All quests that do not have a submission tag (as in you don't really care who submitted it/it isn't important) can be marked as being requested by the Benefactors.
5. Any DM can participate in the bounty board! Bring your ideas! Bring your wild antagonist ideas, bring your new icons, bring your new props! No prior experience needed!
6. Remember to include any relevant information- your time zone, your contact information, etc., in your listing!
7. If you're an experienced DM, or just find that the template below doesn't fit your style, feel free to alter it! After all, there is more than one Benefactor.
8. The Benefactors are an unknown group. Think of them like the IC representation of us DMs. As such, feel free to make your own Benefactor OC.
9. The pre-requisite section is where anything that the party might need to attempt the hunt goes. This can include things like bait, specific tools, so-on! This is not required- just something that may serve as a barrier for parties wanting to challenge a particularly rewarding/challenging bounty!

Provided below are templates for bounty listings, and templates for participants.
DMs do not have to follow the bounty listings. Participants do, unless a listing says otherwise.

Bounty Listing Template

Quest Name:
Requested By:
Recommended # of Participants:
Additional Information:

Participant Template
Target Quest:
Accepted By:
Average RPL:
Additional Information:

RE: The Bounty Board - A New Age of Adventuring! - BestMori - 07-11-2021

[Image: Untitled_1.png]

RE: The Bounty Board - A New Age of Adventuring! - BLOX - 07-11-2021

[Image: image-2021-07-10-234918.png]
PICTURED ABOVE: A C-131 M.TECH Submission Golem
A rogue magical construct has arisen! Someone is needed to eliminate it. The weakness is the core located in it's chest, but it will throw everything at you while you attempt to disable it! Bring the core back to your local bounty board to collect your reward!
Requested By: Benefactor B.
Difficulty: High COI.
Recommended # of Participants: 4
Reward: 3000 G for each participant + anything scavenged off of the creature.

RE: The Bounty Board - A New Age of Adventuring! - Mkat - 07-11-2021

Target Quest: Crystal Salamander
Accepted By: Melody lux Vel Kruger
Faction/Settlement: Osrona
Participants: Melody, Angelo, Mitsuhide, Maazu, Julian
Average RPL: 200+
Additional Information: Gathering some additional people for the max size of 5 [hard to do with the byond issue today]

RE: The Bounty Board - A New Age of Adventuring! - Shaqdaddy94 - 07-11-2021

Target Quest:[b] A C-131 M.TECH Submission Golem[/b]

[Image: image-2021-07-10-234918.png]

Accepted By: 
The Crew
[Image: 256ad889b3ed9414b3efedfa4b293b89.png]
Faction/Settlement: Burly News Crew/Neutral Settlement
Participants: Burly Aldes, Lynra Aldes, Sigurd and Sohan 
Average RPL: 190 or 200+
Additional Information: Will be provided down the line

RE: The Bounty Board - A New Age of Adventuring! - BLOX - 07-11-2021

[Image: image-2021-07-10-234918.png]

"Man... those Burly guys sure know how to dress."
- Benefactor B., on a job well done.
SHOTCALLER - Lynra Aldes
BEST SUPPORT - Sigurd Creagach

RE: The Bounty Board - A New Age of Adventuring! - BLOX - 07-12-2021

ACCEPTED BY: Ilya pyr Docro and Company
Reward - 2000G per person.

"The Chickadee I use to pull my wagon was spooked, and ran away! Please bring her back unharmed!"

[Image: 76e84e604ffb1562dc35a135ffbbe0b4.png]
Requested By: Caravan Colleen
Difficulty: Easy

Pre-Requisites: 1 Stun/Root Skill is required! A speed boost is highly recommended! Bringing jerky is highly recommended!
Recommended # of Participants: 3
Reward: 2000G for each participant
Additional Information: If the target creature is slain, the quest is failed!

RE: The Bounty Board - A New Age of Adventuring! - Pxledxys - 07-12-2021

Target Quest: Untitled Caravan Bird M.I.A
Accepted By: Ilya pyr Docro
Faction/Settlement: N/A
Participants: Alumdra Illhardt
Average RPL: 215+
Additional Information: trying to get another smol guy to join us icly

RE: The Bounty Board - A New Age of Adventuring! - Neutral - 07-12-2021

[Image: HVNXS.png]
An untamed trio of elemental spirits has taken shelter on a plot of land a Benefactor owns. Due to the spiritual nature of the threat, special containment devices will be provided on-site to interested parties. A reward of three-thousand coins for each elemental slain. In addition, the contain devices will allow one to extract the essence of each elemental. Be advised the elemental trio is of Fire, Earth, and Water respectively.

[This will be held sometime within the week! Please contact me at Neutral #8581 if you have a group that would like to attend!]

RE: The Bounty Board - A New Age of Adventuring! - chance - 07-12-2021


[Image: JsN3OH5.png]

A remnant terrorist group that splintered off in the downfall from Achyon has been on the rise and laying waste to unguarded countryside villages, pillaging indiscriminately and purposely focusing on lesser, rural targets while building themselves up within their stolen stronghold. They've become a bane for the neighboring city states between Theria and Osrona. The rogue faction, equipped with magitech and a handful of formidable magi and trained infantry, is led by one of several War Lords that broke off and became independent with the collapse of the Empire's territories in Esshar, Gnaeus Auila, Commander of the The Srulkahr
Requested By: Mayor Waelon
Difficulty: Hard - Permanent injuries should be expected! High reward!

Duration: Estimated to last for roughly an hour. 
Recommended # of Participants: 8
Reward: A generous share of the spoils. Aided by the local militia, the magi will be compensated well. From high grade materials to excellent weaponry. 
DM: Chance
Additional Information: Preferences towards those who haven't taken a quest yet. Lower RPLs welcome as I can adjust to the party!