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The following is a list of organisations both past and present who have been part of the tapestry of Esshar's -specifically the Osrona region- history.

Law Enforcement[edit]

These are organisations named as official branches of law enforcement by the proclamation of a King or Queen of Esshar.

Order of The First Light[edit]

Of all the armies at the command of Queen Ariadni II, there is none more prestigious than the Order of The First Light. Heralded by the glint of gold against a contrast of dark blue along their armor, their uniform might remind you of a starry night sky. They are the sworn protectors of peace and justice, acting as the elite forces of the kingdom with only magi permitted among their ranks. While magical potency is a necessity, the intense training and discipline required of a cadet in the First Light may turn many away; there's less pressure in the City Watch, and far more freedom in a guild. It is attractive to those who yearn for the status the order can provide, or the starry eyed youths who idolize past champions that served as a knight and helped to build the nation they grew up in.

The Royal Osronan Constabulary[edit]

Originating as a militia that, once upon a time, merged with small guilds of thief-takers and vigilantes, the Royal Osronan Constabulary, more commonly known as the City Watch and indeed known only by that name even among many of its members, is the police force of Osrona. While the knights of the Order of the First Light have a great number of roles and responsibilities, the Watch is concerned almost exclusively with patrolling in and around Osrona, preventing crime, keeping the peace, and generally serving as upstanding pillars of the community.

Religious Groups[edit]

These are organisations that operate for religious purposes. These groups include both state sanctioned organisations such as the Church of Celestialism, and groups on which the Crown is either neutral or actively hostile to.

The Faith[edit]

The Faith, officially The Essharan Celestial Church, or the Church of Celestialism, is the sister branch to the Order of the First Light and the state religion of Esshar, with clergy serving on multiple fronts, as much priests as they are scholars of magic and philosophers. They are tasked with documenting and preserving the details of history, as well as the day to day of missionary work, such as working to improve the community. The holy book of the faith is the Codex Cosmos, a detailed timeline of past events and a deconstruction of the physical world and the properties of magic itself. While it's blasphemous to alter scripture in most religions, the Codex Cosmos grows with discoveries and the evolution of society.

Mercenary Groups[edit]

These are organisations that typically operate as private armies or mercenary companies. They may be contracted by settlements on a semi-permanent basis, or simply freelance.

The Thunderbirds[edit]

The Thunderbird Company was formed under the guiding concepts of camaraderie, adventure and self-betterment by Riley Howard. It is an organization bigger than any one person in it that serves no clear political agenda. Though it is an official, state-endorsed Guild in the back pocket of the Great Houses Pelleaux, Grimmore and Astor, rumours have circulated of the Thunderbirds meddling in less-than-legal contracts. Despite this, the Thunderbirds have garnered a reputation of honesty and trustworthiness, enough so to be entrusted with high profile missions by the nobility of Osrona. The question of their loyalties, however, remains yet to be answered.

The Thunderbirds are not strictly a mercenary company. They like to label themselves as an "adventuring guild" at times. Combatants and non-combatants alike join together to produce, create and serve for the betterment of people. They've been known to take on contracts for outrageously-discounted prices, for groups that don't have the outrageously deep pockets of nobles.

Among their ranks are combatants, merchants, alchemists, artificers, couriers, even doctors!

Miscellaneous Guilds[edit]

A guild is a registered organization with the government of Esshar that routinely carries out quests on behalf of the city. These jobs tend to be lucrative but often require the talent of magic.


These organisations are specifically not affiliated with Osrona and operate on their own terms outside of its jurisdiction.

The Syndicate[edit]

A group of highly dangerous terrorists with seemingly nefarious motives in mind. While initially dismissed by the government, the organisation rose to the forefront of the political scene in the early 1660s, bolstered by the remnants of Rhoynur, many of whom were said to have joined as a result of the Conquest of Rhoynur. While the group did go underground following a string of several defeats in the 1660s, and were overshadowed by the growing threat of Moonfall, they made a significant comeback with several actions in the 1670s, including the execution of Lord Claude Pelleaux

Moonfall Village[edit]