Order of The First Light

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A gathering of some of the most accomplished Knights in the 1600s. The portrait can be found in Petrakis Castle.

Of all the armies at the command of Queen Ariadni II, there is none more prestigious than the Order of The First Light. Heralded by the glint of gold against a contrast of dark blue along their armor, their uniform might remind you of a starry night sky. They are the sworn protectors of peace and justice, acting as the elite forces of the kingdom with only magi permitted among their ranks. While magical potency is a necessity, the intense training and discipline required of a cadet in the First Light may turn many away; there's less pressure in the City Watch, and far more freedom in a guild. It is attractive to those who yearn for the status the order can provide, or the starry eyed youths who idolize past champions that served as a knight and helped to build the nation they grew up in.


The standard issue uniform is silver plate with blue trimmings, and knights often carry a badge that denotes their authority.


Lightbringer: There are exactly three Lightbringers, and they head the military. Many Lightbringers in history are known to be unparalleled in battle skill and accomplishments.

Radiant: The Radiants are the captains of the Order - they oversee large-scale operations, often commanding multiple legions.

Knight: Completing their training as a Cadet, the Knight has been inducted into the Order and is an official member.

Cadet: A knight-in-training, a magi. It usually takes around three years before an Initiate graduates into knighthood. This induction phase may also occur as a programme in the academy.

Life in the First Light[edit]

Depending on the rank of the individual and their branch, their day to day will vary. A Cadet, for example, will wake up five days of the week at four in the morning and immediately begin training in the castle, overseen by an instructor. Group drills, magical theory, basic combat (such as striking, blocking, footwork), alongside a formal education (writing, reading, philosophy and history) consume much of an initiate's time. A Knight's week will depend on their missions. Banditry that might need to be dealt with, a rogue monster, or simply patrolling the inner city. On top of their pending jobs, a Radiant may also choose to mentor a team, often composed of a mix of Knights or Cadets. These magi stay with them even if they rise up in ranks, and may gain some fame in a similar vein to guilds. Each time a mission is completed, a 'crest' is earned that acts as a measure of achievements; Lightbringer Irene ven Astor's team, the Seraphine Knights, are said to have over a thousand collective crests. These crests can be traded in for rare objects and perks.

It pays well. At the rank of Cadet, the income is enough to afford a modest living, and expenses are paid for if one chooses a room within the castle or an outpost. At Knight and beyond, the person earns a middle-class wage (before any bonuses for completing missions).

A Knight may choose to serve a noble house directly. In which case, they may take on additional tasks requested by the nobility. Each oath a noble house asks a Knight to swear is a private affair between them and their chosen Lord or Lady.

Knightly Duties[edit]

Protect and serve the lineage of Mikhail Petrakis unquestioningly, unless it directly contradicts other duties. The history of this bloodline is woven into fate, and for the good of all Esshar, must be preserved.

Never compromise the safety of others in selfishness. Exercise control, restraint, and patience. While you are bound to uphold the law, you are not above it and it is a special skill to know when to assert authority.

In times of peace, you are the shield. In times of conflict, you are the sword. Learn what it means to use reason rather than force by attending the Church on a regular basis. You will find courage and willpower within yourself, as well as the elevated light of the world; come in to contact with this through prayer and your duties.

Be courteous. You are to live as an example of how a person should act. Address your superiors by their star-given titles, offer your services to the elderly and women as appropriate.