Georgiana40Sea Adventure
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                                                                     SEA ADVENTURE

'Since I met uncle Bodil, he was always with a starfish floating near him! And I want one! I saw some near the beach in the desert and I'm going there to get my pet! Mhm!'
Character: Leilah Argyris
Discord: Georgiana#9655
Extra Attendees:  3-6 Any of Leilah’s friends are welcome to join.
Risk: High CoI
Tone: Light-hearted, Adventure,
Rewards: A starfish pet and a dev item, also something nice for my attendees.
                                                                             DM: Looking!
[Image: unknown.png][Image: unknown.png]
Levi, shall be attending and I'm early this time!
Meia and Dallan are both attending.
"... Did someone say sea?" 

Caliban, Captain of The Flying Valkyr will offer his warship to help!
Freya Hjarn will attend!.. If possible.
Meira would be happy to attend!
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