Solsticewoah is that another description shop?
[Image: 42252a3e6bf95a9ec14a38757a0495d80cd04f37.gif]
you sure bet it is!!

hello u can call me Sol and I have finally acquired photoshop by entirely legal means (please believe me) which also means I've finally started to ascend
this means for the low price of 5$ usd (tips appreciated if I truly blow your socks off) I'll make you a snazzy description 

that being said, keep in mind I've only played with photoshop like three times and I'm still learning, but I'll do my absolute best to spit out something that'll make your friends go 'wowee!' (I haven't failed yet, I think)

anyways, here's the three examples I've cooked up, either of real characters or of random pictures I found on pinterest: 

[Image: 97fb531e42d5a6dfc87d8b6ccf21342f.png]

[Image: 85e551c720d54d92a16dfbef65eebb01.png]

[Image: bb8e1d35ff4babae4305dbf9364591c8.jpg]

interested?? don't think I'm a sham?? reach out to my discord at: ssolstice and I'll update you step-by-step so you can call me viciously charged words throughout the entire ordeal

also I can usually do very small recolors like eyes or something so uhhh just ask, I'll do it for free if it's small and doable

ok that's all thank u for your consideration mwah
trained by folian, and what he says is gospel, that is all the positives u need to say

pay her so she can start paying back the accumulated debt
this shit fire bro damn
Thanks for making Arista's profile! It's badass! Much love.
from the trenches I come to you with (some of) the fruits of my labor 
[Image: 2VCvnkk.png][Image: SjqdKml.png]
[Image: OyBub3d.png]
[Image: bG8XGOT.png]
[Image: NozH5wV.png]
[Image: tDpMGw2.png]
[Image: Xzw5wO8.png]

these are just a handful, but big thanks for the support and for those who have put the life of their profiles into my hands!!
still open ofc for 5$ 
Sol does great work! Give them a poke, it's been amazing! She did Olivia and Tristinia's profiles for me, and did another profile for a friend of mine!
I would love to purchase one!
hello gamers, I'm here not only to advertise to you, but also deliver a PSA and that PSA is not to leave any drinks unattended near your appliances

that being said, I did exactly that and backhanded my drink all over my perfectly good laptop and now it's not so perfectly good anymore, so I've entered a state of emergency and I'm here to once again advertise my goods and services with some recent examples to show that I still have a pulse:

[Image: circe2.png?ex=65d82e6a&is=65c5b96a&hm=61...36bcebb9e&]
[Image: najya.png?ex=65d5a208&is=65c32d08&hm=91f...5115c27c4&]
[Image: kyrellpng.png?ex=65d56157&is=65c2ec57&hm...297814bc2&]
[Image: aurelia2.png?ex=65d7c9ce&is=65c554ce&hm=...eed0c6169&]
[Image: zenin.png?ex=65d51bf4&is=65c2a6f4&hm=680...90d5684a1&]

fortunately, I still have my old laptop on standby to keep on taking commissions, so that's what I'll be using until I can acquire the means to put my newly waterboarded PC through to the cleaners!!!

however, if my style isn't your thing or you think that someone else could do your vision more justice, you should also peruse the following people's work:

fancy animated br profiles
fancy animated profiles (not br)
the sword saint himself
the new kid on the block (anastasia)
and the returned aoria
(forgive me if I missed anyone there's a lot of you goodness gracious)

as always, commissions remain at the usual price of 5$ and my discord remains to be ssolstice should you wish to contact me!!
god bless please drink milk responsibly and not near your laptops thank you :pray:
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