[Image: coollogo_com-16103455.png]
[Image: coollogo_com-2794393.png]ENERGY/COSMIC/NATURE
-Loving and will make sure you are well informed about the lands
-She will teach you how to fight but you wont see her actually picking any fights (anymore..)
-She will make sure you know who your grandparents and family are and that you have a great relationship with them.
[Image: image.png]
[Image: coollogo_com-15131159.png]
-Knight for Aphros
-Man of faith
-Will love you as much as possible 
-Has mental issues going on
-you can choose either a Feline or Human
-you can choose blonde or black hair
-up to you on magics (can be discussed if you want to do Holy)
-We did choose for a boy but that can be discussed as well as the name.
-Spawns in 2045  born in 2034
(If interested contact #Hoosier_mama#5407 or  Dubz_Champion #6715)
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