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These are rare, high level abilities that characters obtain by influencing the world and the people within it in a way that justifies a power boost. This is not intermediate magic (poison, bone, magma, sand, etc), which can be taught in-game or learned with consistent play. This tier of power has higher quality expectations and is seen as a reward for exceptional actions. This might mean a well written in-game journal, or an approved application in the ability section of the forums.

Characters with a hidden spell are less likely to progress beyond that point unless they show exceptional proactive storytelling.





These spells typically have a cost of 0 RPP unless otherwise stated.

Masterwork - Artificing[edit]

An achieved blacksmith or rune-writer is capable of crafting a masterpiece, a weapon above their normal skill once every decade and a half. It is the pinnacle of crafting, and these weapons are rarely outclassed.


The ability to heal temporary wounds through first aid or other methods, and apply trauma kits to permanent injuries via surgery, with aftercare included. While the requirements for this ability aren't as intensive as the other hiddens (as medics are needed!), we're mostly after quality rather than quantity. Your character should meet the following:

  • A background as a healer/doctor, experience in anatomy, surgical procedures, first aid, etc.
  • Be creative. Not every injury is the same, and they'll need to be handled differently.
  • Not be lazy. When healing someone's injury it should be a good scene of RP rather than a quick post.
  • Understand that medical treatment is more involved than waving your hand and throwing some holy magic at it. You should be cleansing wounds, applying stiches and bandages as much as you use your magic.


Blade Storm - Armed[edit]

An upgrade to Flurry Strike, sends a cascade of slashes in front of you, a clear showing of speed.

  • 8 Power, 1 Power Ticks afterwards
  • 16 CD

Fury Fists - Unarmed[edit]

A long-ranged, wide arc of punch projectiles.

  • ???

Mighty Blow - Armed/Unarmed[edit]

A thunderous blow, the opposing side of Blade Storm as this shows the sheer might in your hits.

  • 12 Power
  • 10 Tile Knockback
  • 30 CD

Tremor - Earth[edit]

The land roars and splits at your call with absolute mastery over the aspect of Earth Magic. As the earth trembles and splits apart, anyone caught in it's path is sent flying backward in the wake of this spell.

  • 15 RPP
  • An AoE version of the spell Rockslide, applies mud slow.
  • 16 Power
  • 30 CD

Lion Fire Barrage - Fire[edit]

The Signature ability of Radiant Atrosus Vandigan in the 1600s, the Lion Fire Barrage is a series of powerful blasts of fire, shaped like a fierce lion charging forward. With every strike, the target is knocked back and takes fire-based damage. The technique requires immense control over fire magic, and is said to be an upgrade technique to the skill, Sear.

  • 5 RPP
  • An upgrade to Sear. You must own Sear.
  • 5.5x3 Power
  • 28 CD

Water Dragon's Roar - Water[edit]

Rushing forward like a geyser, the Water Dragon's Roar is unrelenting and unforgiving like the tide itself. Requiring immense control over water magic, the skill takes the shape of a great dragon rushing forward, taking anything in it's wake and pushing it to the end of it's path, dealing water damage every step of the way.

  • 4 Power
  • 25 CD

Arc of Devastation - Lightning[edit]

A rolling arc of lightning that moves forward in a wave.

  • 15 RPP
  • 15 Power
  • 30 CD

Energy Cannon - Energy[edit]

Where energy magic is melding anything with their mana to throw at the opponent, the Energy Cannon is the overflow, the excess of mana condensed into a beam sent at the target. It sacrifices the concussive blasts for pure offense, and requires mastery over basic energy magic to perform.

  • Strengthens below 50% Health
  • 4 Power
  • 25 CD

Deflecting Palm - Energy[edit]

Redirecting the flow of mana- the flow of energy, is a skill that not all energy magi are all capable of. For most, it is a test of patience- creating a barrier of energy around the user to collect the power of a strike and send it back to the caster. For some, it is merely precision, and others, a gamble.

  • Immunity that reflects 50% of damage taken, back to the attacker.

Stardust Explosion - Cosmic[edit]

Like a shooting star, the stardust explosion is a swathe of cosmic magic that sears with starfire.

