chanceDevelopment Direction #5
Following patch 2.7, here's a rough outline of some of the things planned for the next patch! As always, this is the current priority list rather than anything that's set in stone completely.

  • Make the range of tab targeting the size of the battle arena for ease of group fights
  • Improve split chat's divider (we're aware of several issues and the source of the problem)
  • Fix dream walk forcing the person to accept if they don't respond in time
  • Fix summons going 'idle' on round loss (planned along with the summoning rework)
Disguise improvements & Mask potion recipe
  • Disguises will have a profile option alongside the name so you don't need to manually make the switch.
  • A hidden potion recipe that when consumed applies a disguise for a year. On brewing the potion, the alchemist sets the name and profile.
Anti-magic Restraints
Fixing all of the bugs so it functions as intended (the code will likely be remade)

DM Spawn
This is an improved spawn menu that's been shown off recently! It's a massive improvement on the current spawn menu. DMs can set custom sprites to monsters, for example, and items can have their unique sprite applied then spawned in batches rather than having to edit each item individually. 

Summoning Rework & Dragonrider Class
The summoning system is getting an overhaul, and with it we intend to introduce a Fireblooded specialization. The player is able to summon a wyvern; lesser cousin of the dragon race, customize its abilities by spending points (much like the old daemon system), name it and everything else. 

The system works similarly to the vampire class in that you earn 'dragonic essence' each time you perform in battle, and can spend them with the options available. It'll also include a Garljing's Scale rework that uses the essence directly, as well as a unique item called Dragonfire Elixir that functions as an enhanced adrenaline potion.

(Cleric is still in the works! And a witch class is planned in time.)

Group battle changes
Currently, anything larger than a 2v2 becomes somewhat hectic and troublesome. This is mostly because when three players focus a single one they're defeated exceedingly quickly, and the current restrictive target lock range.
  • Every additional participant in a battle grants the opposing side an extra 20% HP; this buffer helps to slow things down and extend the life of the battle. So in a 2v3 the latter would gain an additional 40% HP, and the former would be granted 20%. A little while back some private group testing was done to experiment with this and it felt much better.
  • If a character has the 'EC' variable enabled, then these benefits do not apply (including the current GCDE bonus if you're 1 vs 2 or more), as to not mess with events.
Spawn Area Description
An admin command that allows an admin to spawn an invisible object which is given a region name, radius, and description. Effectively transitioning the map editor's description editor into the game to make editing things on the fly easier and giving every unique location a description to match.

Plantable Trees & Chicken Coops
Okay, these are admittedly coded already and they need to be added to the game. Soon!
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