If you feel like making a suggestion but you don't think it warrants its own topic, you can just post it here. Fine to reply / discuss suggestions made in this thread too.

Keep spell change suggestions to the proper thread.
Can stall helpers be added again. I am pretty sure it was a thing before the TS.

Please save me from Mal's cries of checking the stall.
dragonic magic as a support type magic, similar to stuff like white magic & witchcraft

blessed flames: a ritual where the person walks on coals, is doused in flames, etc, ordained by a red priest. mechanically the target receives +3 fire pow/+3 fire def for 3 years and sustains a minor temp nerf that lasts an ooc day; their fire magic also receives a faint cosmetic glow
garljing's armor: the recipient of this ritual is covered in dragon scales from tip to toe, which prevents them from sustaining any temporary or permanent injuries for a year. requires a sacrifice of fire and blood(maybe a designated human sacrifice?)
ghostfire: summons the spirit of a baby dragon as a familiar, supporting the conjurer with phantom blasts of ethereal flames from a distance
dragon worship lore to accompany such an addon

my own suggestion: more animated objects in cities like the flowing water. im thinking of the horse in petrakis castle. motionless, still.. it frightens me.
(04-02-2020, 02:54 PM)Oyster. Wrote: dragon worship lore to accompany such an addon
Make Wither gcde please! It's counter part in blood. Hemo, is 10x stronger with no downside. I ain't asking for much beyond that. I know Hemo is an intermediate. But nothing in blood tree is weak, by any means. *Bullets/Passive/whip/aura* And now you have hemo. If anything, it could be a basic and people would still buy those moves collectively. Since they're so damn strong together.

Another suggestion.

Make Weightlessness an unarmed stance already. Unlike armed, unarmed doesn't have any options for those beyond the basic stance. It'd be nice to have something to work towards in this field of melee. Beyond getting ultra smash.
drawing, painting magic!!
Please god turn Drakanite's claw into a very scaled down version of the Essence Rend racial from Accursed. You could probably even keep the sprite if it's recolored since it's literally a claw-sweep.

This 1-tile no step GCDE attack feels awful to use and empowers cheesy CC/slow setups which will forever be my nemesis.
Light Magic tree possible spells:
Enlightenment: Like shadow walk become immune by using light magic's immense speed to dodge all incoming attacks

Flashbang: Homing/ Or spell like Bang in explosion Does low damage but causes a blind effect on the target

Blinding Whip: A whip of light that moves and incredible speeds! Blinds the target instead of stunning them

Luminosity: A powerful attack using the spectrum of light
this is probably gonna get shut down fast, but... buff nature?
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