  • 11 Power, with multiple ticks of 1.5 Power afterwards
  • 25 CD

Fireblooded - Religion[edit]

Blessed Flames: Blesses the target with +3 Fire Power & Defense for 3 years (15 OOC days), as well as a temporary nerf of -10 vit that lasts for 24 hours (to represent the burns). Costs 1000 Energy & -10 vitality for 24 hours (unhealable).

Garljing's Armor: Blesses the target with immunity to temporary and permanent nerfs for 1 year (5 OOC days). Costs 1000 Energy & -10 vitality for 24 hours (unhealable).

Witchcraft - Occult[edit]

An eternal contract with the netherworld. An ancient pact with demons. The entire tree costs 5RPP. However, certain spells (Hex and Dream Walk) must be mentored by more experienced witches and serve as progression milestones. You begin with 'Coven's Sabbath', ' Essence Steal', and 'Spectral Sight'.

Witchcraft requires Essence to cast. Witchcraft does not require the occult tree, but is still occultic in nature and cannot be learned by Holy magi.

Essence Steal - (Passive): With the conclusion of a dangerous battle, gain 1 Essence.

Coven’s Sabbath: A ritual that enacts a night of debauchery and increases all participating Witch Essence by 1.

Telepathy: Speak directly into someone's mind. Target them and use the spell to send a message.

Dreamwalk: Asks for a character's name. If the target accepts the scene, both them and the caster fall into a deep sleep, entering the Dreamworld for a time. Requires 1 Essence.

Hex: Anonymously spike a target with visceral, sinful emotions for a time. Grants them a small buff while they carry out the witch's desire (custom message). Requires 1 Essence.

Blessing - Holy[edit]

This is a form of White Magic that grants the target a temporary boon and inflicts a temporary nerf on the user.


Affinity Empowerment - Armed[edit]

The user channels and stabilizes a stream of mana through their weapon, whether it's a flow of electricity or the flames of fire. Creative takes on this are welcome.

  • Combat Style
  • +10% AP
  • 5RPP; upgrade to a base style

Affinity Style - Unarmed[edit]

A style of fighting that is based around the users way of fighting with their element, be it using the tearing whips of riptide, or facing off with burning fists. Creative takes are welcome.

  • Combat Style
  • +30% RPL into Pow
  • E Special: Fires a 5 Mdam projectile that silences for 2 seconds, CD of 20.
  • Fire Stance inflicts burn every 15 seconds instead of the E special
  • 5 RPP; Upgrade to Iron Fist.

Perfect Body - Bladestyle/Armed/Unarmed[edit]

The absolute pinnacle of sheer muscle strength, where ones body holds no ounce of tinted magic. It's all power.

  • Only allowed access to either the 'Armed' or 'Unarmed' tree.
  • +100 Power, +50 Crit/Agi
  • Q Special: Makes all melee spells GCDE, cleanses, and grants slow immunity for 10s.

Primordial Flame - Fire[edit]

The very essence of fire, pure and unrefined. Surrounding the caster, their flame- and overall magic, is immensely augmented and fire follows in the wake of their steps. It is a mark of true pyromancy, and considered to be a pinnacle of mastery for the school of magic.

  • Aura
  • +15% AP
  • 1x3 Fire Tiles, deals 1 Power per tick

Cinderflare - Explosion[edit]

A rush that sends you onto your opponent instantly, unleashing your magic upon them.

  • 10 Power
  • 30 CD

Spring's Bloom - Nature[edit]

The antithesis to another, more cruel nature spell, Spring's Bloom is the personification of being one with nature, ultimately wielding its forces with such high level of mastery. In the face of danger, a practitioner of this art summons forth vines capable of taking on even the strongest foes. Furthermore, flowers bloom wherever they go, signifying their high immersion in nature and life.

  • Aura
  • Requires heavy investment in Nature.
  • Immortal vines.
  • +10% AP and 5% DR
  • On E, creates 5 Deadly Bloom flowers for 6 seconds.

Cruel Thesis - Nature[edit]

An ability for those truly attuned with nature and its more viscous aspects; the tearing of thorns, the piercing of brambles and the false allure of the blue rose. Blue, poisonous petals fall around the caster gently, a subtle and beautiful effect that can be thrown into a deadly storm at a moment's notice.

A magi must fully attune to the 'cruelty' of nature to unlock this ability.

  • Aura
  • Requires heavy investment in nature.
  • +10% AP
  • Makes summoned vines immortal. E spell similar to Blizzard.

