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Hello my fellow eternian brothers today I woke up feeling a lil bit goofy, a smidge silly and kinda bored so here we are.

The Plan:
You will DM Nobody#3845 (thats me) and hit me with a playby, name and whatever else you want on the image and unless I'm currently playing a video game or watching something I'll usually get back to you right away. 

Now here's a little thing you need to know about me, I will never purposefully ignore a DM BUT  if you message me while I'm doing something else, am sleeping, or am in bed then chances are I will read your DM and think to myself "ill respond later" while also removing the DM notification from Discord and shortly forgetting about the message as a result. It's a bad habit of mine but it's probably here to stay so if I don't respond in a day do message me again! (I also get distracted easily so remind me to work on your description if I don't come back to you on it too!)

If you don't have any html for the profile you can also give me whatever music you want for it and I'll give you the html.

The Price:
It's free! Personally I wouldn't want people to pay for an image that your average player will look at for 3 seconds and then never again, nor do I think that my photoshop skills are worth the money. If you want to be charitable and tip I ain't gonna stop you but I also won't ask you for anything or expect anything from you.

[Image: 1orvixG.png]

[Image: KaorBalar.gif]

[Image: JOyQnEA.png]

[Image: PSu920E.png]

[Image: XhzsJ0x.png]

[Image: yU04U16.png]

[Image: eu0Zi67.png]

[Image: kdA2cfR.png]

[Image: ANAA2rc.png]
[Image: D9UjlpW.png]
[Image: b6bWoga.png]
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