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The Demons of Atrellya

Some time ago, there was an expedition by the Witches of Moonfall to retrieve a treasured relic. This object of power will take them to a particular, abandoned building deep into the woodlands, where they'll attempt to open a gateway directly to the heart of Atrellya, the land of the Seven Demon Clans...

Quote:All demons of Atrellya are said to descended from Indras, an Abyssal Lord of great power that rivalled Mordred during the mythical era. While these demons might appear deceptively human, they're capable of unveiling their 'true self' by transforming. They also do not have horns in their human form unless they've reached a point of ascension, but red eyes and elongated fangs are common.

There are three kinds of demons: Pureblooded, Felblooded, and Nephalam. Pureblooded are born of strong bloodlines and have a distinct transformation, Felblooded will appear as a kaor when they transform, and Nephalam are humans that are part-demon.
  • The demonkind will reside within their tower. They'll have a spawnpoint, and a select few will be on par with the current top contenders. The DMs will be working on public events, but as always, the main focus will be character to character interactions and developments.
Demon Racials
  • +5 Occult Power Passive
  • Telepathy
  • Kaor Transformation: A buff-type spell that adds a demonic appearance, grants stats.
  • Demonic Transformation: Upgrades kaor transformation, and retains the person's original appearance. They 'gain their horns'.
  • Those with a talent in witchcraft can form a summoning pact with demons. This spell is called 'Black Circle'.

Available Roles
  • Pureblooded: A demon with a distinct transformation.
  • Felblooded: A demon that's typically an enforcer.
  • Apostate: A human occultist serving the demons. May be a part of an Atrellya witch coven.

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