Ruby Bloodstones - Crystal[edit]

The ruby itself is power. As one gives in to such a feeling, and harmonizes with the ruby, they tap into a new power- different from the Shardform skill, that allows them to sap at the opponent's lifeforce as their crystals connect. Ruby Bloodstones augments the power of the caster, and allows them to regain lost stamina in battle.

  • 15 RPP
  • +10% AP
  • +10% Lifesteal

Sapphire Shards - Crystal[edit]

Where the ruby is power, the sapphire is warding, and protection. As a user harmonizes with this technique, their ability to protect themselves is augmented in the same vein as the Ruby Bloodstones... As their magic strikes, conserved power makes its way back to the caster, rejuvenating their reserves and allowing them to press on.

  • 15 RPP
  • +10% AP
  • +10% Lifesteal

Emerald Crystals - Crystal[edit]

  • 15 RPP
  • +10% AP
  • +10% Lifesteal

Desert's Fury - Sand[edit]

  • Aura, 15 RPP
  • 10% AP
  • 5% DR
  • Fire trail and a heal every 5 seconds. Miniature sandstorm on Q.

Tsunami - Water[edit]

Upgrade to Tidal Wave, requires heavy investment in Water Magic

  • 5 RPP
  • 16 Power, leaves behind tiles that tick for 2 Power and heals the user for 2 Power up to 5 times.
  • 40 CD

Storm - Lightning[edit]

Storm magic is the mastery of lightning, water and wind. By forming clouds around the user and saturating them with lightning, the user turns the air about them into a thick enough fog to touch, a constant conductor and amplifier for magic and bursts of their associated elements.

  • 5 Power, AoE, up to 5 ticks
  • 60 CD

Storm's Wrath - Lighting[edit]

Harnessing the power of a thunderstorm, the caster can surround themselves in clouds and winds alike to harness the true power of their lightning magic. It requires immense magical power to sustain and harness a thunderstorm in itself, as the user is able to traverse the field like a bolt of lightning itself- and create powerful bursts of wind from the same storm they draw power from.

  • Aura
  • +15% AP
  • +30 Crit
  • On Q Launches a Homing Tornado that does 5 MD, short range
  • 15 CD Click TP, Space TP

Omega Overdrive - Energy[edit]

Above 50% HP it gives: 30 Power, + Silence chance on all physical strikes, +AOE attacks when facing more than 1 opponent

Below 50% HP it gives: 30 Power, additional 20% total AP, +silence on all physical strikes, +AOE damage when facing more than 1 opponent

  • Cost: 15 RPP

Super Magi - Energy[edit]

The epitome of using ones energy to enhance your entire form, a constant and explosive power.

  • Aura
  • 15 RPP
  • +10% AP/DR
  • Has Holy/Occult aesthetic variants

Spiral Bomb - Energy[edit]

Rather than release energy projectiles like the magic is known for, the Spiral Bomb focuses the mana at a single point and keeps it connected during to the palm, continuing to control and empower the sphere until they release it in a close-ranged strike.

  • 12 Power
  • 25 CD

Ethereal Wings - Energy[edit]

Overflowing with energy in the same way that the strongest of Cosmic magi are able to become one with their star, the mastery of mana allows an energy magi to form wings of their own power and augment their abilities- and defend from attacks in the perfect mix of offense and defense, while granting flight.

  • 15 RPP
  • Cast Buff
  • 10% AP and DR for 20 seconds on cast, drains all Mana once over.
  • 100 CD

Starlight Overdrive - Cosmic[edit]

The practitioner of this ability develops a harmonious relationship with a star within Leonaus's blue branch, synergizing their magical circuit with the flow of ethereal energies. Acceptance and acknowledgment from their star as a vessel for cosmic is required, to cleanse and act according to the will of the natural order of the cosmos.

  • 5 RPP
  • Aura
  • +10% AP and 10% DR

Rosegold Overdrive - Cosmic[edit]

The practitioner of this ability develops a harmonious relationship with a star within Leonaus's yellow branch, synergizing their magical circuit with the flow of ethereal energies. Acceptance and acknowledgment from their star as a vessel for cosmic is required, to cleanse and act according to the will of the natural order of the cosmos.

