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Aesirheim shortly after its founding.
Government: Vanirhallan Jarldom
Ruler: Jarl Vigr Dyr
Founded: 1839 AC
Population: Roughly 10'000
Majority Religion: The Triumvirate
Military: Disorganised; Civilian Militia

Aesirheim, often called the ‘Jewel of the Shadowed Savannah’ is a small hamlet of sturdy, religiously devout people owing their origins to the far off continent of Vanirhalla. Populated by the settlers of the Aesir fleet in the mid-19th century AC, Aesirheim is one of the most recently established settlements upon the shore of Esshar, and its population have proven themselves stalwart and sturdy against those who would see them removed from the region.




Arrival of the Vanirhallans - 1821 AC

Founding of Aesirheim - 1839 AC