NailmanAmidst Starry Skies
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Quote:The skies above have always been a sight to behold. Since the first man had set foot on this world millennia ago, they have looked up to the stars for answers. The sun, the constellations, the very moon which governs the tides of Eternia. Observed day and night, their movements chartered and every secret unfolded.

All lost in the 124.

But not everything crumbled to ruins when the cataclysm took over the continent. Some lone structures survived, albeit altered beyond recognition by the horrors that wrecked reality itself in the wake of disaster.

Someone has to unravel those secrets, whatever they may be.

In the wake of a solar eclipse, the sungazer Orphee seeks to discover whatever lays beyond.

Attendees: Orphee + Friends (6 max)
Risk: Drakanites do not run from risk. Whatever the DM deems appropriate.
Theme(s): Stargazing, Eldritch Horror, Cosmic, Sun
Rewards: Being so grossly incandescent.
DM: Spicy Serious
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