  • 5 RPP
  • Aura
  • +15% AP and 5% DR

Crimson Overdrive - Cosmic[edit]

The practitioner of this ability develops a harmonious relationship with a star within Leonaus's red branch, synergizing their magical circuit with the flow of ethereal energies. Acceptance and acknowledgment from their star as a vessel for cosmic is required, to cleanse and act according to the will of the natural order of the cosmos.

  • 5 RPP
  • Aura
  • +15% AP
  • E Special: +10% AP for 12s. 40s cooldown

Barrier - Holy[edit]

Where death magic is considered to be the pinnacle of the occult, and the perfect offense, barrier magic is meant to be the perfect defense. By creating barriers of pure light magic and harnessing the desire, and power to protect, a holy magi is able to create barriers of light to come to their aid and triumph over evil...

  • Aura, +13% DR
  • Barrier AoE, +10% DR AoE that traps the opponent within for 10 seconds, 30 CD

Faeroum Arcana - Light[edit]

A blessing rarely given to anyone- It is the ultimate sign of friendship and trust between the user and a clan of Fairies. Wielding it can cause the user's hair to turn into a plethora of colours resembling a rainbow, representing the individual Fairies' colours that took part in giving the blessing. The only known variation of this power is closely tied to Holy magic, making some historians believe that an 'evil' version of it could exist.

  • Aura
  • +15 Power
  • Passive self heal
  • Q Special: Fires out a rainbow-coloured shockwave that damages everyone up to 3 tiles away and heals the user.

Chronos - Time[edit]

The mastery of time magic, this technique allows the caster to bend time to their will, using it to augment their magic and speed to their will. Considered to be a step above the Transcendence technique, they are even capable of feats like stopping attacks from reaching them entirely for a short time.

  • 5 RPP
  • An Upgrade to Time Aura
  • +10% AP
  • +40 Crit
  • E Special: Immunity for 3 seconds
  • Space Teleport


Crescent Moon - Bladestyle[edit]

  • +15% AP
  • Powersmash-esque Q

Flashsword - Bladestyle[edit]

Strikes range is increased to 3x3 and acts like dash strike, causes a minor slow to the opponent on hit.

  • Requires 200 base agility.
  • +10% AP
  • Upgrades Strike

Giant Form - Armed / Unarmed[edit]

Requiring an immeasurable amount of brute strength, this art subjects the user's body to a temporary transformation. Their muscles swell up from magical impulses as their entire form would grow to an incredibly large size. While enlarged, the user is much stronger and more durable than their normal form. Thick fat and muscles dull blows as enlarged and heavy fists deal extremely deadly blunt damage.

  • Toggle-buff
  • Requires 200 base melee
  • Increases size
  • +10 Vit, +20 Power
  • Drains mana heavily

Pandemonium Drive[edit]

Pandemonium Drive is drawing in the essences of the Black Wolf Spirit; Saekanis into your being. Through dedicated ritual-cannibalism of humanoid creatures and harnessing of the Chaos Wolf's destructive essence, one can access a portion of his mana to amplify their physical combat abilities. However this does not come without a price. As Saekanis is considered the Devouring God, using his ability devours your life-force while active as tribute.

  • Toggle-Buff
  • +15 Power, +30 Crit
  • Self Health Drain
  • Increased movement Speed when 6 or more tiles away from your 'Prey'

UltraSMASH - Armed[edit]

The caster jumps toward the target, slamming down and delivering an ultra-sized powersmash that generates enough kinetic energy to conjure tornadoes. The ability to move so fast that it doesn't appear like you're moving at all; sacrificing strength for speed, the practitioner must be a master of the blade and possess an indomitable will that can sustain the overwhelming flow of mana within a single arm for the brief (but deadly) strikes forward.

  • Requires Powersmash
  • Leap towards the target, hitting them hard enough to make tornadoes, slowing the opponent on impact
  • The user is inflicted with -10% DR for 10 seconds
  • 16 Power
  • 45 CD

Mana Absorption[edit]

The ability through various means (the path is up to the user as always), to dampen physical and magical attacks against the user.

  • Toggle-Buff
  • Saps mana at medium range from your opponent
  • Heals for Health/Mana in a modest amount at close range

Vacuum Vortex - Air[edit]

Utilizing the magic of the winds in a unique way to form a vortex that shoots out towards the opponent. The act itself requires extreme control over the magic of the winds, spinning the vortex in either the palm of their hand or around their weapon throughout the battle, before unleashing it upon their opponent in a devastating manner.

