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Event Preferences: I can do most things, Mostly enjoy the edgier events but I always like to challenge myself.

Other Notes: Rewards will be given out according to the admin's notes.

Are you currently running events, and if so, are you considering player-requested circumstances?: Yes Currently active now, and searching through forms for events to run, Send some my way or @ Me on discord or DM me there.

Discord # or best means of contact: KaneRage#5288
Character: Royce
Which Event: Abolish the Dark, Scorn His Name: Felyraxes

Responsiveness (Were their narrations posted within a reasonable time-frame and were they quick to respond?): The narrates took a bit longer than seemed necessary for the scope and scale of the event, with all narrative weight accounted. I also think the choice to do narrates after every round of a particular fight when we were already 4 hours deep in what was a "High CoI" event, seemed like a poor effect of time management on the DM's part. In fairness to the DM we ended the event early due to time constraints from the event goers, after getting through 2 EC fights in about 4 hours, and learning there would be another 2-3 to go. A classic 'boss gauntlet' type approach which I just don't think this DM is very suited for at the moment with the timing and decision making behind his narrates. I think more substance with less fights would have been favorable. 4/10
Balance (How entertaining were the battles, and any obstacles/traps?): The battles ranged from comically easy, to remarkably difficult with questionable balance decisions in terms of spell choice, versus a party consisting of largely lower rpl sub-teen characters. I also got the sense that the DM would try to course correct overly easy battles by suddenly spamming more spells and hyperfocusing people, or the opposite, in suddenly backing off a bit when the fight seemed apparently too hard. Which to his credit means there was some self awareness in the lack of balance, which I'd just chalk down to inexperience. 3/10
Storytelling (Did it feel like an adventure, did the content of the narrations meet your expectations?): The story telling was fine, nothing too extraordinary or intriguing, but it at least stayed true to the original intention of the event. Since we didn't get to finish the event I really couldn't speak to any sudden uptick or downtick in quality that might've come later on, but it hit the punches head on, though never really strayed from the beaten path. 5/10
Fairness (Were the punishments justified and earned, was the risk to reward ratio good?): We only had gotten a few rewards by the time the event came to an early close, so I can't justifiably give a take on this aspect.

Overall: Not the worst event I've ever gone on, but it definitely fell a bit short of what I had been hoping for.

Any other comments: 
Character: Sean Shepard
Which Event: Abolish the Dark, Scorn His Name: Felyraxes

Responsiveness: Interactions, choices, 'dice rolls' were the culmination of the event. The narration of introduction and post-combat would be a good choice. Avoiding using narrations in the middle of rounds would have helped to manipulate the time more appropriately (That was the main problem in my opinion) but nothing that can't be improved in the future.[7/10]

Balance: The first 'boss'? Well, this was pretty easy. The second? Ok, things were starting to get harder. And I feel that it wasn't so much the lack of preparation, I believe it was a lack of tact or experience as a DM to manage that part - either way the fights delivered the fun - but not really fair.[8/10]

Storytelling: If it weren't for the lack of time, in particular my time too - this event could have become EVEN MORE interesting than it was for me. I don't have to complain, it served its purpose and felt within my character's purpose as an Aen cadet - here was the best part. (I'm sorry I left early, by the way. I really wanted to see the final outcome.)[9.5/10]

Fairness: It was an HCOI event, I went down in two rounds and got my injury. It's part of it, I don't think there were any mistakes here, it's a shame that at that moment I was a bit 'rushing'. The injury was pretty well described, so it's just a win-win.[10/10]

Overall: I have nothing to complain about the story as far as I was able to participate, it entertained me, captivated me. The biggest issue was time management with combat and balancing with bosses. Things that can be better worked on in the future, however, the rest went to my liking.
As an Overall note I'd give an [8/10]
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