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The universe that the Kingdom of Esshar can be found. It is estimated to be roughly five thousand years old, though this number is up for debate as much of the recorded history prior to the First Age was lost in the divine wars. For a timeline of world events, though particularly pertaining to Esshar, see this page.



Also known as the physical plane. It was during the recent era of the Age of Exploration where the world was explored and accurate maps were detailed. There are five continents in the known world, and the overall radius of the planet comes in at about 11,000km total (almost twice the size of Earth).


The entrance to the spirit world, and the place between life and death. Near-death experiences often involve a short peak into this plane, and it's described as a boundless, dimly lit area that has no walls or ceiling and likely stretches for miles. Distant stars surround the realm, and there's an inviting, alluring light at the end of the tunnel that urges spirits forward.

Spirit World[edit]

The place of the dead. The spirit world is composed of multiple realms with the heart at the center, the world tree Yggdrasil, and the heavenly realm hovering above the many branches of the lifestream's flow. The stars, which are astral planes, can also be seen hovering within the boundless dimension. Spirits will eventually join with a star and be reincarnated into the living plane once more, or live indefinitely in one of the nine realms of the spirit world.

Continent of Aegis[edit]

The continent to the far east. There are many countries to be found within the vast continent of Aegis.

The Kingdom of Esshar[edit]

The descendants of the Astyans, having arrived in Esshar following the desolation of their homeland as refugees. They were given land across the coast by the Magolnia, and thier own independence to rule, and have long since flourished as one of the dominant powers within the continent. For more information, see the Esshar page.

The Republic of Magnolia[edit]

One of the few realms that have persisted over the millennia, separated east to Esshar by a collection of sandstone mountains. They are known for their advanced technology and their non-violent nature, though their kingdom is distinctly isolationist and allows neither visitors or migration. Some say Magnolians descend directly from an angel's direct influence rather than the firstborn of the old world.


The people of Rhoynur are magically gifted hunters and raiders, who live for battle and the challenge of survival; they rarely stay in one place for long, moving on horseback and taking their camps with them. Just a few thousand of their people have been enough to tear through entire nations. They can be identified by their brilliant yellow eyes and strong, tall frames, but it varies from person to person. Their numbers are low, with a couple rarely able to produce more than a single child.

The tribe was originally loyal to the Empire of Barsburg, serving as an elite force within their ranks and enjoying the privileges that came with, but roughly a century ago they were exiled. The accounts of this exchange vary. A tale commonly passed down by the priestesses of Rhoynur is that there was a proposal to Natasa Dayndros, the High Lady of Rhoynur, by a Lord of the empire captivated by her beauty and strength. She refused him - unless he could defeat her in a public spectacle. The Emperor sent out his champions and beasts in the Colosseum with all watching, but one by one they were defeated by the golden-haired, yellow-eyed warrior, until it was just the feeble old man left. He was beaten black and blue.

Since then, they've been travelling mercenaries. They were tasked to topple the Kingdom of Esshar, and succeeded in razing a number of towns and spreading panic throughout the country. The Lightbringer Ardes Grimmore was called on to take care of the threat, and he did so in brilliant fashion, outplaying and outmatching the raiders at every turn. They were systematically cut down and defeated, enslaved, imprisoned, or executed.


A country ruled by the dragonborn; shapeshifting dragons that can turn into humans. Many ancient dragons, children of the divine five and thousands of years old, live in this mountainous region to the day. Their buildings are made entirely of grey stone, with massive, open halls and towering ceiling heights. The Sluthians believe that the rule of men has proven to be a disaster, and the world should be heralded by the wizened dragons instead.


There is no single ruling government in Atrellya. It is one of the few nations still teeming with demonkind, and its climate, humid marshlands and dangerous jungles, makes thriving difficult. The seven great demon clans have thrived here for millennia.

The Empire of Aen[edit]

A powerful country that is the rival of Barsburg.

The Empire of Barsburg[edit]

A powerful country that is the rival of Aen.



Shadow Lands[edit]

The size of a continent on its own, this region is complete wilderness and is overrun with powerful magical beasts that are hostile to humans, making exploration extremely difficult.

Continent of Britannia[edit]

Continent of Sheng[edit]

Continent of Iloris[edit]