  • 16 Power, causes multiple 1 Power ticks
  • 30 CD

Godspeed - Lightning[edit]

  • Cast buff, 15s duration.
  • Slow immunity & movement speed increase.
  • +10% AP, +5 Lightning Power
  • 45 CD

Thunder King - Lightning[edit]

Harness Lightning to the true pinnacle of mastery, surrounding yourself in a light blue haze of pure static electricity. Power is augmented immensely and short-range teleportation is easily achieved once a lightning magi has his this point in their journey.

  • Aura
  • +10% AP, +5 Lightning Pow
  • Adds a second dash that teleports you
  • Fires a 6 Power Bolt every 10 seconds

Symphony - Sound[edit]

The user gets a surge of mana from their opponent being affected by their music / destructive melodies / etc. The surge of mana can be broad and expressed through the practitioner feeling satisfaction from the success of their songs, or gaining the upper hand through the disorientation of their opponent, or in other cases, pull mana from the stars to enhance their sound with cosmic energies from pleasing their star in battle. It is rather broad in possibilities, but at the very core it is about the fact sound magi do not merely fight, but perform. You lead the dance, this is your show.

  • 5RPP
  • Aura
  • Grants 10 Vitality & 20 Power
  • Passive 10% AP when the target is slowed
  • Special: Puts Cascade, Melodic Repose, or Sonar Cacophony off of cooldown.

Supreme Blazing Wave - Fire[edit]

Manifesting in the soul of the users of those who have attuned themselves to the flame, complete mastery and control over their craft displayed through one powerful explosive ability. Achieving this technique requires unique, empowering methods of magical technique. It is never as simple as raw fire.

  • 18 Power
  • 40 CD

Blast Rush - Explosion[edit]

A barrage of explosions through the air, destroying everything in their wake. The mastery of explosion magic and considered to be the strongest technique of the school of magic, this blanket of explosive flames typically leaves nothing in the wake of destruction but ash.

  • Knockback Effect
  • Applies Burn when it hits
  • 13 Power
  • 30 CD

Water Prison - Water[edit]

While standard users of water magic are capable of manifesting and controlling water to astonishing degrees, the users of Water Prison are capable of taking such skill to the next level. This spell creates a torrential shell of water around the immediate area of the caster, effectively imprisoning them within its boundaries. Such mastery doesn't come easy however, as only the most dedicated of water magi manage to muster the magic necessary.

Creates an AoE of water like flood, but instead of healing it does more damage and applies a slow.

  • Requires heavy investment in water magic.
  • Lasts 45 seconds, causes a slow while within
  • 3 Power
  • 100 CD

Winter Crown - Ice[edit]

Every king needs a crown, and mastery over the aspects of winter surely deserves one. An ice magi of this tier is able to augment and harness their power to the point of absolute zero, allowing every spell to creep in with the aspects of winter's true killer; frostbite.

  • ???

Wintermute - Ice[edit]

The frigid wastes has been home to practitioners of magic attuned to its icy winds. Those who can already muster of such icy influences can further master their abilities, leading to an almost perfected use of Ice magic. Wherever a practitioner of this magic goes, the temperature itself drops, causing snowflakes to fall regardless of the area's temperature.


  • Requires heavy investment in Ice
  • 10 RPP
  • +30 Power/Crit
  • When the user Mist Forms, a small blizzard is generated

Eye of The Blood Moon - Blood[edit]

The pinnacle of blood magic, the eyes of this magi have turned red showcasing their mastery over such a deadly magic.

  • Cast Buff
  • 20 Second Duration
  • 5-tile Space Tele

Severance - Blood[edit]

An explosion of blood, lacerating everything in its proximity and shoving it away.

  • 14 Power, 3 Ticks of Bleed
  • 30 CD

Spatial Rush - Time[edit]

Similar to the Lightspeed rush, practitioners of this technique tap into a deeper understanding of Chronomancy to teleport around their target, striking them as many times as they can as time flows in their hand and theirs alone.

