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Order of The First Light[edit]

The Order of The First Light encompasses the entirety of Esshar's military force. Its base is located in the capital of Osrona. Members of the First Light may act as soldiers, as well as everyday law enforcers. Their banner is the constellation of Leonaus, gold stars alight set on a backdrop of midnight blue.


The standard issue uniform is a dark overcoat with gold trimmings on the chest, sleeve cuffs, buckled boots, and a black berret, as well as optional white gloves.


Lightbringer: There are exactly three Lightbringers, and they head the military. A Lightbringer is a knight that's unparalleled in battle skill and accomplishments, sometimes to a legendary standard.

Radiant: The Radiants are the generals of the Order - they oversee large-scale operations, often commanding multiple legions.

Paladin: At the level of Paladin, a knight is expected to be one of the finest combatants in the country, serving the Order as a commander.

Exarch Knight: An Exarch Knight leads a team of magi, acting as a mentor and a leader.

Knight: Completing their training as an Initate, the Knight has been inducted into the Order and is an official member.

Cadet: A knight-in-training, a magi. It usually takes around three years before an Initiate graduates into knighthood. This induction phase may also occur as a programme in the academy.

Soldier: A non-magi serving the military, or alternatively, a guild member that's not an official member but has volunteered. There are no more than 10,000 core members in the Order of the First Light, but there are roughly 80,000 soldiers that make up various less prestigious groups.


A guild is a registered organization with the government of Esshar that routinely carries out quests on behalf of the city. These jobs tend to be lucrative but often require the talent of magic.


These organisations are not official and operate on their own terms outside of Esshar's jurisdiction.