Relics of Renown

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  • Caled.png Caledfwlch: A long sword that narrows towards the pointed tip, with a silvery surface that resembles a lake under the glow of Leonaus's midnight. Strikes of blue and gold center at the hilt and run up the mythril.
  • Starburn.png Starburn: An incandescent arcanium claymore that that shimmers in the hues of the cosmos, with a rainbow pearlescence that resembles a rainbow aurora betwixt the cosmos. A shard of a comet rests at it's center, said to have passed through the Leonaus constellation directly, and it's currently residing as an heirloom of the Queen family noble house.
  • SwordUwU3.png
    Elegy of Eden: A masterwork of various alloys and art-forms, culmination of seventy-three years of practice. Crafted by Faust Montiel sometime at the beginning of the 18th century. It is a parallel-blade design in which two bone figurines are locked in dance at the core. These are crafted with the bones of Sienne and Versail. All about the blade are etchings and carvings, runic sygaldry and enchanted leylines. If one turns the blade, its color appears to shimmer between sunrise and sunset. More engravings along the length of the blade appear to tell a tragic story about a maiden and a serpent. The cutting edge is said to have a venomous bite. Only two words grace the weapon on its hand-guard. "Dance Eternal."
  • Tsuchigumo.pngTsuchigumo: The Blade of One Thousand Eyes. Constructed of Artellyan Steel and demons own flesh in conjunction with one another, this weapon had once aided in spreading terror across Esshar. Wielded by The Servant of Wolves, Douma of The Spider it stole and collected the eyes of hundreds of humans and demons alike. Though The Demon wielding such a blade has disappeared, the weapon still exist. Lost within the annals of Esshars bloody history,
  • Galadhrim.PNG
    Galadhrim: A long bow which houses a core of nevermelt ice wrapped in a barrier of protective Elderwood. Overtop the elderwood is a mixture of Arcanium, Blue Mercury, and Mythril which results in a brillant mixture of blue, moonsilver and a black lustre over the ancient wood. Upon the legs of the bow is wrapped the pelt of a wolf. Frost lingers upon the pelt constantly, transferring a bitter cold to any who hold it and are not familiar with it, radiating with the nevermelt ice deep within the core of the bow. When mana is applied to the bow no matter what, white lilies bloom from it constantly, showcasing it's powerful connection to life itself.The string itself is finely threaded Orchilacum woven into a sturdy string which glints with a hint of gold. Located at the top of the bow there is a clasp, keeping the string in place and upon which is an Owl, a watcher and a reminder that one is always loved. Carved into the side of the side, amidst the fur of the wolf are the words, "Hic Sunt Leones'.There is an added spiritual presence to the bow, as the Patron of the Forests themselves has blessed it. Aja sought in all ways to find balance amongst the world, and she believed it may still come. This weapon represents the careful balance between spring and winter, cold and warmth, life and death. The spirit is constantly surrounding the bow, sometimes capable of communing with those who hold it.Crafted by Ophelia cos Montclaire in the year 1739AC.
  • Yahoel.PNG
    Yahoel, the Mechanical Angel: At first hand it appears to be a deceptively shabbily tuned up herculean blade. However, Yahoel bares no adornment, as all pieces that ensemble it bare a particular and essential function in its structure. The dragonforged weapon consists of an automatized ignition mechanism, with a large flintlock pistol-like hammer that cocks and beats generating mana-fueled implosive contact, as well as a highly conductive saber length made out the rarest arcanium, enhanced and nurtured with dragon scales, then to superconductivity. By analyzing its grip, one could notably discern the similarities to what was once Serea Petrakis' famed blade, though its original look has been altered and tampered with to fit its commissioner's needs. From the back of the magical trigger, a handful of leather laced orichalcum cables poke out - with the correct surgical implant, one could technically wire the weapon up to the user's circuitry, and commit the mechanism's functionality to neural response. Crafted by Ophelia cos Montclaire in the year 1743 AC.
