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Demons are magical beings present in number throughout the world of Eternia, typically more dense in population away from human civilization. Some kingdoms, such as Esshar, have even managed to push the race back entirely from their lands, a sign of power and prosperity, though they can still be found occasionally. This tends to be in the wilderness, such as high up on the mountains and deep in the forest, or dwelling in secrecy within large cities and secluded towns. As far as any significant organization of their kind goes, the most notable is the nation of Atrellya, the homeland of the eight great demon clans. These bloodlines are also the strongest, able to be traced back to notable ancestors during the Mythical Era.

  • Their origins begun in the mythical era when Archmagi Amalia Elaide, the First Witch, the betrothed of the Lord of Helheim, and a Warlord of Astya, spun the nightmares of man into nature, melding the deep occultic influence directly with the mythical beasts of the land: the wolves, giant spiders, serpents and tigers. The result was an army of apex predators under her command, and she went on to conquer many countries for the ancient nation.
  • Occult Magic is a demon's natural element. While it can very easily drive a human mad, a demon is not susceptible to its side-effects. They can however still go insane through other factors, though by human standards many demons would already be considered mad regardless.
  • The distinctive difference between humanity and demonkind is the latter's predatory instincts. They're an intelligent, highly capable species who feel very little, if any, empathy and act out of self-interest; the concept of morality isn't something demons have reason to care about. This makes them a natural threat as a rival species. Their nature embodies the destructive aspects of the Occult.
  • The most powerful of their kind in history are the Abyssal Lords, able to threaten the stability of entire kingdoms alone should they choose to. Lesser demons serve under them and in some cases they're even revered as dark gods, with several Abyssal Lords having lived through the millennia. Their true forms tend to be colossal in size, a testament to the sheer amount of magical power they possess.
  • Demons are able to reproduce through multiple methods. They can do so asexually, where they amass a large batch of occultic eggs of weaker felblooded spawn. They can 'couple' with another demon of the opposite sex to produce a single child, and the pregnancy lasts for roughly a month once they achieve human form. And while a demon can technically reproduce with a human, the odds are incredibly slim, with stillborn being commonplace.

Types of Demons[edit]


The vast majority of demons are Felblooded. These lesser stock are produced in batches, many dozen at a time, and are typically short-lived, acting as enforcers and direct underlings. They often take on a more typical 'demon' appearance when transformed, rather than inherit the features of progenitor.

Felblooded can achieve the same heights as their brethren. The majority tend to take the role as foot soldiers, however.


These are born of a pairing between two demons that share the same clan, producing a child with great potential.


Neither demon or human, half and half. Some say they are a purposeful mockery of humanity by an Abyssal Lord, while others claim a demon fell in love with a human. Regardless of the truth, they're despised by all of demonkind and their occult nature makes them a danger to humans.

Seven Great Demon Clans[edit]

The nation of Atrellya is a kingdom where strength rules. There are very few humans, the marshland and dense, humid jungles have been ruled by the demons. There are seven demon clans in particular that have consolidated control over the land.

  • Spider: Spider demons are able to produce dense spider silk as strong and sharp as steel. Even in their human forms multiple legs can sprout out from their back, as well as have far more eyes than others in their human form. Their sensory capabilities are a cut above most, able to see within even the darkest of caverns.
  • Moth: The silk weavers. Moth demons are renown for their strong winds and acidic nature, as well as their pride.
  • Bat: They prefer deep, dark caverns, weakened by the sunlight. Their special powers include hyper sonic blasts and enhanced sensory manipulation.
  • Snake: Serpents are rarely found in distinct 'clans' like many others in Demonkind. Living close by one another though rarely working together to do more than defend territory. Solitary in nature, their venom can paralyze even a Wolf with one bite, making for an easy meal.
  • Wolf: The noble wolf, Honor-bound and focused. The size alone of their more demonic form is said to rival all other demon clans, with more notable Wolves stood at triple the size of a Fox.
  • Fox: Fox demons are masterful shapeshifters and troublemakers. They have a peculiar appetite towards human flesh, at times a rare feast for their clan within Artellya.
  • Tiger: Dominant and proud. Feared among even the greater of demon clans, many even in their more humanoid form can possess more cat-like features. Claws and fangs capable of shredding through iron plate with relative ease.