Relics of Renown

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  • Caled.png Caledfwlch: A long sword that narrows towards the pointed tip, with a silvery surface that resembles a lake under the glow of Leonaus's midnight. Strikes of blue and gold center at the hilt and run up the mythril.
  • Starburn.png Starburn: An incandescent arcanium claymore that that shimmers in the hues of the cosmos, with a rainbow pearlescence that resembles a rainbow aurora betwixt the cosmos. A shard of a comet rests at it's center, said to have passed through the Leonaus constellation directly, and it's currently residing as an heirloom of the Queen family noble house.
  • SwordUwU3.png
    Elegy of Eden: A masterwork of various alloys and art-forms, culmination of seventy-three years of practice. Crafted by Faust Montiel sometime at the beginning of the 18th century. It is a parallel-blade design in which two bone figurines are locked in dance at the core. These are crafted with the bones of Sienne and Versail. All about the blade are etchings and carvings, runic sygaldry and enchanted leylines. If one turns the blade, its color appears to shimmer between sunrise and sunset. More engravings along the length of the blade appear to tell a tragic story about a maiden and a serpent. The cutting edge is said to have a venomous bite. Only two words grace the weapon on its hand-guard. "Dance Eternal."
  • Galadhrim.PNG
    Galadhrim: A long bow which houses a core of nevermelt ice wrapped in a barrier of protective Elderwood. Overtop of the Elderwood lays a mixture of Arcanium, Blue Mercury, and Mythril. It results in a brillant mixture of blue, moonsilver, and a black lustre overtop the ancient wood. The string itself is finely threaded Orchilacum woven into a sturdy string which glints with a hint of gold. There is a clasp at the top of the bow where the string is kept, holding it in place and upon which is an Owl, a watcher and a reminder that one is always loved. Carved into the side are the words, 'Hic Sunt Leones'. Crafted by Ophelia cos Montclaire in the year 1739AC.

Crown of Aschea[edit]


After breathing the first of the Teraphim to life, Aschea's essence vanished from the world. It's said the Overseer's body petrified and transformed into a small, glimmering, reddish-purple gem. A crystal corpse. The Teraphim guarded this relic and studied its magical properties. Upon the founding of Aschea's Faith, the first High Lord Randor Dinendir forged a crown of solid Arcanium to seat the jewel. The Crown of Aschea is the symbol of Myllenoris' power and the High Lord's connection with the Overseer. It grants the wearer absolute spiritual attunement, capable of hearing the whispers, seeing the movements of every spirit in the domain of Myllenoris.

Only the recognized High Lord of Myllenoris and Head of Aschea's Faith can wear the crown without angering the spirits of the land. Anyone else would be eventually destroyed by otherworldly supernatural forces they could not comprehend.