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These are rare, high level abilities that characters obtain by influencing the world and the people within it in a way that justifies a power boost. This is not intermediate magic (poison, bone, magma, sand, etc), which can be taught in-game or learned with consistent play. This tier of power has higher quality expectations and is seen as a reward for exceptional actions. This might mean a well written in-game journal, or an approved application in the ability section of the forums.

Characters with a master ability already are less likely to progress beyond that point.



Nature's Command - Nature[edit]

Able to now command sudden bloom of local flora, the Nature Magi summons the assistance of several plants to assist them in battle. These writhing vines seek and lash out at whomever finds themselves facing off against their master.

Mandrake - Nature[edit]

The ability to conjure a small nature elemental to chase and fire weak projectiles at their target.

Overflame - Fire[edit]

Blast Rush - Explosion[edit]

Volcanic Eruption - Magma[edit]

Water Dragon's Roar - Water[edit]

A powerful blast of water that takes the shape of a dragon.

Ocean's Fury - Water[edit]

An old sirenien trick, the caster attunes themselves to water. This causes all their physical damage to convert to water damage.

Aquatic Barrage - Water[edit]

Blizzard - Ice[edit]

Summoning the fury of the storms, the ice mage causes an intense blizzard to swirl around them as myriad ice crystals seek out nearby targets.

Howl of The Banshee - Air[edit]

Summoning several tornados in a thin beam, this spell causes a great deal of pull towards its center to eviscerate it's target.

Tempestine Guard - Air[edit]

Warding himself in a gale, the air mage creates a defensive barrier that rapidly shockwaves enemies away.

Storm - Lightning[edit]

Energy Cannon - Energy[edit]

Ethereal Wings - Energy[edit]

Deflecting Palm - Energy[edit]

Pouring their energy into a defensive stance, the caster freezes in place and reflects all damage done for a short time.



Flashsword - Combat Style[edit]

Phantom - Combat Style[edit]

UltraSMASH - Physical[edit]

Flashstep - Physical[edit]

Landslide - Earth[edit]

Spring's Bloom - Nature[edit]

Cruel Thesis - Nature[edit]

Ruby Bloodstones - Crystal[edit]

Sapphire Shards - Crystal[edit]

Vacuum Vortex - Air[edit]

Arc of Devastation - Lightning[edit]

Scorched Earth - Fire[edit]

Supreme Fire - Fire[edit]

Water Prison - Water[edit]

Sanctuary Bubble - Water[edit]

Frostbreath - Ice[edit]

Wintermute - Ice[edit]

A Sign that an Ice Magi is fully attuned to their element, the Magi is capable of embodying winter further empowering their spells.

Eye of The Blood Moon - Blood[edit]

Crimson Vapor - Blood[edit]

Spiral Bomb - Energy[edit]

Fall: Weight of 10x Gravity - Gravity[edit]

Starlight Overdrive - Cosmic[edit]

Cosmic Overdrive - Cosmic[edit]

Crimson Overdrive - Cosmic[edit]

Faeroum Arcana - Light[edit]


Earth Titan - Earth[edit]

Thunder King - Lightning[edit]

Winter Crown - Ice[edit]

Garden of Eden - Nature[edit]

Stellar Blackhole - Gravity[edit]

Celestial Ascension - Cosmic[edit]

Stardust Explosion - Cosmic[edit]

World of Nightmares - Illusion[edit]

Devil's Eye - Occult[edit]

Death Magic - Occult[edit]

White Magic - Holy[edit]

Spatial Magic[edit]