chanceDevelopment Direction #3
A rough idea of the focus of development direction going forward, though as always this may change depending on priorities, but it's the current and near future focus! 

Thank you to anyone that's ever subscribed to the game or the patreon, and of course engaging in the community in general, whether it's simply by playing, offering thoughtful suggestions, or DMing - you're the lifeblood! And our direction is always changing with the feedback of the players, so keep it coming.

  • Fix projectiles double/triple ticking.
  • Remove the face icons that appear in the chat.
  • Add a cooldown to ‘This building is locked!’ prompt.
  • An /rp prefix that opens the RP window.
  • Receiving a letter or an admin PM should ping you.
  • An /announcements command that re-posts every recent announcement to your chat. 
RPB Observe
When observing an RPB, you should be able to change target between the combatants with tab (to view their HP).

Improving /search to display injuries
The /search function should also display a person’s injuries. Rename it to /examine. Fix the ‘[Examine]’ option (currently doesn’t display the item description).

Auto-Ready in RPBs
A game option, ‘Auto Ready’, that automatically readies in RPBs when toggled on. Remove ‘Lock Hotbar’ to make room for it.

EC Toggle
The ‘EC’ toggle in edit should grant the character GCDE, debuff immunity, and 10,000 mana.

Mining & Fishing Levels
  • Add mining levels (like farming). Every time someone mines, they have a chance to score another ore. At level 100 mining this rate is 20%.
  • Add fishing levels (like farming). Higher fishing level allows new types of fish to be caught.
  • Improving farming EXP rates.
A tier 1 artificer recipe, ‘Dismantle’. Using this when facing an item requires roughly half of the resources for 1000 energy. It cannot be used on uniques.

Tents, Campfire, and Signs
These are craftable, destroyable objects. Anyone can destroy them (but it takes 200 energy to do so and a 10 minute progress meter).
  • Sign - The creator can name it and add a description.
  • Tent - These function like beds but outside.
  • Campfire - Function as a cooking pot, and you can also warm your hand by one for a small energy boost.

A robust admin ticket system. It'll replace 'admin help', where you post a title/request and the text displays per usual except an admin must close it. The back and forth chat will also open in a separate chat window for ease of communication. Tickets can be renamed, deleted, closed, etc. You'll also be able to view which admins have handled the most tickets in the past month, some friendly competition!

Herb Pots
Indoor farming via crafting. Still on our radar, the saving routines are just going to be more complicated than we'd like so we're prioritizing other things for now.
Thanks to Nadrew's excellent work, patch 2.3 is finished and it's time to plan for patch 2.4, so any feedback and suggestions you might have can be made in this suggestion thread. It will include herb pots for indoor farming, as well as the ticket system, which should hopefully be tied up by the end of next week.
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