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  • Map: The map has been improved to be more linear which means commonly travelled routes and worldly interaction between characters. Theria, Osrona, Mylennoris, and Ilburg are the starting cities.
  • Rhoynish Racials: The Rhoynish gain double the amount of Activity Points bonus from dangerous battles, and have an ability, Battle Cry, that cleanses debuffs and grants immunity for 10s.
  • Teraphim Racials: Crystal Heart is a buff that grants a heal over time and an AP bonus, and Essence Strike teleports you to the target, dealing mild damage. They have an RPP discount on the opener of Crystal Magic.
  • Mana Amnesia: This potion has been reworked to refund every ability aside from spell tree openers, such as elemental attunement.
  • Blackout: This potion has been adjusted for the current stat system. It allows you to re-spec your stat points.
  • Adds bows, rifles, katana, and whip sprites to blacksmithing customization options.
  • Being younger than 18 is now just a flat -10% DR, and being older than 50 is still -1% DR each year, except it caps at 60 years old / -10%. May change in the future, but the system of age being such a massive decider in fairly niche cases didn't seem sensible. Now it's still heavy but not as outright debilitating.
  • The prefix command /setspawn will change your spawnpoint to the tile you're standing on. It doesn't work indoors.


  • Addition: You can now view the stats of a spell by clicking its name in the spell tree. Example.
  • Change: Adjusts the bonus modifiers of anvils in artificing. They are now:

Stone: 1% Uncommon, 1% Rare, 0% Ultra.

Iron: 10% Uncommon, 3% Rare, 1% Ultra. 5000c

Bronze: 10% Uncommon, 5% Rare, 1.5% Ultra. 10000c

Silver: 10% Uncommon, 7% Rare, 2% Ultra. 25000c

Gold: 15% Uncommon, 10% Rare, 3% Ultra. 50000c

  • Change: The witchcraft spell, Hex, no longer displays the caster's name in the message or the injury.


  • Change: Replaces the 'Battle Level' artefact with RPL requirements for items.
  • Change: Discounts on the opener spell from races was counting towards the intermediate requirement of 50, making it harder for races with that affinity in certain circumstances. They no longer do so.
  • Change: Crystal Heart's visual has been changed; it floats above the caster now, rather than circling them.
  • Change: Telepathy exchanges now display in IC logs.
  • Change: The result of a roleplay battle now displays in IC logs.
  • Change: Rabbit's Foot drop rate increased.
  • Change: Sludge drop rate increased.
  • Change: Significantly increases Crellus's drop rates, and adds Sludge to its list.
  • Fix: Crystal Heart's AP bonus was not applying.
  • Fix: The Alchemy Desk sprite was not displaying.
  • Fix: Binding Chains & Crushing Iron were using the same cooldown.
  • Fix: The range on Essence Strike was not working correctly, limiting it to 4 tiles. It now functions at its proper range.
  • Fix: The region system that was used for area rituals in artificing has been remade.


  • Addition: You can now pick up coin and add it to your inventory with SHIFT + Click. This can be stored in inventories and in chests, instead of the 'coin' stat.
  • Change: You're no longer prompted to post a roleplay for woodcutting.
  • Change: The invisible defense/resilience stats have been outright removed.
  • Change: You can no longer stack the small and big tags in roleplays.
  • Change: You can now access the Blood Magic spec via Bone or Water, rather than just Water.
  • Change: You can now access the Plasma Magic spec via Lightning or Fire, rather than just Fire.
  • Change: Trees no longer respawn immediately, since it was a little jarring and all trees repop when we reboot regardless.
  • Change: The /observe command now has a range of 50 tiles instead of 15.
  • Change: Increases the rate of RPP gain at 59 - 100 to 10, 100 - 150 from 4 to 5, and at 150 - 180 from 1 to 2.
  • Change: Reduces the energy cost on Alchemist's Eyes from 100 to 30.
  • Fix: The spell menu wasn't closing gracefully in certain interactions.
  • Fix: The AoE spawned by Volcanic Barrier wasn't always dealing damage.