  • Caster fades white and teleports around the target, dealing a series of rapid blows (5 in 1 second).
  • 4x5 Power
  • 35 CD

World of Nightmares - Illusion[edit]

It is the light fog of the night, or the fall straight into the dark. As the pinnacle, and mastery of illusion magic, this spell brings on a phantasmal assault of the caster's wish as they overwhelm the target in a blanket of illusions. Horrors are meant to come alive, and everything comes to light except the target in the wake of an illusionist's true power.

  • Fires 3 multi-ticking 4 Mdam balls at intervals
  • 100 Mana
  • 5 CD

Dark Guardian - Occult[edit]

One of the aspects of advanced Occult magic, this summons forth a guardian to stand protectively over the user while also strengthening their magic.

  • Toggle-Buff
  • 10 RPP
  • +8% AP

Death Magic - Occult[edit]

It is the darkest magic known to Esshar, and feared by many. Where Barrier Magic is meant to be the perfect defense, Death Magic is the perfect offense- meant to sap at the life force, and in tales long past, the souls, of those the caster wishes to inflict death upon. It is the true mastery of Occultism's destruction, and leaves nothing in it's wake. Forbidden in every city, and kingdom, the magic itself is an atrocity to practice- and yet, the perfect technique for those wishing to inflict nothing but pain and death on the world.

  • +20% AP
  • Causes a constant close-range 1.5 Power AoE, has a trail that deals 1 Power

Devil's Eye - Occult[edit]

A form of occult magic that manifests itself within the user's eyes. The path towards this magic may vary for many, but the end result is the same.

  • ???
  • Cast buff, 30s duration.
  • 100 CD

Shadow Cannon - Occult[edit]

A pure, condensed, charged blast of occult magic, wide and powerful enough to bring destruction on anything in its path. It turns the caster into the ultimate weapon and requires mastery of the occult- and one's own willpower to harness.

  • Large Insta-Fire Beam
  • 5 Power
  • 40 CD

Holy Cannon - Holy[edit]

A pure, condensed, charged blast of holy magic, wide and powerful enough to bring judgement on anything in its path. It turns the caster into the ultimate weapon and requires mastery of the light- and one's own willpower to harness.

  • Large Insta-Fire Beam
  • 5 Power
  • 40 CD

Titan of Light - Holy[edit]

One of the aspects of advanced Holy magic, this summons forth a guardian to stand protectively over the user while also strengthening their magic. (Toggle).

  • Toggle-Buff
  • 10 RPP
  • +8% AP and an occasional heal 2 Power heal

Valor's Light - Holy/Light[edit]

Where barrier magic focuses on the protective and defensive nature of holy magic, Valor's Light focuses on the strength of a purely resolute will. Holy magic is said to manifest from one's desire to protect, yet how does one protect? Valor's light is the refinement of holy and or light mana in one's will to never give in and fight for what they believe in; courage and righteousness shine through.

  • 15 RPP
  • +15 Vit
  • +15% AP
  • Holy AOE on Powersmash (Cosmetic, no damage.)

Lightspeed Rush - Light[edit]

A secret technique among light magi, this spell utilizes the power of light- and harnesses with the speed of it, allowing them to whip around their target and strike them as many times as they wish.

  • Caster fades white and teleports around the target, dealing a series of rapid blows (5 in 1 second).
  • 4x5 Power
  • 35 CD

Celestial Ascension - Cosmic[edit]

An augmented art derived from the cosmos above, Celestial Ascension calls the user to channel their connection with their star in a strong, yet dangerous way. The caster would overcharge their mana circuits to the point of overflowing it with cosmic power, causing the excess to protrude behind the user, creating two glittering wings. Such an act is a detriment to the caster's health and well-being, however, their martial and magical capabilities are greatly enhanced by the overflow of magical energies.

  • Toggle-buff
  • Requires Cosmic.
  • +10 Power/Crit/Agi
  • E Special - +10% AP Increase

Comes with Aesthetic Fly. They're wings!

Galaxy Explosion - Cosmic[edit]

Where the Stardust Explosion is a shooting star, the Galaxy Explosion is a meteor shower, as thousands of blasts of astral mana surge forth to strike their target. Starfire flies forward, searing and destructive in it's wake. It is a mastery of the Stardust Explosion technique, and mastery of cosmic magic.

  • 18 Power, does multiple ticks of 1 Mdam
  • 30 CD