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The Settlements - past and present - of Esshar.


Osrona: The former capital of the Kingdom of Esshar, and current capital of the Kingdom of Osrona.

Garljing's Coat: The Fireblooded's - and lately Ebonblooded's - foothold on Esshar after Theria's seclusion.

Aesirheim: The colony of the Vanirhallan's upon Esshar.

Asphodel: Once the great Kingdom of Vampires, now fallen to a den of brigands and monsters.


Myllenoris: The once great city of the Teraphim, now largely a footnote in history.

Theria: The hub of the Fireblooded, now largely isolationist.

Moxtli: The Tribelands of the immigrant Gehennans, now destroyed.

Achyon: The Barsburgian foothold, decayed into Pauper and then ultimately destroyed.