PenguinStarfall Academy - 14th November
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Welcome to Starfall Academy, Class of 1882! 

After many years of reconstructing following the rampaging wars of the Vampire Queen Marina, the ruler of Osrona, Eisele rei Petrakis has declared that the prestigious school for the gifted in magic must open its door to those who have come to age to begin their studies of magic. This establishment and the entire island has been remodelled for the new wave of students and the door will open soon for children from all over the world.
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The uniforms of the houses...
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While the academy distances itself from the politics of the nations and stands as an independent institution, it is not without its own internal challenges. As a center of the magical arts, the rules are the same as always:
Students may be as young as thirteen, however, as gifted magi they are capable of conjuring spells that are dangerous, life-threatening, for this, they are expected to carry themselves with a similar maturity to an adult.

By enrolling in Starfall Academy, the school isn't to be held accountable for your successes and failures, nor any particularly gruesome incidents that may or may not occur.

It is advised that you avoid the wilderness where magical creatures lurk, and best not to make an enemy out of a student from a rival nation. You're responsible for your own safety.

Because on the road to greatness sometimes a helping hand is important, the school has decided to restore the House system, which every student will be placed in as soon the classes start.

[Image: leonaus.png]
Leonaus, House of The Lion
Identified by the golden and red accents in their uniform, this house values traits such as bravery and honor. Its insignia is the proud, winged lion, Leonaus.

[Image: fenrir.png]
Fenrir, House of The Wolf
Identified by the blue accents in their uniform, this house values traits such as tenacity and resourcefulness. Its insignia is the fierce wolf Fenrir. 

[Image: basilisk.png]
Basilisk, House of the Serpent
Identified by the silver and grey accents in their uniform, this house values traits such as cunning and adaptability. Its insignia is the terrifying serpent Basilisk.

Quote:[Image: 14-145634_dishonored-clipart-symbol-star...vector.png]



Dear Student,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Starfall academy for gifted magi.

Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

The term begins in November 1882. We await your arrival no later than the summer of 1882.

Yours sincerely,

Alistair ven Pelleaux,

Positions and Structure:
Extracurricular teachers: A special kind of professors that will be summoned to organize special classes around a subject, often are people that come from abroad to teach about culture, special magic, a creature, and thing of the sort.

Instructor: Especially experienced, an instructor will organize classes around a subject. Starfall Academy prides itself in encouraging students to learn independently and explore, and more often than not these lessons may be unconventional rather than the typical classroom experience. 

Headmaster: As the name implies, they're the leaders of the academy. Most of the academies subjects and policies are brought before the headmaster to be approved. More often than not busied with paperwork, a headmaster or headmistress may teach, even if rare.

School Life

  • The minimum age is thirteen, and the oldest is seventeen, to be enrolled in a class. Despite this four-year variation, it is accepted that students and academic capabilities are vastly different from one another, and students are encouraged to move at their own pace.

  • You will be organized into small teams shortly after enrolment, and in this team, you can accrue points for your House. Rewards will be given to those that perform the best.

  • Students are to wear the uniform of their house while on campus outside of the leisure of their dorm rooms. If they're representing the academy they should present themselves properly, naturally.

  • Five days of the week consists of roughly six hours of lessons, ranging from basic life skills such as writing to classes specialized for magi and their individual desires. (Actual in-game classes will typically involve PC teachers as well as a series of scheduled world events and more personalized adventures hosted by our DM staff!)

What you should expect in this new wave?
  • With the renovation of the teaching staff, several letters have been written and sent out to all corners of the world to all kinds of brilliant minds with particulars magic that are willing to give their knowledge to those that are going to grow under their wings. (If you want to apply to be a teacher! use the form below, it can be either your current PC or a new one! we encourage you to be creative and have a great story).
  • On the same page, hundreds of letters to prestigious families have been sent to ask them to consider sending any of their gifted descendants to the school, even to those that are from other nations. (Role app for children has been open too, last-name that hasn't been used can be considered to be approved!)
  • An extracurricular board where many classes are going to be posted and hosted by teachers, that might or might not be normally in the academy. (Like the lovely quest board).

  • With the opening, the help of many distinguished artificers, alchemists, fighters, etc... many contents are being prepared to test the students' abilities.

