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The Primordial beings are some of the most powerful, ancient entites to exist, said to be children of the divine spirits or components of the universe that emerged during the first moments of creation. Their characteristics and appearance vary from one to the other. All are capable of shapeshifting and some are even known to walk among humans.

In the earliest years of the Mythical Era, before the Spirit World had even been established, they walked side by side humanity and influenced many of the earliest beliefs. It is not uncommon for Primordials to be worshipped, often sought out for guidance or aid. Like most spirits, they're known to grow in influence should mortals follow them. The number of followers has taken to a drastic decline over the years however, and for this reason they're commonly referred to as the 'Old Gods'.

There are numerous references in scripture regarding these greater spirits, and in some cases they're feared as potential oppressors and destroyers. Their power is vast and they do not hold themsleves to the same standards as humanity, after all, as living embodiments of nature.

Mikhail Petrakis, an Archmagi and by all accounts by his long life (estimated to be nearly a thousand years old) was a devout follower of the Primordials. To this day, a number of Astyan dungeons are located within the deepest wilds of Esshar that's said to house great relics, and each one is dedicated to a particular Primordial.

While unlikely to succumb to a natural death, the Primordials are not immortal and can be killed.

Known Primordials

  • Aschea: An Overseer of the Spirit Realm and an Aspect of Light, referenced as The Mother to The Teraphim. A part of her light shines within each and every one of her children. Considered functionally deceased since the creation of the Teraphim.
  • Eos: Also known as 'The Blind Goddess', Eos is recognised as the daughter of Aschea. Said to have been overwhelmed by her mother's radiance in her beginning, cursing her eyes, Eos wander Eternia with a cursed gaze, turning all she looked upon to stone. Eventually, driven mad by solitude, the Blind Goddess tore out and sealed her own eyes. One of the Primordials encountered in the Osronan expeditions of the early 19th century, which marked a renewal of the focus around Eos, who became a patron Goddess of the Celestialist church worshipped by the people of Osrona. The first Archmagi of Osrona was proven worthy after undergoing her trials, as was the 'Chosen of Eos', a position of some importance in Osrona first held by Saint Aelrin Alcast.
  • Achlys: Eos' darker half and the son of Aschea. Unlike Eos, Achlys did not receive his mother's light, instead coming about from the shadow that was left in this spark of creation. The Primordials and greater deities of the spirit realm were unaware of his existence for a time, and most knowledge of his presence on Esshar had been wiped out. Encountered by an Achyonian expedition in the early 19th century.
  • Fenrir: The child of Saekanis, the Divine Spirit of the Winter, Fenrir is a black wolf that embodies the chaotic nature of the winter. It's a belief among Beastkin tribes that Fenrir momentarily inhabits those lost to their rage when they enter a berserker state.
  • Njorun: The Patron God of the Rhoynish people, Njorun is a Primordial of battle. Walking amongst the Rhoynish for a period of time, following his 'death' he entered a region of the Spirit World bordering Helheim, where he and the souls of dead Rhoynish fight the Dark Lord of Helheim's forces in an eternal battle.
  • Nyx: More commonly known as Mother Nyx or simply Mother, Nyx is the Primordial of Darkness. A being who chooses to lurk only in the darkest corners, on the edges of nightmares and reality, Nyx watches over and takes special interest in the Monsters and the Unloved creatures of the world. Often worshipped by outcasts, and the creatures shunned by society, Nyx's adherents often collect blood for use in rituals. Believed to have been sleeping for centuries, she was awoken by denizens of the Shadowmire, who reignited her worship.
  • Imbrix: Known also as the Flamelord or the Phoenix King, Imbrix is considered something of a general among the Primordials, said to have imbued his warriors with a fiery passion like anything seen before. One of the Primordials encountered in the Osronan expeditions of the early 19th century.
  • Eleshnora: A valiant Sunborne spirit who dedicated her existence to bringing the light of the world into its darkest corners. The first of the Primordials encountered in the Osronan expeditions of the early 19th century.
  • Gaia: A Primordial of Nature.
  • Garljing: A son of Ryujin, the great dragon Garljing is the Patron God of the Fireblooded religion. Like most dragons, Garljing respects strength, tenacity, and ambition. He praises those who explore and expand their influence, especially if it involves pillaging. Very few have been known to leave his den alive, but those that do are considered exceptional and blessed by the Drakanites of Theria. Garljing has resided in a lair in the Tarian Mountains for over a century now.
  • Yueliang: The daughter of Jiuweihu, and a Primordial of the Moon. Said to be a guardian of the night, legend dates her existence coming to be during the first eclipse on Eternia. Followers of her are known as the Luminescent, a counterpart of the Illuminated that is closely related but often considered taboo as their teachings and customs contradict the chains of society and willingness to accept fate. She is known to visit her followers and those she chooses to reveal herself to through their dreams on the nights of a full moon.
  • The Weaver: The Darker Primordial of the Teraphim Pantheon.