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Skill Tree[edit]

On creation, humans may choose between one of three passives. The person's ancestry is likely primarily made up of the selected trait, though not always - it's an optional choice.

  • Astyan Descent: Typically brown or blonde hair. +10 Power
  • Essharian Descent: Typically tall, tan. +10 Vitality
  • Magnolian Descent: Small frame, lithe. -1 on Crafting Tier Costs, +10 Agility


Skill Tree[edit]

Depending on the beastkin's sub-race, they gain a 5RPP discount on the buy-in cost of their divine spirit's primary element.

  • Feral Swipes: 0RPP. A close-range physical attack.
  • Wild Nature: 10RPP. 2s movement speed boost on cast, +10% Power for 8s.


Skill Tree[edit]

Depending on the drakanite's sub-race, they gain a 5RPP discount on the buy-in cost of their divine spirit's primary element.

  • Dragonic Slash: 0RPP. A close-range physical attack.
  • Scales: 15RPP. +10% DR for 10s.
  • Dragon Half-Shift: 15RPP, req. 180RPL. +Vitality, +Power. On space dash, take flight and 'glide' briefly, becoming immune to slow effects for a few seconds.




Angels are divine, celestial beings, that throughout known history have earned a reputation as being both terrifying and beautiful. Some were warriors for tens of thousands of years, while others were scholars and messengers. While not natives to this world, they all played a role in aiding the creator of it.

The predecessors to Eternias's beginnings once lived in the ruined realm of Atmos, a vast plane made up of nine primary planets. At the core of the dimension, and the source of life, is a nebula that gives rise to benevolent beings of pure light, the Angels, and beings of malice and darkness, the Akuma, two opposing entities that are living energy of their respective side. The Angels do not age and evolve as humans do; they are a state of eternal being linked together through a singular force, though they do have their own individual motives and thoughts.

Above all others, there are the seven Archangels that were purposed to oversee the struggle between light and shadow. As the conflict reached its lowest point, and all forms of life that the Angels had created were at the threat of extinction, a lone Archangel, Kraus Eternia, confronted the celestial entity, this nebula of light and dark. What was discovered was enough to set a plan of rebellion into motion, and aided by two other Archangels, as well as a number of Angels, there was an attempt to destroy the Atmosian god - and every single angel and akuma with him. Only partially succeeding in this, an immediate retreat and a plan of escape was soon put into motion. Taking three hundred angels, the Archangel Kraus formed a new dimension, Eternia, locking it off from the reaches of his former home. In this world... People will live, learn, and die. And the angels act as the distant gatekeepers.

Biologically, they share very little in common with Eternian lifeforms aside from their distinct resemblance to humans. They appear in idealized forms, though lack assigned sexes, and have no need for sleep or food.

  • Archangel
  • Seraphim, Lords of Light
  • Principality, High Angel
  • Angel

Divine Spirit[edit]


The Divine Spirits are embodiments of nature, aspects of the primary forces of the world. They were the first sentient lifeforms and each served an important role in creating the world of Eternia, such as the ocean, the land, and the sky. There are five divine dragons and five divine beasts.

  • Ryujin (Fire)
  • Quetzacoatl (Wind)
  • Shenlong (Lightning)
  • Jormungand (Water)
  • Huatl (Earth)
  • Asena (Summer)
  • Saekanis (Winter)
  • Ixchel (the Moon)
  • Jiuweihu (the Sun)
  • Leonaus (the Stars)



The Primordial beings are some of the most powerful, ancient entites to exist, said to be children of the divine spirits or components of the universe that emerged during the first moments of creation. Their characteristics and appearance vary from one to the other. All are capable of shapeshifting and some are even known to walk among humans. It is not uncommon for Primordials to be worshipped, often sought out for guidance or aid - the Children of The Woodland in particular have made contact with Primodials in the past.

While unlikely to succumb to a natural death, the Primordials are not immortal and can be killed.

  • Gaia


Abyssal One[edit]