  • Some changes in the game will be implemented after the year change, such as:
    - The pace to reach from 0  to 200 will be accelerated.
    - The cost of many intermediate spells is going to be reduced to 10 from 15.

Enrolment - Sign up using these forms!
(only name/age/house/etc mandatory)

Join the Academy staff
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Please contact me at Penguin#2562 to discuss your classes, such as your preferred times/schedule!
Oversees & manages the faculty. 
- Alistair ven Pelleaux

Dedicated staff members that have full authority. 
- Esther ven Grimmore: Deputy Headmistress
- Sage: Headmaster Assistant  
- Aris rin Petrakis: Ethics
- Chaska Alder: History, holy arts, craftmanship
- Wynne Meztin: Spiritualism

Lacking the authority of a teacher, but may be promoted depending on their performance. Open schedules.
- Sigismund cos Gardios: Guidance Councillor & Doctor
- Mila Virine: Media Studies
- Kitra Denalia: Runecrafting
- Eichin Dusk: Investigative studies
- Milon ven Grimmore: Tutoring
- Ranym: Tutoring
- Amadeus: Tutoring, various classes
- Stella Vanreth: Various classes
- Jane Litten: Librarian
- Araea Revera: Spiritualism

Special Instructors
These are not dedicated instructors but have permission to visit the campus specifically for approved classes.
- Johannes pyr Docro
- Benedict Delisle

Opening Ceremony:
(Sunday - 5PM EST)
Note: On campus grounds clear threats (such as vampires) may be subject to group battles!
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[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: sparklegif.gif]
The Academy has official begun. The fae, Sage, used his fae sorcery to read the hearts of all present, placing them in a suited House. The instructors introduced themselves, and Headmaster Alistair eluded to an ulterior motive to call upon exceptional individuals to investigate a world level threat bordering the shadowlands by the end of graduation. Please find your House below (if you are a late joiner, don't worry, you can be placed into one still!)
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Alexandra cos Gelmont
Aquila Yakim
Jude Cirque
Ulysses ven Pelleaux
Claudia ven Pelleaux
Avani ras Petrakis
Mei Long
Mayra Zheng
Jeanne Bennette
Callahan K. Gardios
Aki Hellsing
Bedivere cos Gardios
Maël Moreau
Smoke Blackfyre
Gin Hellsing
Arcadius cos Gelmont
Luna Alcast
Ryouma Hiroshi
Asher cos Gelmont
Isenhardt ras Petrakis
Marcella Efsevis
Sabine Michaelis
Robin Acolyte
Nina Dubois
Alywn Meztin
Cali S. Valkrin
Cho Yineaux


Lotus Aster
Goethe cos Durna
Majin Okabe
Caleb Rizner
Isebrand cos Duran
Ascella Grimmore
Midmi Eim
Natalie La Fleur
Thatch Quinn
Falco V. Sionnach
Aurella Dayndros
Feng Xua
Roswell Denalia
Lyra Vadoll
Bruce Chrome
Yíng Zhèngshì
Athena Eos
Florian Vartuul
River Percival
Reyndzer Kovac


Leonidas ven Grimmore
Myrios ven Pelleaux
Caspian Blackwell
Hain Dayndros
Chadwick Dogslayer
Alanis vey Grimmore
Alasdair Petrakis
Cynthia Vanreth
Erika ven Soleis
Xander Byron
Kajiwara Kameko
Som'nium Cresentis
Flora Finkles
Damian Blake
Azariel De Claire
Patrick Denton
Sitara Drei
Barlowe Partelli
Roscoe Baudelaire
Dio Ianucci
Lilian Viento
Anansi & Ararsi
Nasarin Viento
Sigismund cos Gardios, 
Aris rin Petraski
Chaska Alder.

 Araea Revera, 
Kitra Denalia, 

 Johannes pyr Docro
, Benedict Delisle,
Stella Vanreth.

*Sage is still the headmaster's assistant, which means he can help others houses. 


While on campus, wear a uniform of your House's colors.
(You can find the academy tailor)

Students are forbidden from entering the territory of a House that isn't their own.
This extends to all adults and instructors.
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