  • Lute.PNG
    Earth, Sea & Fire: A four-stringed bass lute that is one of a kind, designed and forged by the artificer Ophelia cos Montclaire in 1743AC for Kofe. In 1804AC the damaged runes were restored and adjusted by Alistair ven Pelleaux. The body is made from the claw of a giant crab, smooth and as hard as metal, dyed a deep mahogany, and reinforced with a thin alloy of Mythril and Nyeshk. Upon the back of it, much like a ruby gem, is the scale of the great dragon Vartuul, one of the sons of of the Primordial Garljing, warm to the touch with a network of glyphs linking it in. The neck of the lute is made from Orchilacum with touches of gold clear on the surface, tipping off with a vibrant, studded harmonized quartz embedded along the head, amplifying the vibrations and empowering one's ability to produce sounds in a magnificent manner. The lowest string is one made of Arcanium, holding a dragon's hair within its coil.
  • Balmung.PNG Balmung, the Dragon-slayer: From the heat of an Elder Dragon’s flames was this weapon created. An alloy of Arcanium and Dragonscale cover the entire length of the blade; forged over countless battles from the heat of the fiery breaths of the very Dragons that would have their natural armor cut through and melded into Balmung itself. Horrible misfortune in battle follows those unworthy to wield the Dragon-Slayer.
  • Blackstarscythe.PNG Scythe Of The Black Star: Here sits a solemn, nigh ghost like reaping blade of hammered thin mithril, sharpened and refined by etheric flame to be as much a resonant catalyst of boundless sorcery as it is a quiet, nigh ceremonial ender of lives. It seems to possess a solemn, determined will within its make, a sense of cacaphonic chaos only the intense nostalgia of a trio of clowns might manifest. The maker's mark of a winking jester sits upon its handle, and this great scythe sits ready to take lives in the sight of the dying stare made whole once more again with each taken life.
  • Jiuweihu's Epitome.png
    Jiuweihu's Epitome: What was once a notebook now turned into a tome of Jiuweihu. It emitted a warm and calm sense of mana which gradually grew stronger when it was exposed to the sun. This was thanks to the Sun Stone that was inserted into the cover of the tome that would be the whole center of its power. The Sun Stone is accompanied with a flaming glow. A flame that adapts into any substance according to someone's will. It connects like a thread to one's soul and magical circuitry. Parchments of an Advanced Fire Scroll have been added in strips at the bottoms and tops of each page within the tome. Rites and runic markings were all that was written. Most in which explained advanced techniques that only skilled fire magi could ever attain. This also blessed the notebook/tome with spiritual firepower. With the rest of the tome being strengthened with Mythril pieces woven all across the book to give a more sturdy appearance. Each time the tome was in the owner's position it would glow brightly whenever their mana flowed into it. Arcanium is smelted and melded in with the mytrhil to make it more sturdy and magically attuned with the tome. Finally, the tome had certain stitching at the corner of it that appeared to be a Tea Leaf. One symbolizing the creator of the tome; Little Tea of 1753AC.
  • Twigoftheworldtree.PNG Twig of the World Tree: A small branch from the World Tree, Yggdrasil, offered to only those who are deemed worthy from the spirits themselves. While holding this staff, flowers bloom about the wielder, and life erupts to life about them while warding off negativity and evil.
  • Saintsscepter.png Saint's Scepter: A staff that was once heralded by Florentina, a saint of the church and master of white magic who performed a number of miracles through her time in the early tenth century. A small star-shaped object nestles in the peak, an attunement crystal that radiates with the might of the cosmos. Its power is sealed unless held in the hands of an ordained Priest of The Faith.
  • Antares.png
    Grimoire of Antares: A forsaken, cursed object that was sealed at the pits of the ruins of the Grimmore Manor - Abandoned and left behind due to its nefarious nature, when the noble family wished to start anew after the fall of the kingdom.

