jcodesExtreme flower picking in Vanaheim
[Image: 9.png?ex=65dbcb52&is=65c95652&hm=b21551f...ab274caeb&]

The girl stared off into the distance "prove me wrong" echoed in her head.
She only had one shot and she would stop at nothing to get it.
her eyes squinted as she looked at her hands watching her pet spider move about, mind looking for a moment of clarity one that wouldn't come.
her thoughts simply repeated.
'I will get to Vanahime I will get an Ather blossom, I need it. With Lireal I can open the way to get there one less obstacle, one of many...'
Her hands fiddled keeping a constant move and reptation an endless treadmill for the small creature in them. 
'Nothing will keep me from that flower...nothing.'
She spoke mindlessly it was clear she had only one resolve that flower.

Attendees: Nallonia Mors, Lexi Equisol, Lirael Equisol,  Phaedra Equisol, Seraphina Vexillia.
Risk: CoD
Reward: Atherblossom, to be discussed with the dm
Themes: god realm, finding self worth, something to prove
DM: none yet
still need a dm ill give u a hug
i bumpith this event once more
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