AstronomicalHoly Magic Lessons
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Are you interested in holy ether?
Be it wielding the art
or for knowledge?
Below the golden canopy of Solais' magnificience in Final Frontier, a Radiant plans upcoming lessons for holy magic.
For those of Meranthe that inquired with Hina Lam about this art, she is opting to finally host several lessons
and invite all that wish to learn of its warmth and ties to emotionalism.
Beautifully crafted invitations across Meranthe with are posted for this purpose with the signature of the Sun stamped at the corner - her mark.
"Friends of Meranthe- in recent years, I've had many of you come to me for the art of holy magic, however.."
"The last two years of our time have been filled with strife, chaos, sermons between the Illuminated, of the Heavenly Blossom's Church,
the Ritual of Sanctification to protect those going on the expedition to the Last Grave to determine the fate of our lands against necrotic forces, and a war against the Fel Gardens."
"We are finally seeing, at least, a split moment of peace in these times."
"And to those many that wanted to learn of this art - I'd like to formally invite you all below the canopy of Solais in Final Frontier to learn of it; Holy Magic."
"Bring with you the knowledge of what you may know, or wish to learn. You'll be questioned of your true ambitions and learn,
not just what this magic entails, but extensions of information to expand your comprehensions of it."
"I wish to see your progress blossom. There will be many classes to conduct these trials of your aspirations."
"Therefore, by the end of the graduation to perceive this magic and work hard at attuning your circuits with its golden radiance, I will aid in imparting its ether unto yourselves."
"If you believe you're fit for this magic, please be sure to attend the class, or simply letter me, Hina Lam, about yourself ahead of time!"
This will be held in Final Frontier below Solais, the Tree of Hope.
At the bottom of the invitation are various times for the lessons to commence.

Quote:First Lesson: Knowledge, Ambitions, Understanding, Blessings
Thursday, February 1st at 5 PM EST - Knowledge

Second Lesson: Progress Update, Individual Work
Tuesday, February 6th at 5 PM EST

Third Lesson: Progress Update Two, A Guest
Thursday, February 8th at 5 PM EST

Fourth Lesson: Attunement, Graduations (?)
Tuesday, February 13th at 5 PM EST
For those unable to attend, be sure to write to Hina Lam - we can see about a personal scene, although my schedule is a bit book these days, but I will do my best.
If you have any questions or concerns, IC or OOC, you can contact Hina in game through letters, through in-game OOC PMs, or on Discord: @astronomicalartisan .
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Just to let the students know- the fourth and FINAL class for this magic has been officially rescheduled for Tuesday, February 13th at 5 PM EST (same location).
The event in the discord server has been updated by Tristrian to reflect this (thank you to him for working with me to set up the event in discord)!

For those that may be graduating: be sure that you have ether attunement and 20 RPP for the holy opener!
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