Another building-related suggestion. Add alternative design of hut, for those who wish to live in town suburbs. I posted in discord #art channel, people approved it.

[Image: TinyHut.png]
It is made in the same style as town buildings.

This is exterior look, let it have the same interior size and same price as original hut.
Add apartment complexes to public building so we don't need to wait weeks, months for a mapper who's willing. Since construction was added it makes more sense to have that stuff open to the public.

With how busy they are with other things it's probably for the better.[Image: SwES7N6.gif]
*Add cheese into sandwhich recipe 
-raise energy to 700

*Add spinach or lettuce into ramen.
-Buff some status values is weaker than sandwich and cant compete with pizza as well.
[Image: unknown.png]
add faith champion
Add equipment slots for armor to the inventory so I don't have to take my armor off every time I go fishing just 'cause I don't have 8 bucks to spend on extra inventory slots. Getting caught off guard and forced into a combat encounter I'm guaranteed to lose because I'm poor? Really?
Make Chicken Coops more productive, or put down some chicken NPCs to kill around the map to farm raw chicken from and add chicken egg spawns around those areas.

'cause right now, it's an absolute pain to live my kebab dream in-game. I have to wait literal IC years for one chicken to die, instead of simply overdosing it with chemicals and killing it with my bare hands. And for WHAT do I ask?

One halal raw chicken? To make HALF a kebab?

On the other hand, you've got people becoming master chefs by assembling fruits in a basket, and I can't be a master kebab chef because of these ridiculous time constraints? Fuck those fruit baskets. Decrease Cooking EXP to 5.

On top of that, each coop is 3k? For what? 1 egg a day? Tomfoolery of the highest degree. This is haram my brothers.

And do you use fuckin' PORK in the Kebab recipe? Disease on you brother, inshallah.

[Image: unknown.png]

Aha.... and don't even get me started on STEAK.
[Image: unknown.png]
I come asking for tooloop updates once again, I believe there was a thread for it but I can't seem to find it but some QoL and updates to prevent confusion would be nice.

Such as a warning when buying vines/clone not to use it on quest NPC's would likely prevent newer players from bugging out mobs more.

Blood Aura says its 10 vit 25 md 10% Empower while bleed when its actually 10 vit 15 power 10% empower

Mist Aura says 10 vit 25 power when its 20 power

Blue Shroud says 30 power 10% empower when its 25 power 10% empower

Things like this so people actually know what they are buying vs thinking an aura or skill is stronger than it actually is in mechanical application would greatly be appreciated.

And I'm sure there is many more outdated auras/spells but these are just a few of the initial examples I can give.
Fist barrage back to unarmed as non hidden.
[Image: unknown.png]
Dear mappers, add sandy beach or low land massive to swamp area. You have to move a long way by shore if you come from the ocean, and the closest suitable spots are really far. It's annoying

[Image: image.png]
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