The black iron seal at the front of the leather-y skin of the tome can only be unlocked with the blood of a direct descendant of the Grimmore lineage, and the one that reads the Atmosian chants within are bound to the Black Book until they take their final breaths. Should one be so bold as to make a pact with the living object of fel magic - They would sacrifice half of their lifespan in exchange for a link to the cursed star Antares. With this connection, the passion of a thousand souls might be ignited through their eyes, as a form of ocular magic. The toll it takes on one's psyche is maddening, where the bearer will gradually lose themselves to their carnal urges the more refined their mastery of the gift becomes.

  • Unersattlich.PNG
    Unersättlich: This weapon was crafted in 1802AC by Bruno pyr Aertas and further refined by him in 1806AC. The blade is made of Nyeshk, its durability reinforced by folding the metal upon itself a number of times despite its tough material using a unique process kept secret by its engineer. Along the length of the blade's surface an elaborate circuitry made of Arcanium can be seen, each and every single line melded into the dark metal remaining no wider than human hair. The circuitry gathers in a single spot down at the weapon's hilt, linking it to a fragment of Achlys: The Forgotten Son. The crystal, hidden deep under a mass of Arcanium, feeds upon nearby mana hungrily that is received from two distinct sources.

The main source of its needs is provided by whoever holds the blade. The intricate golden and red hilt bears a design only those who have faced the Blind Goddess' Guardian would recognize. Though once a magnificent weapon shrouded in light and winds drawn forth by one's channeled energy the artifact has been repurposed to feed the wielder's mana into the hungry crystal, bringing back two siblings in a unique family reunion. The second source of mana comes from a sigil depicting the crest of the Aertas family on the blade's side. Underneath its Arcanium surface a spiritcatching stone is hidden, kept safe and linked to the hungry crystal. Circuitry also spreads from the crest all the way to the tip of the blade. Runes along the side of those thin circuits allow mana to travel in one direction only, eviscerating mana and drawing it towards the spiritual prison that remains hidden. This provides a second form of feeding the hungry fragment should a spirit be captured within the unique stone. Upon grasping the hilt, one will find Achlys' reluctance to remain near humanity, sending its mana along the length of the Nyeshk blade and concentrating any outburst of energy that may have been wide into a sharp, devastating weapon. This forceful union between the hilt's radiant light and the fragment's deep darkness gives the arcanium circuitry a multi-colored glow when used in battle.

  • Finalanswer.PNG
    Final Answer: A weapon made by Nero pyr Aertas in the year 1760 AC for Rella. In 1806AC the Demonic presence upon the weapon was drawn away and its components were upgraded to fit modern times by Bruno pyr Aertas. It is a machine-gun made with state of the art Barsburgian technology, developed by the engineer Nero to work in Essharan lands and subsequently adapted by his grandson. With a massive Nyeshk butt to compensate the weight of the massive mythril bear head in the front, it would be a fearsome weapon by itself, perfectly capable of being wielded by a magi with a single hand and held at the shoulder - An experienced eye, however, would likely note the obvious taint of occult upon the arcanium body, however hidden by some trickery of infusion within its making. Right over the ammo drum lies a soulsteel core carrying the taint of occult and a feeling of hunger reminiscing of the primordial Achlys. Below it in the ammo drum lies a fragment of the forgotten son, ammunition before it is even fired with the burden of decay, death, and the occult. Both the fragment and the core work in tandem for that process.

Hidden deep within the bear jaw is a focus made with a Frostpark Sapphire. With magitech pushed at its finest, a self-sustaining cooling system made with Arcanium and filled with flowing shadowy waters that reek of occult draw from the Sapphire's own ability to emit ice magic in order to keep itself cool as it is used. The focus itself enhance the power of lightning magic with each shot, fully utilizing the prismatic gem's unique properties.


  • CrownOfAschea.png
    Crown of Aschea: After breathing the first of the Teraphim to life, Aschea's essence vanished from the world. It's said the Overseer's body petrified and transformed into a small, glimmering, reddish-purple gem. A crystal corpse. The Teraphim guarded this relic and studied its magical properties. Upon the founding of Aschea's Faith, the first High Lord Randor Dinendir forged a crown of solid Arcanium to seat the jewel. The Crown of Aschea is the symbol of Myllenoris' power and the High Lord's connection with the Overseer. It grants the wearer absolute spiritual attunement, capable of hearing the whispers, seeing the movements of every spirit in the domain of Myllenoris.

Only the recognized High Lord of Myllenoris and Head of Aschea's Faith can wear the crown without angering the spirits of the land. Anyone else would be eventually destroyed by otherworldly supernatural forces they could not comprehend.

  • AlmiaCube.png
    The Almia Cube: A three-by-three runic cube with curious symbols; only the Imprinter may attempt to fully unlock its secrets.

Its outer linings are made from an archaic transfusion of Arcanium and Orichalcum. Each tile bears an indecipherable glyph that seems to have an otherworldly history. The merest interaction with a specific code input allows the cube to unfurl and activate, revealing its contents. Once activated, the cube's tiles separate, revealing a glowing core within; orbited by runes that only the Imprinter can understand. It is these runes that bear the cube's hidden knowledge.

The information digresses about the soul and the essence. It explains aspects that makes a soul a soul. The writing pinpoints the path in accessing such a thing: by flooding the mana circuits of the target with the practitioner's own mana, allowing them to fully reach the soul tucked far into one's being. It explains the lengthy process of souls and the prerequisites of even attempting to pull forth a soul either from a living being or from one that has long departed from its body.

The remaining secrets remain just as that: secrets. Only an Imprinter may delver further into the cube's facet of knowledge to access it, at the cost of a fragment of their own soul being forever sundered. Despite being as big as one's hand and the materials being lightweight, there is an odd weight to the cube; as if there is more stored within it than meets the eye.

The only way for the cube to recognize a new Imprinter is through an offering of one's soul onto it. There can only be one Imprinter at a time.

Crafted by the Master Artificer Amelia Locke pyr Aertas in the year 1815 AC.