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The tribes of Moxtli formed on the first summmer of 1783AC, sometime after a few hundred Gehennan spirit-seekers of the tribe Cruxati followed the divine spirit Saekanis to Esshar. Rituals of appeasement followed and a mass calling for all beastkin to gather and aid to prevent the celestial god from unleashing a calamity that might wipe out all life entirely. Partially successful, the black wolf was lulled into a state of passivity and the deadly winters that wrecked the western nation normalized once more. The communities that formed in the process decided to stay with the aid of an ally in Myllenoris, with many thousand beastkin settling and making a home in the fertile, southern lands.


A blend of beastkin traditions and Gehennan shamanism has produced a new culture all together. A relationship with the spirits of the world and a hunter-gatherer lifestyle that respects the land that feeds.

Common beliefs include:

  • Killing an animal for sport is frowned upon, especially if it's a wolf. Hunting to feed is encouraged, however, with the tribes making use of every part of the animal, from their bone to the fur. Communal hunting parties are common and necessary for survival.
  • Your spirit will not find peace in the netherworld if you fail to uphold a sworn oath.
  • Kneeling or prostrating yourself to another is seen as submission and warriors of a tribe should not do so, preferring a strong beat of the chest or a tight arm shake as a show of respect.
  • In lieu of the Gehennan teachings of Tocathianism, sacrifice, whether the traditional method of a ritualized tribute, or simply bloodletting, is an act of love and devotion to the world. Properly carried out, the release of a person's life essence can help to feed and nourish the soil, with the preferred method of burial keeping the body whole and in tact. This typically involves engraving the rune of a spirit into an object or the flesh directly, a symbol that acts as a gateway to the netherworld and allows the proper transfer of life energy to the domain of the target.
  • Spirit-dancers are a unique practice of runewriting that involves calling upon the invisible wisps in the air and garnering strength from them in a ritualistic dance.


There is no true one authority in the tribes of Moxtli, rather, it's made up of many tribes with their own belief systems and governing practices that follow the key aspects of tribalism. Trade and direct communication takes place between these tribes, where the chieftains decide the course of Moxtli as a whole.


Both Asena and Saekanis are worshipped as the primal gods that govern life and death in the world, and the cycle of the seasons. In the pantheon of the divine, they are the most respected.