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Meranthe 1.2 - Full Content Ahead
Patch notes will primarily serve to summarize the highlights of changes and additions, but everything is noted informally in the #game-changelog channel. Now we're looking to continue adding content, including some vanity coin sinks & sailboats as the next big feature with cows/barns out of the way. Our artist is also working on the spell art for upcoming additions, which you can see in #teasers! Work on the custom prop menu (including private props) is also nearly ready to go live.

[Image: 8ryMtsz.png]

➤ ADDITION: Adds bait items (caterpillar, worm, etc) that can be dug up with a shovel. Drag and drop bait onto your rod to use. Increases High Quality chance when fishing.

➤ ADDITION: Fourteen new hair sprites.

➤ ADDITION: Advection added as a Mist Intermediate spell. The caster turns to mist, granting invulnerability while zipping towards their target in a dash attack.

➤ ADDITION: Removes Time Slow and replaces it with Time Jammer, a Basic Time Spell. Five magical circles form idle but flash if the enemy comes into contact with them, slowing time and dealing heavy damage.

➤ ADDITION: Sirenia is now an available race & the Swim spell has been added as a racial for them. It lets the character travel the water without a boat.

➤ ADDITION: A Life Skill Respec potion has been added as an Alchemy recipe. It lets the character switch their lifeskill specialization.

➤ ADDITION: Cows & barns added. You can milk cows once they've matured, which is a key ingredient for various food recipes. This addition also refactored the chicken coop system and fixed various issues.

➤ FIX: Blood Vapor Beam & Venomous Vortex were not aligned correctly.

[Image: HyG4f26.gif]
Meranthe 1.3 - Mostly Maintenance
These patch notes are an "in between" as we continue to prep the Big Update, noting recent key additions, changes, and fixes.

[Image: 8ryMtsz.png]

➤ ADDITIONAdds various Halloween Themed Pets (bat, crow, black cat, spider) that will pick up nearby items for you. Obtainable via the Mystery Crate.

➤ ADDITIONAdds World EXP Booster. Activating this expends the item and increases Global EXP by 20% for three hours in a server announcement. The # of hours can be stacked, the EXP % cannot. Obtainable via the Mystery Crate.

➤ ADDITIONAdds an item, Bag Booster, that increases your inventory space by a row. It can only be used once. Obtainable via the Mystery Crate.

➤ ADDITIONAdds a Customizable Torch that you can change light color of on ctrl right-click.

➤ ADDITION Added some hats. Credit to Dandeli

➤ ADDITION: You can now find seaweed on the ocean surface or at beach shores.

➤ ADDITION: The requirement for a second Mastery Point at Level 210 was lowered from 10 dangerous+ battles to 5.

ADDITION: Gentle Fist (Stance) added to the Unarmed Tree, a cleanse/debuff immunity active for 6s.

➤ ADDITION: Siren, Faeborne, and Giant are available as public races with no rebirth cost. Please read the relevant lore if creating as a unique race, and nation loyalty is expected.

➤ ADDITION: Adds cheese, produced via milk (accessed with cows). Used in recipes like pizza. 

➤ ADDITION: The amount of cooking EXP a recipe gives is now displayed in the description.

➤ FIX: Sending letters could reveal the true name if disguised.

➤ FIX: Constructed buildings weren't displaying in /properties, only mapped ones were.

➤ FIX: Maintenance cost wasn't always ticking down on constructed buildings.
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