Zhonya's HourglassRed Garden of Eden [Xuefeng Vs. RISE]
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Within quiet hours, the snowy peaks of Xuefeng are struck with the sounds of a flute.
It soothes, heals and sounded almost divine, a witness to the heavens above.

"From the land of rising suns, we came.
Yet into the snow, our dreams were made.
Soft melodies will continue to bloom,
But for now, I bring this song more volume."

The tempo heightens, the pitch roughens, and the silhouette of the winged shogunate could be seen.
Was this truly a calming melody? Nay, much worse.

"These notes unravel in a discordant string,
Innocence fades as bells begin to ring.

Xuefeng weeps, and her blossoms fall like tears,
healing the wounded, cleansing their fears.

My song comes to an end, a fate you cannot avoid.
Hearken, mine enemies are left with a haunting void-

. . .Until Eden is destroyed."

It was the symphony of war.

OBJECTIVE: Destruction

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"You spit in my eye. Steal from my flock. Mock my best friend as you hold a knife to her betrothed's throat, asking for two artifacts of great potency else you'll cut it without hesitation. You hold her things-- neither of which you can actually -use-, dead weight inside of your coffers that does you nothing but draw you my unrelenting and personal ire. I offer you a trade of one of your own for them, captured in retaliation to your own attack against me amidst the initial dealings to see her returned, and you do not reply."

"Very well, then. If you will not return them for the life of Abysmal, then I will simply come and take them."

"Ad astra per aspera."

Gloomlight announces their intent to aid Xuefeng.
...I'm sorry,
but who are you, again?
I don't remember ever seeing you before.

It's a shame, really, that you march in order to snab a partner on a non-consensual dance.
Especially without an ask, an invite, or a formal presentation!
Where are your damn manners, flautist?!

...But, hey, it's fine!
I welcome you with open arms
to whatever challenge you may cast upon,
to whoever you bring, or whoever come along.

Let's dance, shall we?
The result doesn't matter,
if you're capable of offering a beautiful spectacle.

The only thing I ask, however,
Please, do come on your best attire!

...And I will take care of the appetizers.

[Image: JGXqRMQ.png]

but please, don't overstay, yes?
[Image: image.png?ex=65cd0f61&is=65ba9a61&hm=4f8...d6355b0f7&]

And from the eastern reaches, upon the plains where Old Aphros once stood, came the marching rhythm of The Goldlight Order´s guardsmen detachments, marching not for patrols nor the sake of a celebration parade for the Southern Gauntlet, but to war, at the call of its Knight-Commander and the War-Captain´s Second.

"I was once told by a few over the last years that you had changed.
That you were no longer bandits or necromancers.
That you did not wildly attack others out on the road, and even accepted non-pure humans into your ranks.
I was not convinced.
And in the end, my opinion was proven true.

And when those from the North approach us, calling us to war to deal with these invaders from the skies for harming even children, and non-magi from my own reports?
Who am I to say no, to strike a blow against those that seek to harm even the Constants for the sake of some imagined "betterment of mankind", who see a leash where there is none?

The Order answers the call, not for war, but for a chance at a military exercise.
For this is naught but pest control."

The Goldlight Order affirms its backing of Xuefeng´s offensive.
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Letters flew back and forth between Londo and Xuefeng, and not long after, a small militia, formed out of Londo's Maple Guard joined Xuefeng on their march. Though normally quiet, choose to march alongside both Goldlight and Xuefeng.

"Well, here I am. I guess that time has come.
As friends, as comrades, and as a nation who made agreement with not only Xuefeng, but also Goldlight.
Truth be told, I was fine with leaving those people alone as long as they left us alone.
Things never really go as planned though.
Life has a knack for throwing curveballs.
They did the one thing that you shouldn't have done, and now?
They'll have to deal with the consequences."

OBJECTIVE: Support Xuefeng
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Forces of the Aegis are seen gathering for a march, war-banners raised. Some hundred or so soldiers and a number of magi to lead them, once more under the command of Heimdall Eivorson. Their target is made obvious with a short speech.
Quote:"Lucky has RISE been all these years, idling away within their false Eden.

Lucky, because there have always been grander threats to worry about. Whom would consider the ineffectual fanatics worth anything but a second glance?

Now? With so many threats eliminated or otherwise vanishing from the stage? You act too boldly for the ants that you truly are. It's about time someone came and crushed your little nest into the ground."

Objective: Support Xuefeng
[Image: 4134123123123213.png?ex=65d2545c&is=65bf...6344b0352&]

With the recent message given to Xuefeng by Kingdom of Serenity. The Sandstorm Vanguard join with the forces of other nations, led by King Silvanas and Commander Merlin. Ravens were constantly flying around them, and watching Eden from above with their crimson hue.

"Since from the destruction that take place within Audhild decades ago. RISE as a group manage to hold their ground for years and years. Corrupting the land in any possible way they can.  Thanks to use of many different vile arts. Such as necromancy, riftmancy and gods know what type of lies you all told the children just to show them 'Truth.' 

Eden stayed in this world long enough.

Let this be a lesson for you all.

Truth you all looking for will be there for you in

[Image: cerialebaran.png]

Support Xuefeng
[Image: CLOSE-victory-1.png]

"The victory is not owed purely to Xuefeng, but to the coalition that stood proud today.

Thank you."
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