chanceDevelopment Direction #2
Much like the last post that was made, this is just an overall roadmap of what's planned going forward in terms of the game's development! I want to keep everyone keyed in on the plans in advance, so down the line I'll be doing another one of these once I feel like we're where we need to be, but this is the gist for now. And as always, thank you for the support and brainstorming/discussion on the Discord and forums to help shape direction is always appreciated! 

Much like how billboards work, where characters can add paper to the billboard, there will be craftable bookshelf objects in homes and public spaces. The books added to a bookshelf will then be viewable.

These are going to robust for storing information. At a high wood/leather cost, book have an index to view on left-click, and options for the editor include multiple HTML pages that can be added/changed/deleted, and you can even drag paper objects into them (in case you want to store letters!).

Once ready, by 'binding' the item to complete it, a book can no longer be edited but can be added to a bookshelf, with only the owner of the bookshelf being able to remove the book, though anyone nearby can view it. You can also 'duplicate' a book which produces a scribed copy, for a higher resource cost that produces an unbinded version (for further editing).

Herb Pots
Indoor farming objects that can be crafted and placed down, then they function like tilled soil would.

  • Campfire - Able to warm your hands outside for an energy boost and cook food by it if it's fuelled with wood. 
  • Tents - Similar to beds except can be placed outdoors, and like campfires they're destroyable by others.
  • Improvements/reworks to cooking that'll unlock new recipes as you level it up.
  • More of a range of items in articling, including a public 'masterpiece' ability that lets you produce a stand out work every X years.
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